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Twilight Gen 5-1

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You'll See, 600094163 warned 6/17/10

• following review IDs are dialogue between two of the reviewers and have no bearing on this story: 3000039117 — 3000039119 — 3000039176 — 3000039268 —

• ID 3000039137 is "hi", not a review

• most of the reviews by Gasps of Misery and Zynda, if not solely dialogue between the two of them rather than reviews of this story, are at least partially that. and reviews of each other's story, not this one!

Hurt So Good, 6000093583

• review ID 3000038044 isn't a review, as the reviewer clearly states she has not yet read the story but is "reviewing now in case i forget". um...i dunno, how weird! is that really a review?

You Want It, 600094494 warned 6/17/10

• review ID 3000040329 was mistakenly entered by author, delete

The Rise and Fall of Aro, 600094545 warned 6/17/10

• review ID 3000040573, author reply, not a review, delete

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