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Yet another one. What's worse, is this one plagiarized by writing fan fiction in this author's world. Now THAT takes BIG brass balls.

The original story, is "The Prince of Ebon Rih". The passage stolen was pages 182-183

To start out the story, this person changed the names of Lucivar and Marian to Lorn and Draca. Except they kinda FORGOT to do that later on. There's also the fact that this person made it a bit more explicit than the original publication. SOOOOO not the point here though.

So here is the original..yes, there's only a very small portion included. That's all I really needed, if you look.


And the plagiarized..


Betcha that there's other stuff this person plagiarized as well. Especially when one considers they've been here for a few years :lurk:

BIG thank you to the reporting member!

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