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Now, it really doesn't take a genius to figure out just WHY the hell the archive has pair specific categories. You don't like a pairing, don't READ it. Don't click the category name and even look at 'em, right? Simple, yes? One would think so. Apparently, this one does NOT. Not only that, she's "willing to read it anyway" IF the writer rewrites their story to HER specifications. uhhh....I don't THINK so.

Anyway, this started last year. This person decided to harass various authors who wrote in different pair categories that she doesn't like. As I said earlier, they're all IN the proper pair category. So, it's plenty obvious this person decided to go in to areas strictly to harass other users. Because I have many, many screens of the abuse, I'm not going to post them all. Suffice it to say, I DO have them. The latest incident was just this morning. 26 reviews to one story, in an hour. Because they were being deleted by the user who's story it was. 26 reviews in one hour, to one story, constitutes spamming.

So here we go, starting with some of the stuff reported to us, starting last year, in November.





As you can see, that's 4 different users in the space of a week. Mind you, only 1 of the reviews were reported. The rest were found by looking at the review boards, and searching the database direct. At that point, this person was warned, that if she persisted, she would be deleted. So, she laid off this for awhile. Guess she thought we forgot and wouldn't monitor her or something. :rolleyes:

So, all was quiet for a long time.

Then, a couple days ago, she started up with another person. Started this leaving reviews, getting angry because they were deleted, and leaving more.


then we get to the spamming portion of the evening...


I won't put up the 26 or so other screens I have. It's not necessary. Suffice it to say, this person is not welcome back. Not ever. You don't spam authors. You don't go in to categories specifically for that reason. Which is EXACTLY what this person did.

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