Chlark fanfic challenge - I'm desperate for help!

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See I have this idea about Clark leaving and Chloe builds watchtower/JL base in her new place finds out she's pregnant with Jimmy's kid but nothings happened because to protect itself from all that was goin on at time with Clark, Davis/Doomsday, Jimmy etc it used a bit of Chloe's power to keep itself alive until it thought best so she's helping oliver and JL while being pregnant lex comes back into pic Chloebecomes Lois and works at DP which is run by Perry she has kid - a boy with a bit of her power 5-7yrs later Clark comes back as Superman after havin a weird dream/vision of his intended soulmate who he doesnt know but feels like hes own, is connected to already is in trouble - the dream involves seeing a little boy dead on DP paperheadline written by Lois and then talkin to a young girl who he cant see clearly but says is his daughter she has dark brown, almost black hair - like his and his intended's smile (chloe's smile) chloe clark work together at DP and she helps him when hes superman a yr or so later chloe's son dies trying to save a woman and her unborn child with te power he's always had that was a bit of chloe's - oh gets power back after son's birth forgot that they grieve awhile later they get together get married earthian and kryptonian way chloe gets pregnant with their daughtere cloe dies when daughter is young tryin to save a whole village while superman fighting when daughter teen she is a superhero like dad - still looks young she has alot of his gifts with the exception she has empathy a offshoot of chloe's power green k makes her sick to stomache a little weak not all weak doomsday comes back during this time and doomsday kills clark but before he dies he asks her to do what he couldnt kill doomsday - oh her hero name cant have super in it at end i want to look like it was all a story the girl was reading from her dad's (superman's) journal and we learn its in the Legion's time and she is the leader because they thought who better to lead them than superman's daughter

see i have all these ideas but i have no freakin idea how to write this story so i challenge anyone to run with my ideas just give me credit k - please i sufferin here i have this cool idea and i cant write it out to save my life i try and i lose it all HELP!!!!!

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