Asher/Damien because I must see it!

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Okay, you might have to be a really hardcore AB fan to know why I'm requesting this: in one of the last six books (they're more like one continuing sex-scene with the occasional passage of time between them but anyway........) Asher (Mr hotness of the scars) makes a few comments about being hot for someone he can't have- and eyeing off Damien. It doesn't take a genius or a porcupine to guess what the implication was, but since there is no hot man-sex in cannon (AB's own 'best orgasm evah!' takes too much presidency) I demand my man-waffles of you, good sir/madam/tentacle!

In point form:

-Asher/Damien; because you know you wanted it too

-Do it for the last six books of crap!

-Do it for the lols!

-Do it to so I can eat waffles

-Do it so you can eat waffles

-Do it with waffles.

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I could easily write a story about that, if your still interested. Let me know

Yes, I am still very interested! I'd love to see it done well, and in character!

If you end up writing the story, I will be one of the first to review, and I will give you a lengthy review too!

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Guest Jezza

Are you looking for Pre-CS or Post-CS Asher? His issues really killed my warm fuzzies for him. ;_;

And -cause I'ma big noes- How do you imagine their relationship realationship coming up and turning out...? Do you think of it as one of those one time things or as a real relationship?

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