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    Favorite Color Poll

    my fav color is yellow, and silver
  2. demoniclove

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    well males don't have womb so a placenta must be implanted into the man's abdominal cavity to house the embryo . seems to me its a pretty painful process ~~~~~~~ what should never be cooked in the kitchen?
  3. demoniclove

    A To Z Dictionary Of Body Parts And Sexual Acts

    messy and disgusting
  4. _^..^_ I actually shoot you once I must have had too much coffee.

  5. demoniclove

    What's Your Fav Pairing?

    ******* Aw!
  6. demoniclove

    What's Your Fav Pairing?

    SHOOT ME! I like Sess/Kag, and i like Naraku.
  7. demoniclove

    Bossy readership keeping you down...?

    [it's just an opinion. I could be wrong. *demoniclove*] Meh, I think it all depends. If a story is well-written I'm willing to wait months ( if not years ) Seriously though a good chapter is always worth the long wait.