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  1. catagory comics, these are webcomic mind you Jack (pholph.com) The BlackBlood Alliance (theblackbloodalliance.com) I'm going to do some for BBA. but I think a lot of JACK fans will be happy to have more places than the forum to put stories here. so I'm doing that for them. is that ok?
  2. DarkKennith

    Tricks To Get Naughty Points

    its not worth while to kill me in the forum battle thing right? cash wise.
  3. DarkKennith

    sound off if you are still here

    i'm here but new. my password key is perminant right?
  4. DarkKennith

    Chuck something at the next person

    *gets chunks in eye* *chucks that phallic Dora The Explorer aquapet at next person*
  5. DarkKennith

    I Have Never....

    does this count? I am on the east cost. I have never eaten a puppy.
  6. DarkKennith

    visual actions for text

    is it ok to make one of those guide topics. so writers can know what terms are for visual cues. like when you go and tipy-tap all your fingers against the other finger's on your hand. like Mr. Burns does as he says "excellent" or just, expressions, what is shown on the inside and what the body does. such as "hangdog expression". or is this a spamy foo post, to ask for all of us to uh. have an education party.
  7. DarkKennith

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    has anyone ever used the word "raging erection"?
  8. DarkKennith

    Gross yet Hot

    i just like using what you talk about aginst people who flit around beliving they are open minded. "jeese its just a story man, so what if i wrote about a 5 year old girl experimenting with her family champion stud golden retriever, you were the one who says all sexuality is beautfull and natural and its ok for kids to play sex games. seeshhhhhhhhh look whos narrow minded now. its just fiction man" I belive I really can use this. then again I guess I'd be "trollish" if i consider that dark. I'm a one trick pony. I'd call 'dark' the man who eats a baby while raping the mom (somehow) but someone else will call that sexy. and it is not PC to call them "warped" (I'm using paragraphs to break up train of thought) Oh yeah. two words "the aristocrats" I'd love to see peopel's reaction to reciting that in public. More so when Kids are around. not that It gets aroused. part of me thinks "it would be amusing"
  9. DarkKennith


    oh, well i submitted some avatars for people to use. unless the avatars could have some kind of system where they can be orginized. but that would require making a script. Like a gallery script. or an upload-catatory script.
  10. i hope this is not agnist the rules. Is it ok to have one 'multi use' topic on the spirit, science and art of character creation? to talk about archetypes, symbolism and how 'just because this show has a guy like this, doesn't mean you cannot write a character like this' inspiration and influence is a bad thing when you draw from a source to much. but that source needed to have a source and inspiration. AND never forget the accident of doing something another had, even with out you knowing of them. so can we do this? and perhaps share our presious 'head babies'? and disect their very being in front of everyone (their shame, history, sexual adventures and the day they stole mommies special toys!) ok so not to silly. this is seriious, when you create characters and a story you put a lot into it. so lets discuss what it means to have characters that 'are', why their being is why it is and what it means to be a stand in 'type' (such as the guy that is supposed to be symbolic of the joy of life and exporing the world though childs eyes who keeps the emos, sexpots and psychopaths i check) lets discuss reason for making overly powerfull characters in a world of powerfull characters (war of the mary sues) and if giving them 'minor personality flaws' counts as ballance away from 'mary sue-news' (of course my guy can bend time a bit, but he has no tact and sexualises 7 year old boys. so he isn't perfect) and compare and contrast to existing work. I hope you understand
  11. DarkKennith

    Rare Or Crack Yaoi Pairings

    spamy reply is pointless. I perfer crossover crack pairings. they are like sliced bread gods.
  12. I dunno. That Kakashi guy from naruto is pretty cool. thousand years of death from the get go. can't go wrong with a character that does such a thing like that. *ducks bricks and crawls back into the hole she came out off*
  13. DarkKennith

    how was adultfanfiction.net started?

    same thing others said. I heard that FF.net didn't allow naughty stories(anymore?), disgruntled members left to make porn heaven. kind of like the mass immagration to sheezyart by deviantart users. in the beginging they had few to no rules. they they didn't allow lemons and people got sad. I think I joined at some time. during your second age? I recall there were thousands more fictions but they got removed due to the lack of legal disclaimer.
  14. DarkKennith

    [ADDED] Story Code Changes

    yay more codes! we need them. theres got to be more than we have that exist. lets so and muster up which ones would be used more. is there a 'satire' catagory? ones where the fictions aren't written with the intent to be serious for "beautiful porn" writing? or should that go just in the description?
  15. DarkKennith

    This Applies to YOU!

    I don't know where I placed it but I had gotten a response from the NJ dude (my first government letter. oH MY!). and another by email. I'm upset to, but they don't put in layman's terms what is going on. it seems more for unclaimed work. wich means more intensive to sign and date every damn thing you do and put a time stamp on it. and make sure you can be contacted. Thats what I am told anyway.More insentive to get things published in bigger ways, though large time publishing could mean your work's right got sold with the deal (like working for card companies?) though this doesn't apply to countries where they have no copyright law. a lot of artists have gotten ripped off by them.