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  1. Codyesh2

    Looking For Some Stories

    Hello, I am looking for some good Harry/Ginny stories. 1)Is there any story where Ginny teaches Harry how to have sex(or Harry teach Ginny). 2)There is a story where Molly is polyjuiced as Ginny and has sex with Harry.Ginny promises him something in return... 3)Just any good Harry/Ginny story? I am also looking for some good Harry/Hermione stories. 1)Where Hermione cheats on Ron. 2)Harry/Ginny/Hermione threesome I am also looking for some Harry/Tonks stories 1)Where Tonks starts off with Remus 2)Any Harry/Tonks story Thanks for the help!
  2. Codyesh2


    Hello, I am looking for some Harry/Tonks stories. Is there any where Tonks starts out with Remus before switching to Harry? Thanks,
  3. Challenge 1: Harry and Rose have a sexual relationship.Can be a one-shot or multiple chapters. Challenge 2: Ginny likes to share Harry with others. Ginny likes watching Harry sleep with other women. The other women include, but isn't limited to, Hermione,Fleur,Angelina Johnson,Luna. Thanks,
  4. Codyesh2


    Hello, I am looking for some good Harry/Ginny stories. 1)Is there any story where Ginny teaches Harry how to have sex(or Harry teach Ginny). 2)There is a story where Molly is polyjuiced as Ginny and has sex with Harry.Ginny promises him something in return... 3)Just any good Harry/Ginny story? I am also looking for some good Harry/Hermione stories. 1)Where Hermione cheats on Ron. 2)Harry/Ginny/Hermione threesome Thanks for the help!
  5. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS CHALLENGE I AM BEGGING YOU! Summary:After Harry's 4th year he begins to have strong sexual urges. Pairings In Order Of Appearance: 1)Petunia(Masturbation/Dream) a)At breakfast Harry drops a fork and bends to pick it up,See's up Petunia's Skirt b)Dursley's leave house,Harry sneaks into Petunia's drawers and Masturbates to her panties. c)Harry orders Anti-Malnourishment Potion from Catalog-Harry grows taller,Stronger and Penis size increases from 4-8 Inches 2)Molly Weasley(Losing Virginity) a)Harry hugged by Molly to her breast,Harry turned on. b)Harry caught Masturbating by Molly.She says they will talk later. c)Harry explains to Molly how he feels he will go unloved and feels no love.Harry kisses her(First Kiss) d)Things progress and Harry/Molly begin to have Sex(Harry not great)Molly teaches Harry.Molly shouldn't be shaved!! 3)Amelia Bones a)Harry interrogated by Amelia privately b)Amelia promises Harry freedom and reinstating into Hogwarts if he can help her c)Amelia asks for him to have sex with her because she hasn't had sex since her husband died(Harry agrees)Amelia(Trimmed) 4)Tonks a)Harry caught staring at Tonks bum and thong b)Tonks and Harry talk about dating(Harry tells her he wishes he could please women) c)Tonks says she will Help Harry d)Tonks trains Harry in Oral and Sex and Fingers(Returns Favor to Harry)Tonks-Landing Strip 5)Angelina Johnson a)Angelina walks in on Harry in the showers after Quidditch Practice. b)Harry/Angelina Have Sex In Shower(Harry Better At Sex)Angelina-Entirely Shaved 6)Katie Bell a)Harry see's Katie in Hogsmead entering an Adult Witches Shop b)Harry asks Katie why she needs A Vibrating Wand.Katie says she hasn't had sex in awhile c)Harry/Katie have sex in woods.Katie Squirts 7)Cho Chang a)Kiss In Room Of Requirement leads to Sex b)Harry starts to become really good at sex c)Ginny walks in and runs away(After the sex) 8)Ginny Weasley a)Harry asks Ginny whats wrong b)Ginny says she wants to be with him c)Harry had noticed Ginny during the summer d)Harry kisses Ginny,Have sex in Dormitory(Ginny's First Time) 9)Hermione Granger a)Hermione has huge fight with Ron seeks Harry to talk b)Hermione notices Harry's "Must not tell lies" scar and tries to comfort him c)Hermione kisses Harry and asks him to be her first.Harry agrees.Hermione not shaved. 10)Harry/Ginny/Hermione a)Harry/Ginny/Hermione have threesome in Room Of Requirement. 11)Pansy Parkinson a)Harry caught near the Dungeons b)Pansy says she wants a piece of the golden boy. c)Harry/Pansy have sex 12)Fleur Delacore a)Fleur stops by Hogwarts to check in with Dumbledore b)See's Harry and Uses Veela powers to seduce him. 13)Harry Marries(Ginny or Tonks) a)Harry has sex with whoever his wife is while they are pregnant. I KNOW that is a lot to ask for but it isn't all required.Just someone please take this challenge and use a few of the above mentioned pairings.Time line is yours to creat, It can be all in a year or be over two years.
  6. Codyesh2

    Harry Story

    In the story Sirius returns from the Veil because someone at the time he fell through was in love with him. He sends Harry a letter saying to guess who he is and such. Harry eventually asks Who was My first Kiss? Sirius Responds Cho Chang. Harry's parents also return because they had small veils and they are found in the shrieking shack. Harry goes to destroy one of the Horcruxes but it turns to an image of Ginny and he struggles. One Horcrux was the Goblet of Fire. Harry is Dating Ginny in this story. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Codyesh2

    Ginny Has A Secret

    Okay no one seems to want to take my challenges. I am discouraged but still have faith in the writers! Okay so basically Ginny and Harry are in love and Ginny likes to be with Harry/See Harry with other women. Women To Include:Why:Who Involved In Act 1)Molly(Pent Up Lust)-Harry/Molly 2)Fleur(Bill Caught Cheating)-Harry/Ginny/Fleur 3)Angelina(George Won't Be Serious)-Harry/Angelina 4)Hermione(Ron Can't Please Her)-Harry/Hermione 5)Rose(Mom Said It Was Amazing)-Harry/Rose Those are guidelines and not required but would be nice.Ginny should be watching during all of the scenes if not included. The first Chapter should be Harry/Ginny for their first times.Possibly a few chapters of Harry/Ginny alone and than you can begin to include other women. Thanks,Goodluck.
  8. Codyesh2

    I Challenge You!

    Challenge #1 Description:Harry Potter is left an 18 year old Virgin after his fiance Ginny Weasley dies.Harry finds himself at a Brothel house where he meets Pansy Parkinson. After having sex with Pansy, Harry begins to fall in love.Harry witnesses Pansy with other men(Unknown to her) and decides to ask her on a date.Pansy agrees and the two get along great.Harry asks Pansy how to please her(She didn't have an orgasm first time)and she accepts(Multiple Sex Chapters!!Fingering/Oral/Sex).The two fall in love and shag like rabbits(Broom/Bathroom/Kitchen Table).Epilogue-4 Kids...James/Sirius/Lily/Ginevra. Challenge #2 Description:Harry is facinated by the Weasley Women.Harry's partners MUST include: 1)Molly(Loses Virginity) 2)Fleur 3)Ginny(Wife-Ginny's first) 4)Hermione(3-Some With Ginny) 5)Rose 6)OTHERS ARE WELCOMED Challege #3 Description:Harry has a thing for Black Family Women.Harry's Partners MUST include: 1)Bellatrix(Loses Virgintity)-After She Kill Sirius 2)Narcissa 3)Tonks 4)Andromeda 5)Multiple Sex Scenes including 3-somes between the characters listed above.Each should have 1 chapter of sex to themselves as well as 3-some chapters. Challenge #4 Description:Harry has a thing for his superiors. Harry's partners MUST include: 1)Lily(Mother)-Wet Dream Scenario 2)Petunia 3)Molly Weasley 4)Minerva McGonagall 5)Madam Pomphrey 6)Madam Hooch 7)Trelawney 8)Madam Rosmerta 9)Amelia Bones 10)Tonks AUTHORS PLEASE THINK ABOUT WRITING ONE OF THE CHALLENGES! Thank you
  9. Codyesh2

    Ginny's Willing To Share

    After the Final Battle Harry/Ginny resume their relationship. Suggested Scenes: 1)Harry/Ginny Lose Their Virginity(Both 1st Time) 2)Harry/Ginny(Kinky Scene/On Broom?) 3)Molly's Wish(Molly needs to feel) 4)Hermione's Problem(Ron Unable To Satisfy/Ginny says she can borrow Harry/Ginny watches) 5)Fleur's Revenge(Bill Cheats On Fleur/Fleur has 3 some with Harry/Ginny) 6)A Sick Joke(Angelina and Fred Fight/Harry has sex with Angelina) 7)Audrey Is Uptight(Audrey loses Control) 8)Harry/Ginny(Night They Conceive James Sirius Potter II Character List/Pairings: 1)Harry/Ginny(Main Pairing) 2)Harry/Molly 3)Harry/Hermione 4)Harry/Fleur 5)Harry/Angelina 7)Harry/Audrey Possible Characters: 1)Luna 2)Hannah Abbot 3)Any Female Relatively Close To Harry/Ginny IMPORTANT:Harry should LOVE Ginny.They should also be married.Let's just say Ginny and Harry like to shag and Ginny likes to see Harry with other girls... Any questions ask.Not everything mentioned above is required.
  10. I'm not sure where I read the story...I do know Voldemort is still at large.Harry/Ginny find out their Pregnant. They raise the kid during their school year.They have their own private room. Later on Harry says he doesn't love Ginny anymore to try and protect them.He eventually see's Ginny and James playing and James points to Harry and says 'Dada'.This is when Harry gets back together with Ginny... Also Harry/Ginny have another child but the baby arrives early due to Pansy slipping Ginny a potion.Pansy has a child with Draco who Voldemort threatens to kill...Harry/Ginny's dead child is Bryce. Another story I'm looking for is a story that takes place after Harry's 5th year. -Sirius returns.Sends Harry riddles/clues to prove/announce who it is.Harry asks who his first kiss was(Cho Chang) -James/Lily return in the Shrieking Shack. -The reason they could return was because a portal was activated and someone loved them... -Harry/Ginny is the main pairing... -When trying to destroy a Horcrux it turns into Hermione and Ron is unable to destroy it.Harry picks up the sword and it morphs into Ginny. If anyone has any idea about the stories I mention could you please tell me!!!!Thanks for your time and possibly your help.
  11. Here's the Challenge!!!! Pairing:Harry/Pansy Basic Summary:Harry falls in love with Pansy who works at a Brothel House or Strip Club In Depth Details: 1)Harry's fiance(Ginny Weasley) dies in an accident leaving him a virgin(She wanted to wait) 2)A depressed(1 Year After Ginny's Death) Harry finds himself at a Brothel house(Or Strip Club) -----a)Harry meets Pansy to which he loses his Virginity(Pansy doesn't have an Orgasm) -----b)Harry instantly has feelings for Pansy(She doesn't return his feelings) 3)Harry returns to the Brothel House and watches Pansy with other men(Behind A One Way Mirror) -----a)Pansy has no idea 4)One day Pansy catches Harry -----a)They fight until Pansy agrees to a date 5)Date goes well(Harry explains Ginny, and tells Pansy she was his first) -----a)Harry takes Pansy home and kissing leads to sex 6)After sex Harry states how he wishes he could please her(Bring her to an orgasm) -----a)Pansy tells Harry it's different but in a good way(She begins to fall in love) 7)A Second Date and More Sex(Harry asks how to please her!!) 8)Pansy Teaches Harry how to please her(Multiple Sex Chapters!!!) 9)Harry introduces Pansy to the Weasley's(Leave to shag-Admit there love) 10)Harry/Pansy get married 11)Harry/Pansy have 4 Children IMPORTANT:Not everything above is required(Pansy should be a prostitute) Harry should ask how to please her They should eventually fall in love...
  12. Codyesh2

    Harry Potter Harem Story

    That's it!Thank you so much!
  13. Codyesh2

    Harry Potter Harem Story

    In the story Daphne and Traci Davis are lesbians but eventually decide they want Harry. Others are included but I remember that Traci enjoyed to watch Harry while he was with other girls. Cho would scream outlandish things and Harry laughed when they were having sex Thanks
  14. Welome to my second challenge! Basics: 1)Harry's fiance(Ginny)dies and leaves Harry an 18 Year Old Virgin(Ginny wanted to wait!) 2)Harry stumbles upon a prostitute or brothel and meets Pansy 3)Harry loses virginity to Pansy and quickly begins to fall in love. 4)Pansy doesn't return Harry's feelings right away 5)Harry catches and watches Pansy with other men(Pansy has no idea) 6)Harry/Pansy fight(Explains how he wants to be with her/date her)---Pansy agrees to a date. 7)Harry/Pansy date goes well(Harry explains she was his first/His past with Ginny) 8)Harry takes Pansy home(Kissing leads to SEX!)Lol. 9)Post sex Harry states his insecurities(That He can't please her)--Pansy says it's different and better in a different way(She begins to fall in love with him) 10)Harry asks Pansy for a second date(She agrees)After Date they have SEX(Harry asks Pansy to teach him how to please her) 11)Pansy's Sex Lessons(Multiple Chapters!) --a)Kissing(Pansy thinks he's a good kisser) --b)Massaging(Pansy teaches Harry how to massage her breasts) --c)Pansy gives Harry a Hand Job/Pansy teaches him how to finger her --d)Pansy gives Harry Oral/Pansy teaches him how to return the favor --e)Pansy/Harry have sex in different positions(Pansy teaches him advance techniques) 12)Harry introduces her to The Weasley's(Their Happy For Harry) --a)Harry/Pansy leave and shag at Harry's Flat(Than again in the shower) 13)More Sex Scenes!!!! --a)On A Broom --b)In The Kitchen --c)In Harry's Car(Harry's Rich!So nice car!) --d)Any other Possible idea's!(Be Creative!) 14)Harry tells Pansy he loves her(She loves him back) --a)Passionate Sex in living room! 15)Harry proposes(Pansy Accepts) --a)More sex! 16)Wedding Night(More Sex!!) 17)Epilogue(Harry/Pansy Have 3 Children) IMPORTANT:Everything stated above isn't neccesary however the basic plot(Harry falls in love with Pansy who is a prostitute is!) Also there should be ALOT of in depth sex scenes! Feel free to ask any questions!
  15. Codyesh2

    Harry's Addiction To Weasley's/Sex

    Great I'm excited to read your work!I can't wait to find out what you have in store!