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    Freakin SWEET Yaoi Fics

    Maldoror. Best fic writer EVER. The LiveJournal is more updated than the AFF site. All her Naruto fics are listed here: http://maldoror-gw.livejournal.com/?skip=40&tag=my+fics She's written most of all Lee/Gaa/Lee and also a bit of Kaka/Gai. Not only all her pairings work perfectly but there isn't a single trace of OOCness in them... Diplomatics Relations should go first, then Kidred, and the all the rest xD I seriously recomend her. Also Hatochan's fics are really nice, specially those if the Tolerant Intolerance series.
  2. Dragonpunchi

    Dialogue Challenge

    Itachi: ...And that's what Naru/Sasu MPREG means, weak little brother!!! Sasuke: WHAT?! YOU ARE LYING FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! xD
  3. Dragonpunchi

    Rare Or Crack Yaoi Pairings

    That one HAS to be the crackest of all crack xD Though it would be really interesting to read ºwº
  4. Dragonpunchi

    Rare Or Crack Yaoi Pairings

    Hmmmm, I'm more on the ugly-bitches kink... I love Oro/Sasu, and Manda/Sasu. Kisa/Ita are fairly nice too ^^
  5. Dragonpunchi

    Yaoi OTP

    Roy/Ed rulz, but my favest of all is Envy/Ed... hawtness at all levels!!!!!
  6. Dragonpunchi

    Itachi/Naruto fics?

    Here is my fav fic of that pairing Sunlight in a Dark Room http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600092171 It's multichapter and WIP (the updates are veeeeeery scarce but it isn't aboandoned). And it pwns like no other >.<
  7. Dragonpunchi

    Fav. Narut Yaoi Pair

    Hmmmmm, I'm an all out fan of Iru/Kaka fics (in that order, seme Iruka rulz xD). Thanks for asking =D
  8. Dragonpunchi

    Looking for WaterShadow's fic

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows WaterShadows fics. It's not just about that, but one of her best ones, called "Wouldn't You Like to Know" is a WIP, but she seems to go on hiatus after the 8 chapter. Does anybody know if she has a ff.net account, lj or somewhere else where this fic is completed? SO want to know how it ends i____i By the way, I recomend her work a lot, it's awesome =D Thansk you for the time ^^