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    yep that's it thanks
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    looking for Sess/Kag fic

    i have to agree that it is two stories. i can't remember the name of the first one and have no clue about the second but i can expand on the first for you. while taking care of sess. kag would sing songs from her time period to him to calm him down. once he was better his father arrived and put her in a cage becuase he didn't trust her. while in the cage sess. is attacked again. he survives and he shows kag. diaries of what she did to heal him to his father. kagome leaves and jumps in the wells. that's what it's about at first kagome going into the well and meeting sess at important points in his life. at one point she comes out when demons are being held captive and forced to fight one another. a dragon gets throw into the well and is sent to the future with kagome. while in this time period kag gets raped and marked from her she goes to her own time for good. she has a son from that incident and lives with the dragon who trains her son. she meets up with sess. and he give her a box of cd containing all the songs she sang to him when he was first sick. we find out that sess is the father thanks to kagura in later chapters. that is all i remember , that and the last time i read it it wasn't finished.
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    Sessh/Kag Fic

    It was written by demonlordlover and it called Conversations with a Taiyoukai. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/demonlordlov...0a%20Taiyoukai/
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    I'm looking for a sess/kag story. In the story kagome is trained by sess while she is in the past. Then one day while on her way home, the well takes her farther into the past and she saves Sess and his mother, both recognises Sess's scent on Kagome and Sess claims that she is his. Anyone know what story this is?
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    You are good that is the story I was looking for. Thanks so much I thought it got deleted.
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    I'm looking for a one shot, I think I read here. Kagome has a fur fetish and Sess goes furry during sex. So they end up doing it in a bathroom if I remember right. Anyone know it?
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    Count To Infinity

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    I'm looking for a Sesshoumaru/Kagome fanfiction. What I remember about the story is that Sesshoumaru has, I think, three pups and they become sick. Kagome is called in to heal them and because she does this she puts a bit of her power inside each and ends up giving they a mark saying that they are connected (a teardrop I think). She also ends up giving Shippo the same mark. At some point kagome goes home and the pups and Sesshoumaru are upset because the connection breaks and they worry that she is dead. That's as much as I remember, does anyone know it?