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  1. ZombieDuke

    I'm Back!

    So, I'm back on AFF.net. I haven't been here in a few months (since February actually, at least that's what my little date thing said when I last logged in), and I hope one and all are doing good
  2. ZombieDuke

    Stars Under Names...

    I was worried there that I had 3 bars of warning or something... but Xax, Goddess, thank you both so much for clearing things up!
  3. ZombieDuke

    Stars Under Names...

    (god I hope I'm in the right area...) I was wondering, what do those starts underneath my name mean? Just really curious...
  4. ZombieDuke

    The Internet Is For Porn!

    I was looking up the word "Bi-versatile" on wikipedia.com, and I found these great links! http://www.sexglossary.com/ - for all questions involving sex XD The Random Masturbation Synonym Generator - I rather liked the "Hugging the one-eyed field mouse with the purple turtle-neck sweater" and "Molesting Wee Willie Winkle" And, lastly, what every porn writer needs: An Intro to Dubious Sexual Terminology - Yes. I now know what "Angry Dragon" means. Enjoy!
  5. ...have all of the other Canadian's skipped town or something? It's 2:31 here
  6. ZombieDuke

    Wild ARMs 5

    In my wee greedy hands I hold Wild ARMs 5! I've been playing it pretty much non-stop since christmas, and I have to say, I rather like it! The plot is pretty good too, its a bit darker then Wild ARMs 4 & 3, but the fact that previous characters from the past games keep showing up is hysterical! I LOVE THIS GAME! Except... there's no pause feature in the game unless you pause inside a town. Which kinda sucks... Anybody else?
  7. ZombieDuke

    Sweet Escape

    Title: Sweet Escape Author: ZombieDuke Rating: NC-17 Summary: After the events at Mt. Chug-Chug, Greg has a dream. Feedback: YES! I needs feedback. Fandom: Game>Wild ARMs 5 URL: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600082228 Thanks for checking out the story! I haven't written anything with slash/yaoi in, well, a year I think! Thanks, ZombieDuke
  8. ZombieDuke

    Reviving Tradition

    Ahhh, the good ol'orgy! Why not? It'd be kinda of a 'get to know ya' party
  9. ZombieDuke

    Huh? There are draw backs?

    But then why did God create the clitoris?
  10. ZombieDuke

    Huh? There are draw backs?

    Ya'll wanna know the irony? They're talking about female masturbation
  11. ZombieDuke

    Huh? There are draw backs?

    DAMN YOU WikiAnswers!!!
  12. ZombieDuke


    Masterbation usually makes the time go by...
  13. ZombieDuke

    Something's Buggin Me!

    The HELL!?! When did Neopets become 'pay-to-play'? Mind you, I played it before it became mainstream... my poor little draggy...
  14. ZombieDuke


    I also fear this DC.
  15. ZombieDuke

    Where is everybody?

    Where is everybody? I hate to admit it, but this board is becoming more and more of a graveyard with each passing day... and that makes me sad and scared. I love this board, it has always been so warm and caring, but now it feels like a cold stranger. I have read what happened involving the mods and everybody else... but it seems like everybody else is jumping ship too. So, I ask again: Where is everybody?