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  1. Author: WindriderShiva Title: Breaking Point Summary: Emperors need entertainment every now and then. Kotal Kahn is no exception, and figuring out his new employee's breaking point seemed... essential over the long run. Two birds, one stone. Feedback: Very appreciated; constructive criticism welcome! Fandom: Mortal Kombat X Pairing: Kotal Kahn/Erron Black Warnings: Anal, Fingering, Hum, M/M, Oneshot, Oral, PWP, HJ Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: I haven't written in forever, but here it is. Really short, straight to the point- well, to the sex. Because it's what it is: just a reason for Kotal to top Erron. And there's more where that came from so... expect more of that pairing soon. Don't be shy to drop a line if you've enjoyed! Thanks for reading ^^.
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    Month: November 2013

    Pen Name: WindriderShiva Story link: Review replies link: It's somewhere... will edit with it in a bit. Prompts Used: Phrase Prompts: Late Night Coffee Trips Type of fic: Flashfic Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: M/M, Anal, FIngering, AU
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    Celeb fic involving a minor

    Found this newly-ish posted fic, seemingly involving Britney Spears' sister. Tagged as Minor1, which I remember being a big no-no in the Celeb/Real person section. I can't fully read through it, but looks like it delivers what it promises in the tags.
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    Count To Infinity

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    The A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. game

    Corrupted Overlord Runs Raunchy Operation Simulating Vaginal Electrocution D A M A G E D
  6. Few authors. Very, very few authors. Not a whole lot of material is published. Then again, I'm talking about a band who casually talks about how they make out with each other. The entire band coming out as bisexual wouldn't surprise most of the fans, if any (according to some of my friends... and coworkers I met last week). So when canon includes homoerotic "undertones" (overtones?) why write unless you want porn? Hence what I've seen is 99.9% porn. I don't mind it, mind you... but some people might be turned off by that nonetheless. It kinda all ties up to that previous point.
  7. Author: WindriderShiva Title: Vegetable Display of Affection Summary: Naughty, naughty Janne. Getting such ideas while shopping for food... Neither Alexi or the zucchini saw it coming Feedback: Concrit very welcome! Fandom: Children of Bodom Pairing: Janne/Alexi Warnings: Anal, ChallengeFic, COMPLETE, Fingering, M/M, Oneshot, Oral, Other, PWP Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: My best friend / beta challenged me to a food sex CoB story. She knows I can't resist challenges involving some pairings... therefore, this is the result. Now if you'll excuse me, my ride to Hell just came up XD. Oh God I can't believe I wrote this and posted it. Ooooooh God. *explodes*
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Bathory - Equimanthorn
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    Count To Infinity

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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Amorphis - The Orphan
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    Weeks 144/145 - 21 July 2013

    Pen Name: WindriderShiva Story link: Review replies link: I know it's somewhere, but I'd have to dig it up x.x; Type of fic: Drabble Rating: Adult + Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: M/M, NoSex
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    Passion, Proof, Power - Review Responses and Discussion

    From: Lisa Oh, I'm not surprised at the fact Sammi didn't bring anything fancier - it's not something automatic for him, even less in his state of mind. The fact he has more clothes in his own apartment in Helsinki completely eluded him too. And in some ways, he's kinda resentful. I had talked about the paparazzi thing with my beta, because I wasn't sure either if it was a good idea to include or not. Since his father's a prominent guy in the pharmaceutical industry and he's some sorta rock star, maybe they could have pulled something like that. I needed something, so I went with that XD. The funeral wasn't private (in my mind, it wasn't...) but the reception after was. But it's giving me some sub-plot ideas now, hmmm... guess I'll see how it pans out with my beta later on ^^.
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    Passion, Proof, Power - Review Responses and Discussion

    And back with more review replies. Again XD. Updates have been a bit slower, but I managed to break some more of the writer's block that's plaguing me. Also: holy fuck, I finally found the HR BB code tag. *headdesk* From: Lisa Yes, I am back! XD. Thanks for the typo notice, I'm 99% sure I haven't gone back to correct it yet *gulp*, but I will! XD Of course Sammi can always send a pic without too much information, but he's still a little reluctant XD. I love Paavo, I had him in mind early in the plot, but it took quite a while to introduce him, considering his situation and Sammi's as well. Originaly he was maybe a little more present, but it's sometimes a little harder to work on paper. I have some sort of a plot to go in depth about the whole thing with Paavo, but that'll have to wait a while XD. I'll work something to give updates on his crush in the meantime . For my English... commend my beta on her native English skills XD. I can sound quite awkward at times, especially written English, but that's why I have a beta for! She knows my strengths... and my weaknesses XD. Also: Finland, and Quebec at an extent (where I am from), use the 24-hour clock (18:00 = 6pm). Honestly, in my daily life, I barely use it; it's used a lot more in the medias, even more in bilingual media, where you can clearly see the difference. I'm more likely to say "eight o'clock at night" than "twenty o'clock." So even that is a little awkward for me XD. Another also: There's 2 Lisas? Funny, always thought it was the same one XD. From: makosira Thanks for giving this story a shot - and thank you for your kind comments . I like torturing my MCs, it's almost a given in my mind. I love making his life horrible... and my muses haven't told me to stop yet. He could use more hugs, but he's with his band for the moment - I can guarantee you he's getting hugs off-screen XD. I haven't forgotten about Xue and Kevin either, they'll be back soon, once Sammi's back in Montreal anyways. I like them as well (my personal favs are Sammi and another character who hasn't been introduced yet) so they'll definitely come back. Let's face it, Sammi needs a distraction, and I have some more planned for them too. Same with Ryan; he'll be back in the picture soon enough.
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Varg - Die Nacht war lang
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    The in my pants game

    Sand in the wind... in my pants. (No comment. ._.)