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  1. Silly me...the stuffed dragon was in one of the stories I requested and found! His Saving Grace. Duh! I must have morphed it into another memory/story. LOL! But the future stories still stand as requests...especially the fortune cookie one!
  2. 1. stuffed dragon...I read this during the week, and already lost! I can't remember anything except that Hermione has a baby and not sure if DRaco just found out or not, but Fred or George come in and see Malfoy there, and turns his stuffed animal into a ferret before bringing it out of the gift bag. 2. not sure if one or two stories: draco and pansy are eating in a chinese restaurant during hogwarts, hermione and ron come in. draco has interesting fortune, wakes up next day in future, married to hermione. not sure if this one has sequel, so any of those type of stories welcomed. anyhow, whether or not this is the same, I know draco is tempted to cheat since not sure how feels about hermione. i think the girl is some quidditch player and knows harry. none of these ideas are the one where draco and hermione both go into future, and when comes back hermione is pregnant and draco loses memory. and lucius gone mad, draco gets to know a pregnant hermione...that's an awesome one, too!
  3. Am reading...and do believe you are correct! Oh, how wonderful! three lost stories accounted for! I'm in...bliss! fan fiction bliss! Utopia! Merlin's...what?
  4. Ok, what is really weird is that I must have clicked on it, likely looking for another, as the aff version is highlighted on my NEW laptop!
  5. I think you are right...cos I think I always got it confused with another (title wise) that now I'm wondering about!!! Darn! Another lost fic...but at least my posting was found That will do for now...and of course, last night thought of ANOTHER...might post later. Draco hanging out at tonk's daycare center, finds his own child but doesn't know...similar premise to man behind the mask at ffnet.
  6. Thank goodness! YOu are awesome! I read it on aff, so didn't exactly want to plow through over 100 pages of files to find...I've tried that before, hardly ever works You know, I knew you had it once I saw the title...Grace! Of course!
  7. I remember and LOVED that story...although now that I think about it, it was not finished and recall reading it at contraveritas. although I think it was over here, too? One would think it's over here and/or aff as well! If I remember it, will post name. Darn! driving me NUTS now!
  8. The story has Lucius returning from...prison perhaps...and not happy to find his son married to Hermione and with a toddler. The young daughter finally warms his heart by crawling into his lap while he's "babysitting" and working at his desk. The others return to find the touching scene. Sappy, I know...but one I've been looking for.
  9. Avanell

    Snape on Match.com

    No, don't recall it or anything...however, there was a HILARIOUS story somewhere on Ashwinder where Harry snoops into his office and finds a sex-slang page where he talks about his sexual experiences...and Harry reads that Snape is with Hermione! Now, where's that fic?
  10. Avanell

    Not at all psyched

    I missed that spoiler about Snape, or has it even been addressed before? That's horrible! It's such a huge factor in what makes in all the more intriguing
  11. Avanell

    Author Offended?

    I read that soon after it came out...just as I was noticing hp fan fiction and was doing searches. I know some other authors/publishers do not wish for their works to be used in fan fiction. I think there is a list at fanfiction.net, or somewhere like that.
  12. Avanell

    How long did you go before you finished . . .?

    Well, I just finished writing my dissertation...last night about 1:45am, and turned it in today, my b-day. As for fan fic, I started my first back in 2001. I have six stories in that uni, only two are complete. With HP, I have three incomplete, the first posted in 02-05, and two in another uni, one of which started in 04. I've gone a year without posting in several of these stories, but keep moving forward! Avanell
  13. Avanell

    New EW Issue

    Even though I read this post the other day, I saw it and thought what? Emma Watson new issue? what's wrong now?!! Ha-ha! Misperception!!!
  14. Avanell

    Front Cover

    I'm just relieved we had the date to look forward to...not that I want to be well into summer yet, at least there are things to REALLY look forward to. Book and Movie. Pinch me.
  15. Avanell

    Fans of Snape/Hermonie

    I saw the French and Saunders one some time ago...but that other one...too freakin' hilarious!