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  1. Hi I am looking for two M/m fics the first one is about a cowboy and he has this ranch and this other cowboy begins to live in his house. The second one is a kidnapping fic where two men one works at a hospital I forgot t what the other one does , they’re lovers and they kidnap this college boy and take him to this house away from everyone they have a friend who also has a boy he kidnapped and keeps as a lover eventual the boy escapes and is in the hospital getting recovery . I think it had at least 15 chapters I know it wasn’t complete
  2. Kiki3214

    Mob fic

    Looking for a story it's complete male male where this boy was sold to the mob for his dad 's payments can't recall all of it I know the mob boss spoke a lot of russsian they lived in a mansion I know the fbi gets involved and tries to get the boy to turn his new master in. If this sounds familar please help me
  3. Kiki3214

    Kag/Sess fic

    Looking for a fic I read on Dougka under the Single Spark stoires In it Kagome falls thorugh the well and is meant by Sess instead of Inu, anyway he takes her back to his castle and I know in one secene he made her bathes him and she dumped a bucket of water over his head. if this sounds familar please help
  4. Kiki3214

    Sess/Nar fic

    It's in modern times and Sesshoumaru is taking care of Rin but n this she is his sister and I think he is in his late teens or early 20's anyway he needs a job and ends up getting hired by Naraku who falls in love with him I think I read it on here a long time ago if this sounds familar please help me. I know he goes on a date with Naraku and Rin I believe stays at Naraku's mansion while they go out
  5. Kiki3214

    Inuyasha beta needed

    LOOKINGFOR ANOTHER BETA READER(s) -Getstories before anyone -Need to do aff too, not only fanfiction. A large knowledge of animeand other stuff too(vocab and other knowledge) -grammer will be your major problem. If you can fix it without trouble I willbe happy -updates of my ideas. I will tell my ideas to you first than I will want youropinion -can deal with straight and slash(yaoi.) Doyou fit this description?? If you do and don't mind of being a beta reader,please tell me. email will be given once I have a beta reader
  6. Kiki3214

    looking for a beta

    I am looking for a beta to help me with some male/male Inuyasha fics with the pairings of Naraku and Sesshoumaru for one, the other is Naraku/Kohaku and Naraku and a OC. there will be sex, abuse in some, I would like my beata to help me with ideas, grammar checks, and sometimes better summary ideas, you can contact me on here or at my email or thanks Kags21
  7. Kiki3214

    missing stories

    okay the Obsession one was about a guy who want into a piercing shop to get his piercing in his ear fixed and he ended up getting caught between to male vampires, the owner of the shop owed the other vampire money and he kidnapped the human guy and ended up making him his slave
  8. Kiki3214

    missing stories

    Anyone know what happened to the original stories called Obsession, it was a vampire male/male, another was Autumn on the sea about a boy who was on the ship and the captain's lover if anyone can tell me what happened to these stories please help thanks
  9. Kiki3214

    Princess AbixNaraku

    I looked on I didn't find that pairing, I didn't come across any on mediaminer either, it might be best to write the first one, I do agree those two are good together
  10. Kiki3214

    Looking for a story

    This is an old story Naraku goes to a castle and he absorbed a family of Inus, he then later kidnaps Sesshoumaru with the help of Yura of the demon hair. I think he gets Sesshoumaru pregant than somehow Sesshoumaru escapes and is found near a river, if anyone knows this story please give me a link or the name of the author thank you
  11. I need a beta for a Naraku/Kohaku yaoi fic my story is called Lover's past the first chapter is up on the site. I am looking for a beta that will give me good ideas as wella help me not to make to many grammar mistakes my penname is Kags21
  12. Kiki3214

    looking for a story

    I just read the fic on july4th in the original section Male. male In the story a young man 18 saves this older man from being hit by a car the older man who is rich then has his men search for the boy once he is found he is taken back to the mans home and it turns out the man is like a mob boss and he treats him like a pet and even has sex with him by the window. The story has been found it's called Set me free
  13. Kiki3214

    In need of Beta

    I am looking for a beta that is good with Grammar and spelling as well as good ideas my email is or