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  1. First off, I know there are litmus tests for them, but I see most of them a little on the elitist side.. Having said that, what general criteria are OC's judged by, for you regulars? Second, self insertion, since I didn't find any topics on it. What's the general opinion on it, as far as pure SI (read: little to no so-called "self editing") and semi SI (there's a fine line between SI and an OC that is a partial clone of yourself, but I'm too lazy to investigate it..)? Edit: This post has been nagging me ever since I posted it, and it seems to be born from an idea I've been rolling around for several months. I realize that most, if not all OC's are based on their creator in one way or another, be it desired attributes or actual ones. The idea in question is something along the lines of an OC that is based on myself (in mannerisms, actions, and a little amplifying of some less dominant personality traits only) showing up in the Teen Titans universe and nearly ripping the team apart, so to speak. What say you guys on this?