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    Searching for Predator/Alien fic

    Hello fic lovers! I am on the hunt for a fic that I had read... Umm... About a year ago I'd say... From what I can remember it was completed. The story starts with a human hybrid, who apparently has an older brother or a twin brother. A group of predators come to the military/research facility that they are being held at and do their predator thing. On the way they find the girl and are surprised by her strength, since she just looks like a regular human girl. She ends up joining up with them, they discover a lot of her secrets and hidden talents. They eventually find her brother but he has to be killed because of the alien inside him. They end up making it out of the facility before they blow it up and she travels with them. That I know is in the story for sure, this next part I THINK is part of the same story, but I could have two stories mixed... I have read way to many of them to keep them all straight. Ok, well they have escaped the facility relatively unharmed. The girl starts to go through some changes, becoming more aggressive, growing spikes, you know... The usual stuff. Her and this one hunter keep dancing around each other before they finally hook up and get to makin babies. That is all I can remember, if anyone has any ideas of what story this is please let me know!
  2. dimondwolf

    Searching for Deleted Fics

    Wow! Thank you so much for that link! That was the story I was searching for, and amazingly the other story was on the same site! EEEE! Thank you soooooo much!
  3. dimondwolf

    Searching for Deleted Fics

    I am very sad to see so many good stories deleted from FF.net. I am hoping that someone will know where to find them. The stories I am hoping to find are: Hands Off - Author Unknown Magic's Symphony -Author Unknown
  4. Hello! I'm in search of a story that was deleted from FF.net. I am hoping that it can be found elsewhere since it was a very good HP fic. The title was "Blood Dipped Wings" Please let me know if you know where to find it! Thank you!
  5. dimondwolf

    Looking for Legolas fic

    I have been thinking more about this story to figure out if I can remember anything else, luckily I think I remember some more. While I am not sure, I do believe that Legolas's husband's name starts with a G... And that they live in a treehouse village thingy... I do believe that they live in the village with the Lady of the Light, but I am not sure. That is all I can think of at the moment. Dimondwolf
  6. dimondwolf

    Looking for Legolas fic

    I am pretty sure it has been over a year since I read this fic, so some of the details are a little fuzzy. What I know for sure is that the fic I am looking for is set when Legolas is young, comparatively to other elves anyways. I don't mean to be crude but Legolas is basically the bottom in the M/M relationship, however I believe he is able to bare young, not 100% sure of that though. I do not know the name of the elf he is married to, but he is taken away from his home to live in his husbands village. While Legolas is male, he is basically treated like a female and he is very young compared to his much older husband. Legolas basically runs the household, dealing with the cooking and cleaning and whatnot, while his husband is in charge of keeping his clothed and safe, ect. That is about all the details I can remember, I am hoping that someone knows of this story or one like it. Thank You! Dimondwolf
  7. dimondwolf

    Two Stories, one LM/HP/LV and one LM/HP

    Oh wow that is exactly the story I was looking for! Thank you so so much!
  8. dimondwolf

    Two Stories, one LM/HP/LV and one LM/HP

    Yay! Thank you very much!
  9. LM and HP along with LV/TR are drakes, or some kind of magical creatures and are mates. I believe they become the creatures due to a mispronounced spell that awoke any creature blook they might have had. HG, DM, and SS are also mates. I have so far not been able to find the story, but continue to look. I am pretty sure that the story includes HP being pregnant along with him stabbing someone with one of his wings. If anyone knows this story please let me know. Also, I am looking for a story where LM and HP are mates and also drakes/dragons. I believe in this story there is a potion that LV forces LM to take that awakens any creature blood he might have. I am pretty sure that is has HP being an earth drake.
  10. dimondwolf

    Searching For Story

    Apparently I didn't see the announcement about the searching for story section of the archives being deleted. Oh wells... I am looking for a fanfic that I haven't read in a long time, it has a Sess/Kag pairing. Kagome is some sort of demon that is thought to be a myth, I think along the lines of a blood demon. Later on in the fic she has to fight a neko, I think it is a leopard, that is a member of the four ruling houses. During the fight the neko cheats and Kag loses control of her demon blood and has to be stopped by Sess before she destroys everything. That is all I can remember, hopefully someone knows it!