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  1. Rayven_Dark

    Bagginshield MPREG fic

    Totally the fault of FB character pages and curious plot bunnies. Pretty straight forward MPREG with Bilbo x Thorin. Instead of going for the obvious route though, Thorin should be the mother in this. Extra point for tying the pregnancy to another character ie Frodo.
  2. Rayven_Dark

    New Story Missing

    Ok that part is deleted and actually I DIDN'T get an email about that from you guys otherwise it would have been pulled down the same day I received it. I have been through both my inbox and spam folder.
  3. Rayven_Dark

    New Story Missing

    it was in Anita Blake AU and titled Stranger Than Fiction
  4. Rayven_Dark

    New Story Missing

    I had just gone to check out if I had any more views/reviews on my latest story and found it missing. I just went through my email and couldn't find any notification so I am trying to find out WHY my content was deleted. -Not underage -Not plagiarizing -I assume my disclaimer was fine -And was posted in the proper category
  5. Rayven_Dark

    Jean Claude Details

    Ok working on a crossover ABLVH/HP and need some help with JC's history after he left Belle Morte's court first and second time. Specifically any point where he was in London and/or England for a significant amount of time. Trying to paint myself out of the corner I wrote myself into. Any help is much appreciated. Rayven
  6. Rayven_Dark

    Sailor Moon Fic

    Was needing help finding a Molly/Nephlite fic in which its several years after his death and he comes back as an angel. I think its called Send me an Angel. Its been years since I've read it there are song lyrics included by the same title not 100% sure Thanks.
  7. Rayven_Dark

    A New Home Across The Pond

    Title: A New Home Across The Pond Author: Mila Black Rating: Adult++ Summary: The New Mauraders come to St. Louis and Anita and Company are in for a surprise. Feedback: Yes please and thank you Fandom:Anita Blake And Harry Potter URL: A New Home Across The Pond Etc: This is a foursome fic with Asher joinging Siri/Remus/Harry. There are plenty of twists and turns to this story as everyone's scared vampire joins the trio making a quartet for himself and finding that something special he's been looking for. Chapters 1 and 2 are currently up and 3-4 should be up tomorrow. I do plan on doing a story on how the Harry and co got together as well as a sequel.