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  1. http://www.gamepolit...ned-oct-1-japan Looks like they got it through after all.
  2. Well in theory since it seeks to criminalize what is currently civil copyright infringement and thus far is purposefully vague as to give authorities and copyright holders a lot of room to work with against people who infringe on copyrights. Fan art and fan fiction, regardless of whether or not there is a disclaimer, infringes on copyright. As it is many copyright holders don't care that much about free fan fiction and fan art, in fact some encourage it since they feel it's good for business, but some are very much opposed to it, especially fan fiction and fan art of an erotic nature, but luckily they don't bother most of the time since current laws make it a civil matter and since it's free the most they could get out of a law suit is the removal of the content. Under the acta laws governing the handling of copyright infringement change. One of the main tools of the acta is giving authorities the ability to go after people without permission from copyright holders and takes away ISP's safe harbor status forcing them to comply with any request for information regardless of whether or not they have a warrant. So if it were to pass it could potentially spell a bit of trouble not just for ff writers but more so for anyone who downloads anything at sources other than directly from copyright holders. However, as DemonGoddess061 pointed out, it's still being hammered out and might stay that way for a while. In the end it may turn out drastically different than it currently is and hopefully may wind up being implemented very differently than my paranoid mind says it may. Hell, it might even not get passed at all. Still people should keep an eye on it. some of the stuff proposed in it is down right awful (such as ipod checks for copied music at customs and border crossings, though I'm not sure if that part got shot down yet) and how it's even made it this far is people are being kept in the dark about what's being done. It wasn't my intent to scare anyone and I'm truly sorry if I have but I felt it was a matter too important not to bring up. P.S. thank you to Demongoddess061 for answering my query in a timely and thorough manner and for all the tremendous hard work you put into this site. and for putting up with a paranoid idiot like me
  3. I'm looking for a particular fic where inuyasha and kouga get turned into dogs by magic and eventually inuyasha gives birth to kouga's pups. Can't remember the title. Please help.
  4. About two years before I joined this site I attempted to write a walkthrough for Dragon Ball Z Budokai. I had gotten half of it finished and had gone more in depth than most of the other guides for that game. But as luck would have it my computer experienced the joys of the blue screen of death . I managed to reinstall the OS but lost everything I had on my harddrive. I tried starting over but the same thing kept happening again and again over the course of a year. I finally said fuck it right before that particular laptop crapped out for good. And that was my one and only foray into game-faq writing.
  5. Appleseed

    Pairings That Make You Cringe.

    Inuyasha: Sesshomaru x Kagome. I can deal with pretty much every Inuyasha pairing (though I like some infinitely less than others) except for this one. I don't know why but I find them as a couple to be a complete and utter turn off. Ranma 1/2: Akane x Ryoga. Don't care for them as a couple and the only time I pair them together in my stories is when I'm looking to strongly push them as the antagonists. Naruto: Sasuke x Sakura. Normally I'm okay with straying far from keeping characters and situations true to the source material (in fact I enjoy it when an author reinvents a character) but with these two I just can't get over the fact that throughout the entire time Sasuke is with the team Sakura is throwing herself at him and he ignores her. He's not the type to play hard to get. When he wants something he goes after it regardless of who he might hurt in the process. Therefore if he had one iota of interest in her she'd already be in his bed. X-men Evolution: Lance x Kitty. I couldn't stand them as a couple when the show aired and I can't stand them still. Seriously I'll take ANY pairing over this one. X-men Evolution: Rogue x Remy. I don't hate this couple, the pairing just doesn't do anything for me. Can't bring myself to get excited in any capacity for them. What does irk me however is that on FF I have to wade through endless waves of Rogue x Remy stories to find anything decent. C'mon, there are plenty of other characters to work with so there's not much excuse for drawing from the same well so much. Still, I'll take them over "Lancitty" any day of the week. Final Fantasy VII: Tifa x Vincent. My dislike of this couple stems from a fanfic I read a long time ago. To make a long story short it put me off Vincent. Took me a long time to get over it enough to play "Dirge of Cerberus".
  6. Recently found this... Everyone who writes fanfiction or draws fanart NEEDS to know about this. It potentially criminalizes nonprofit copyright infringment, as opposed to it being a civil matter. In other words instead of getting a cease and desist letter you might get arrested. Can anyone tell me how AFF plans to respond to this matter and what, if any, protection will be afforded to the authors?
  7. Does anyone know about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and if/how it applies to fanfiction?
  8. Appleseed

    TOS violation by an author

    He also did this in several other categories, like the yaoi section of InuYasha.
  9. Appleseed

    Saddest Song You Know.

    My immortal ,Hello, tourniquet- evanescence Hurt -Johnny Cash
  10. Appleseed

    Comfort in her arms

    Hi. I would like to tell you about a story I've been writing. I just recently posted the sixth chapter. Title: Comfort in her arms Author: Appleseed Rating: Adult ++ Summary: Ash has a sexually abusive step father and seeks solice in the one who is always there for him no matter what. Feedback:Greatly desired Pairings: Ash+OC, Ash+Pikachu, Ash+Misty Fandom:Pokemon URL: Thanks, Appleseed