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    My intrest include ; Drawing, Singing,Writing, Chatting with friends, Hagning out with Friends, Playing with my Dogs, Horse Back Ridding (though i havent been in Years), Shopping, Watchin Anime, Reading occasionaly. ummm im sure there is more i just cant think of them right now
  1. InnocentLittleFlower

    Sesshy and Rin

    Im looking for the Sesshomaru and Rin fic wich im pretty sure it was Sesshy and Rin. He is about to announce he is going to take up a mate and Rin ends up being like a dancer for dinner or something and befor she is to dance she runs away and sesshomaru chases her and she falls off a clif but sesshomaru catches her and he relizes that he really loves her and cant or dosent want to live with out her.
  2. InnocentLittleFlower

    In Need Of New Beta

    Thank you to those who have pmed me about the beta position. I am very greatful for you guys for taking the time and read this and offering to help me out but i have found a beta. Again thank you very much.
  3. InnocentLittleFlower

    In Need Of New Beta

    PLEASE PLEASE i need a new beta. Especialy for my grammer i had very bad habit if not putting periodes and such because i get so caught up in the story i forget to put them. I am a very easy person to get along with and accept help any where i can get and since my beta is in school and never has time anymore she has asked that i get a new one no biggy. I just need a new one and dont know any other English grammer and spelling nazi's like she was so please im on my hands and knees begging for a new beta. if you are intrested reply here pm me here or you can im me on aim or yahoo. or you can e-mail me
  4. InnocentLittleFlower

    In Need Of New Beta

    I am currently in need of a new beta. One of my friends use to beta my stories for me but she is really busy with school with this being her senior year in high school and dose not have the time anymore. I am not new to writing I have a few of my more favorite stories I have on they don’t really have "mature content" in them they are more just for a fun reading if anything their are a few choice words in them lol. My grammar isn’t the best just basically I have a problem with punctuation and my word processor doesn’t always show me my errors so I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I on occasion put the wrong spelling in there and don’t catch it but I do normally go threw and spell cheek my work befor i do anything. If you wish to know a little bit about me, I’m 19 yr. old I don’t have a job at this present time I have been mainly been helping my parents out with things, so I spend a lot of my time writing. My English teacher use to hate assigning short stories to me because they would want 2 or 3 pages front and back and they would ask me to do my best to keep it at 5 that was a big struggle for me lol. I enjoy writing because it lets you travel to different places and you can control everything. I’m pretty laid back I’m a sucker for the romantic stories I actually have one up right now that need betaing as well its a Sesshomaru and OC its called When Christmas comes to Town. I so far on here have stuck to Sesshomaru and OC stories but I have a X-men evo, Fruits Basket, and a Naruto one on the naruto one is from a while ago please don’t ask lol. But I’m very easy to work with and very easy to please so if you could help that would be terrific! You can IM me on Aim or Yahoo both Addresses being LittleFlowerKusa just in your first message tell me that you’re responding to the Beta Post or you can e-mail me at Thanks a lot!