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  1. I do the same on my stories so that readers can see publicly what I tell the other reviewers so that there is no 'he said she said' comments made about VIA mail comments (which I have had a problem with before) I didn't really see anything wrong with it as it's not flaming but saying thanks for the idea...

    Thanks for the feedback! That's why I posted it here instead of just deleting it...I"m not sure what to do in this situation...

  2. I adore yaoi, but Sasuke and Naruto are my two fav characters. I also love Team 7 and Team 10 threesomes. However, I absolutely dispise uke/seme. ;) It's offensive to feminists or dominant females like myself when people make men out to be typical blushing brides. So goofy. I mean, why would you want to write fanfic if you're going to warp the characters so much that they aren't even themselves? I don't understand it. I love fandom for the characters, and without them being in character I can't get into the story.

    However, I don't flame someone for writing uke/seme, but I might review and comment on how the characterization is really off. Why post to the internet if you don't want real feedback! Great poll. Thanks for starting the dialog.

  3. Title: Team Dynamics

    Author: PlotAficionado

    Fandom: Naruto

    Pairings: Mostly NaruSasuNaru, but I focus more on their relationship than sex.

    Rating: Adult++

    Summary: After Naruto almost kills Sasuke, the team dynamics shift. Can the trio find balance when their feelings for each other begin to change?

    Spoilers: Divergence, so no real spoilers.


    Feedback: I really really would love some constructive crit for this fic's plot line and pacing. I like what I have so far, but I just feell like I must be doing something wrong, as it's my first and only multi-chapter fic and I'm getting fewer reviews than I'd expect from my experience with my oneshots. Any feedback would be appreciated, but I'm not looking to be an entitlement whore. I just want some real crit! Tough love!

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this! I've never used this forum until now, but I hope to see your feedback!

    ;)~ BRI