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  1. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Better Site

    Just a suggestion - that when people donate, you list their accounts in a separate page for a month, so that they get a bit of attention. Just a "Hey, this person was generous, you've got them to thank for the site being up, and look, they got some acknowledgement for it!" It might encourage more people to donate.
  2. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Vocabulary Turn- ONS

    Another of the words I really like is "wretched". Oh yeah, don't that just make you want to cry?
  3. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    how much build-up is too much build-up?

    If it's not a plot-based story (which I can put up with provided there's good suggestion)... I'd say about 10% of the fic should be build-up. Like, if there's 30 chapters, there should be about 3 before the first sexual encounter. Of course there doesn't need to be sex in every chapter after that.
  4. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Mary Sue Or Not A Mary Sue?

    I have Aspergers. Just for the record...
  5. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Plagiarist relapse

    Beauty Within? Oh, yeah. I read it, 1: Because it was yours and I like your work. 2: Because the summary involved the words 'rape', 'torture' and 'left for dead'. My memory sucks, btw. But I'm persisting with my innocence because I can't see myself even READING... whatever your story was called, far enough that I would get to the hardcore stuff. Go ahead and watch. The next chapter of You Lost will be up on Tuesday. Or would that be Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday. And who DOESN'T use Energon whips now?
  6. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Vocabulary Turn- ONS

    I know there are no vocab turn ONs, but some words I'd rather see than the Turn OFFs include 'stroked', 'murmured' and ''embraced'. Of course if the prose is awful anyway it won't do a thing, but they are definitely good words for me.
  7. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Plagiarist relapse

    StSE, I've never seen that story before in my life. Never. The first chapter of "You Lost" has been up in one form or another for over a year now. I hope you can trust me when I say neither I nor my original co-writer read that fic you linked to. In short, I’m not taking this fic down again. In long, I’m not sure how we got such similar chapters but it sure weren’t from me reading your story. Your summary doesn’t interest me. There’s no sex in the first chapter. And It’s G1. I certainly never read G1. I will leave your review up, because I’m confident I haven’t done anything wrong. And since I came clean last time I mucked up, I hope you can trust me, StSE, when I say I have no idea what's going on here. I don't have the original post date for my own, unaltered fic so I can't really accuse you of anything.
  8. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Anyone remember that Mary Sue Guide?

    Mary Sue tests are more about "Is this character you?" or "Is this wish fulfilment?"
  9. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    The word 'impale' with regards to 'cock'. Put that word away! It's not a bloody weapon! Even when used in conjunction with rapefics it makes me wish I was somewhere else.
  10. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Assumptions: Like, when people assume that a character is going to be a Mary Sue just because it's original. Or that all Mary Sues are bad. Or that Litmus Tests work. I think there is no such thing as a bad Mary Sue. There is, however, such a thing as a bad writer.
  11. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    GiftCard Donations?

    While I believe in PayPal being safe, it's never a bad idea to make it easy for people to give you money.
  12. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Empty Subsections...

    Oh, okay... what was the order?
  13. Harley Quinn hyenaholic

    Empty Subsections...

    Maybe you could save yourself some space by deleting subsections with zero stories in them? And only put up new sections when people have an actual story to put in it that will be ready to start uploading in say, a week? You have quite the number of subsections that are void of any stories whatsoever.
  14. Harley Quinn hyenaholic


    Thanks for considering my idea. I mean, people are donating. It's only fair to give them something for it, and as I said, a little incentive for future donors. "Look at these generous people! Listed in order of how generous they are! You can be generous too! Work your way to the top of the list of generosity!"
  15. Harley Quinn hyenaholic


    Um... well, I just Donated and all... Because there's no cause greater than sexual relief and such... But anyway, the suggestion I was going to make I figured might get you more donations. Say if you showed a list of the members who've donated and linked to their Profiles in your News box, and without showing actual donations, list the in order of highest to lowest? Maybe change it monthly like, "Here are the awesome people who donated this month!" It would be both a "Hey, donate and you will get acknowledgement" and a small bonus for Donators who would get extra publicity for their donation. And since it would be internal linking, I don't think it would cost any extra. Just a little thing, but donators do like to be noticed.