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  1. Quatre Winner

    Throw your ideas in here!

    I have several plotbunnies up for adoption... They're mostly for specific fandoms though, I hope that's okay... First is a Rockman.exe (Megaman Battle Network/Megaman NT Warrior) crossover with Digimon Adventure 02, where Netto becomes infected with a Dark Aura and slowly works to enslave Navis because of his love for one. The Adventure 02 comes in because an older Ken Ichijouji recognizes what's happening, but it can work quite well without the crossover element, I think. Next is Ryuusei no Rockman (Megaman Star Force) and Code Lyoko, where after the first Ryuusei game War Rock leaves Subaru to do other stuff (which I won't mention because of spoilers), and Subaru's sent to France to stay with an old friend of Subaru's Dad's. From there, Subaru because involved with Lyoko. And in a somewhat darker vein, there's a Harry Potter crossover with Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness), where Harry is killed in Japan and adopted into Japan's Shinigami ranks, mostly because of a plot element with there being no Shinigami in Britain. So, naturally, Harry's sent with his partner to investigate. If anyone wants these plotbunnies, they can PM me and I'll be happy to offer all of the plot details/background information/etc. They can also use them like this, I don't really care, just let me know so I can follow what they do with it.
  2. Quatre Winner

    Yaoi OTP

    Hm... such a hard decision, to choose only one pairing. I like Elricest and Roy/Ed mostly, though I've seen a Roy/Al fic hovering around, and a really well done Havoc/Ed, which made me like the pairing a lot. Elricest I like because Ed and Al are so close, I don't think they would much think about leaving each other. This kind of relationship doesn't have to be sexual, but in some cases, comfort can turn to helping the other forget about their problems... that's how I see it though. Roy/Ed is kind of an anomaly, the old "opposites attract" saying. The two of them are close friends but can't stand each other for more than a minute at a time before one or the other starts tossing insults and the situation degenerates. However, I think there's more "love" than "hate" in that relationship ^^. Al just needs more love... I should start hunting down fics that have him with people other than Ed.
  3. Quatre Winner

    General question for a project

    I don't know if I'm too late to help with this, but I'm pretty well informed on the Beyblade universe, I perhaps I can help with some of the more common pairings I've come across. As far as Yaoi pairings are concerned, I've seen a lot of Kai/Takao(Tyson) and Kai/Rei. Kai/Tala pairings are also pretty popular, from what I can tell, as well as Brooklyn/Garland. For Het, people for some reason like Kai/Hiromi(Hillary). There's also Rei/Mao(Mariah), and another whose names I can't think of. Ugh. Kjyouju(Kenny)/MingMing is very good as well. Yuri, I can't help with so much, sorry. I hope this helps a little bit, at least... I'll get with my friend and see what others she and I can find.
  4. Quatre Winner

    Fan-fics: Are they wrong?

    I agree with that. I came up with a kind of romance/adventure story because of one of my smutfics on here, actually. All it took was one reviewer asking me, "I'm just really curious, too. How did Takao come to be? Come on, what's his story?" for me to envision a backstory for a lost catboy shivering in the rain, and how he got to be there. And from there came a plot, and of course romance, though that's a rather new field for me... As far as the whole "is it wrong?" aspect, I'd have to say no, unless the person was claiming the characters for himself. As long as credit is given to the person who created the fandom and the characters, exploring those characters a little and sometimes making them do things they normally wouldn't is just fine. Then again, to point out what others have already: How do we know what they would and wouldn't normally do? But that's just my thoughts on it.
  5. Quatre Winner


    I voted "Depends on how well the story is written". Both on here and on ffnet, I've had to really DIG in order to find the gems that really stand out. What I think takes a lot of skill is crossovers; that is, taking two fandoms and, for all intents and purposes, mashing them together. Sure, you can just toss some characters into another fandom and watch them wallow around, but without a plot binding the two different fandoms together, all you get is something of a crack fic that deserves to be buried. However, in some cases (like, admittedly, my own), it is kind of like cheating if you just steal the antagtonist of one story and use him in another. That shows a lack of creativity, when you can't come up with your own villian. I mostly write crossovers to explore how characters react in different situations, and combine the two storylines when I can so it seems as if they were actually supposed to be together. ... I think I diverged from the topic. Oops. In any case, a writer is defined by the skill with which he or she writes; a person who writes exclusively "chat-fics" where the characters go into a chat room to interact can't really be called a writer because all they're using is dialogue, and in chat rooms the most conflict you'll get is between two characters with opposing personalities. That's just what I think, though.
  6. Quatre Winner

    Do gay men find straight men attractive

    As a lesbian I can only offer my own pitiful experiences up for consideration, but I enjoy looking at people of both sexes. I find both equally attractive. However, would I actively hit on them? No. I've had several men hit on me, to which I've politely replied that I'm in a relationship, and told the pushy few that I am, in fact, gay (which is only half true, I'm bi, with no real preference for either over the other). So, gay people can be attracted to straight people, yes. Is the opposite true? Probably, but I can't say for certain. I have found several men attractive who turned out to be gay (there was a saying at my boarding school: All the cute guys were either taken or gay), but that was before I came into sexuality, period. However, from my experience, physical attraction isn't everything. My wife I met over the internet, actually, and I fell in love with her personality before I ever saw a picture of her. Those are just my humble experiences. Take them however you'd like.
  7. Quatre Winner

    Poll: Sexual orientation

    I voted Yaoi, because I was forcibly introduced to things that involved sex with Gravitation (and the Gravitation Remixes). Before Gravitation, I wouldn't even READ anything with a pairing in it, and what I wrote had no pairings whatsoever, because romance just didn't interest me in the slightest (plus bad childhood memories, oh no). However, after having had a boyfriend and having other things happen (if you know what I mean), I've been a lot more open as far as het goes, and lately I've been going so far as to include hints of het, even if I won't write a smutfic involving them. As far as the smut I've written, it's been exclusively yaoi of varying fandoms. I enjoy some of the mainstream couples (as mainstream as yaoi can get), and enjoy some crack pairings as well, but what I mostly love is crossovers. I would have to say that my favorite pairing of all time is Duo Maxwell (from Gundam Wing) x Harry Potter (mostly because of a fic I've started to write...). I also like catboys/catgirls, going so far as to find an excuse to cross almost everything with Loveless, or coming up with convoluted plots to give the characters cat ears and a cat tail (Rockman.exe x House wtf). I have nothing against Het or Yuri, honestly. When I watch porn, most of the time that's what it is. However, I don't like to read about it unless it's just a minor part of the story (oh, Ron's gotten together with Hermione, yay for them, now what's this about a bad guy?) as far as het is concerned. Yuri... well, to be honest I haven't thought about reading it. There are just so few female characters that I like, and when I go to find het for them, I end up with yaoi instead. How does THAT work? So yeah. That's a confusing and somewhat convoluted view into my mind, but I never did think linearlly anyway. Some background information for me: I'm female, 20, and quite happily engaged in a long-distance relationship with another woman. As I like to say, it's not the body that counts, but the person within it!