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  1. Bargle5

    searching for 2 hp fics

    The second one sounds a bit like "Junk Mail" by Bella Ireland, but not all the details match.
  2. Bargle5

    Looking for Ginny fics

    Might be "Family Whore" by Suicide King.
  3. Bargle5


    I don't know if that's the OPs story, but it is the one I was thinking of. Thanks. Don't know how I missed it.
  4. Bargle5


    I read a one shot story of this type. Hermione has a detention with Snape. When she arrives, she finds Draco and Lucius there as well. Draco has her first, then Lucius, then Snape, then Snape and Lucius together. I thought it was on Restricted Section, but I haven't been able to turn it up. No idea of the title. Maybe this will jog someone's memory.
  5. Bargle5

    A Luna Draco Story

    With the closing of Restricted Section to new stories and additions, some stories have stopped in the middle or so. One of them is a Luna/Draco fic called "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" by Raven Romance. Somewhere the author has stated that there was an earlier version of the story put up somewhere else, possibly under a different author name. In the story Luna is raped on several occasions by Malfoy and she hides this fact from everyone else. Eventually Harry finds out about it. On RS, the story ends at about that point. Does anyone know where the earlier version was posted and is it still up? While the RS version is explicit, I think the earlier wasn't as much so, to meet the site requirements. I'd like to find out how the story turns out.
  6. Bargle5


    A Ginny/Ron story I like very much. "Strings of Pearls and Copper Curls" by Aspen. I haven't checked all the other links, so apologies if this is already been listed above.
  7. Bargle5

    Het, Possible Non-Con Fic

    I'm looking for one that came out in the last year, maybe the last few months. Set during the Deathly Hallows time period. Hermione, Luna and another female (Ginny?) are captured by Snape, Fenrir Greyback and another male. The blurb implied non-con naughtyness ensued. I tried a wild card search with Greyback on Restricted Section and it didn't come up. Going through the recent Threesome/Moresome and the Het General sections here didn't turn it up either, so I assume it's somewhere else. Ring a bell with anyone?
  8. Bargle5

    looking for girls night

    OK, Fixed now. Sorry to be thread hijacking, but this is the most recent one that I can access. Could someone tell me what's going on here on the forum? When I try to open most threads, all I get is a blank white page. I assume it's something to do with the skin change I can see there are topics for, but I can't actually read anything. It happens with both my Mozilla browers and IE6. Is there something I can do to fix it for me? Is there an off-forum place this is being discussed? I know there used to be one of some sort, but I don't know where it is. In case this thread turns invisible after I post this, could someone please e-mail me a response at blarp333 at yahoo dot com. Again, apologies for the thread hijacking and thank you.
  9. Bargle5

    Bossy readership keeping you down...?

    Yep, there can be many different reasons for not updating. Examples: "The Best of a Bad Situation" by Rosswrock. The author joined the Navy and has little time for writing fanfic. Hopefully, he'll finish it when his enlistment is up. "The Missing Bits" by me. Quite simply, my creativity has wandered off and shows little sign of coming back. I had an initial burst of creativity when I first started writing fanfic a few years ago, but after about 6-8 months, it has pretty much died. These days all I get in the way of story ideas are for poor PWP and not much of that.
  10. Bargle5

    Er... Are we all Rapists now?

    I wrote a story with a non-con theme (not posted here) and an aftermath portion. I had originally intended to have a segment on the character being healed, so to speak, a few months later. When I tried to write it, I realized it was unrealistic and finally stopped the story at the end of the rape. My only other fic with non-con has the victim still traumatized some time later. It's up to each author how they handle it, but expect to get complaints if it isn't handled in a reasonable manner. Also, no, I don't think written non-con fiction encourages real life rape. I've read many murder mysteries, but I haven't murdered anyone, I swear.
  11. Bargle5

    Help, can't find the fic

    Probably not it, but what the heck. The first sounds like a combination of a couple of fics. Understanding Wizards by Tarie. And one of mine I was inspired to write by Tarie's. I did it with a Het/Femmeslash angle. I've only put it up on my LJ page and it's friends locked, so unless you're one of my friends under a different name, you wouldn't have read it. However, Lavender wasn't part of the action, though Ron was. Wouldn't surprise me if the story you're looking for was inspired by either the same picture that Tarie's was or her story. Maybe this will jog someone's memory No idea on #2.
  12. Bargle5

    What Are You Reading?

    Finished "Beyond the Body Farm" by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. Am currently rereading favorites in "The Complete Saki."
  13. Bargle5

    Ability to reply to reviews

    A bit late joining in on this topic, but what the hell. I've found people answering reviews in their story really annoying. Distracts greatly from the flow of it. I answer reviews in the reviews section. I try to make sure and address the specific person I'm responding to so it doesn't end up looking random. The answering a review as an addition to the review would be nice if doable. It works that way for the stories I have on Sycophant Hex and is a nice feature. A related question. Would it possible to have a link to the reviews for a story in each chapter? Like we do for the 'author', 'review fic' and 'next chapter' ? As it is now, if you want to read the reviews for a story, you have to either go back to the category listing for the story and go from there or go to the author's fic list and go to them that way.
  14. Bargle5

    Unorthodox sex

    If by unorthodox, you mean unlikely to ever happen in real life, then yea. Does that bother me? No. I recognize that they are just fantasies. If I ever tried making them reality, they would likely come up short of what I had imagined and probably land me in jail.
  15. Bargle5

    Looking for 3 Fics

    I've been looking for these for a while. The first one was pretty poorly written and may have gotten so many negative comments that it was taken down. The other two were good, so I don't know why they disappeared. They may have permanently gone missing. Thanks for trying.