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    I'm a writer, poet, and artist. I am interested in the arts: all kinds (drawing/sketching, painting, sculpting, photography, etc.), body art, theater/drama, dance: all kinds( ballet, tap, modern, jazz, waltz, oriental style dancing, fan dancing, international dance), I love all kinds of music (whatever moves my soul at the moment), science, poetry, writing/short stories, shakespear and many other great poets/writers, philosophy, symbology, demonology, study of religions/cultures of all kinds, paranormal research and investigations, studies of: vampires, lycanthropes, spirits/ghosts (the paranormal), fairies, Christian God, angels and demons, other gods and mythical creatures/beings from other religions, and the creativity and spirituality of the mind, body, and soul. Sorry, I'm a geek, and damn proud of it too! X3 I'm also obsessive compulsive and a perfectionist. XD; There is more about my interests, but, we'll keep that a secret. >;D
  1. Lost_Soul

    Devil May Cry

    I am back~! And I have great news, I have chapter 6 and chapter 7 up! Taking a break now and will be working on chapter 8 soon when it's not busy for me. Enjoy~!
  2. Lost_Soul

    Anime Expo '08

    I wish I could go.... ;__; But alas, I am so busy. >.< Maybe in the near future I hope, when I have money and a costume and can go the distance. XD; Have fun and good luck squall~! :3 Tell us all about it when you get back from it so that I can relive your memory in my mind as if I was really there! lol XD
  3. That was an amazing reaction :D

    Better late than never, though ;)

    I smile again :]

    How are you? Having holidays? Busy? ...?

  4. Lost_Soul

    Lost In The Dark

    Well I have some good news... uhm... I am helping a friend of mine go through her depression and so far, she is doing ok. It's been difficult and yes, stressful but it has brought us closer together. :3 Since I know all the tricks a depressed person will throw, I knew how to get around that to get to her and still be close friends. So I guess... having to suffer depression wasn't fruitless but helpful for me to help another person out who is dealing with it and I am happy to have helped her and hopefully others in the future. Still not taking any meds and my depression is under control somewhat but enough that I can help someone and do the daily things in my life. I am moving out of this god forsaken town finally! And moving into a home of my own, which could be the reason of me not being depressed. Anyways... I hope this post I made can be a place for anyone who is depressed to come here and vent or even talk, because it's nice to talk and maybe me or someone on this site can help and give you comfort. I hope things go well for her (my friend) and me and everyone else on here too in the future! PEACE! :3
  5. Well thank you for the smile~ ::smiles back:: :3

  6. Lost_Soul


    I asked you who this uncle was that you mentioned to have in your past life and YOU said General Meade. Okay, if that is the case then if I remember correctly and there is proof in what I am going to say is... General Meade never started out as a general when the Civil War broke out and was a Captain most of the war and earned his rank as a general later on. He also was already apart of the Volunteer in which he volunteered to join the war, not because he HAD to go as you state. I don't know how this has to do with anything Agaib has this post to be about the proof of God but I thought I say this in case you are unaware of this very fact about General Meade."At the outbreak of the Civil War, Captain Meade offered his services to Pennsylvania and was appointed as a brigadier general of volunteers. Like many American families during the Civil War, Meade's was also touched personally by sectional strife. His wife's sister was married to Governor Wise of Virginia who later became a brigadier general in the Confederate army." from General Meade's Biography, (taken from the U.S. governmental site) third paragraph down. I rest my case....
  7. I just thought I'd smile at you :)

  8. Interesting... Though I use an online dictionary and thesaurus to help me with the sexual words and such... I don't mind coming here to help others with such words and phrases as well with mine. ;3
  9. Lost_Soul

    Devil May Cry

    5th chapter up! Will be taking a break, since I will be busy here. >.> It might take me another month to update the 6th chapter, if not, hopefully, not... -__- Then it will be posted soon than I anticipate. ^__^ Enjoy~! <3
  10. Lost_Soul

    So How About A Review Exchange Thread?

    I instead, read your story in the anime section under Death Note. The story I read was 'Chained Heart'. You already know I am a Death Note fan. >.>; My review: I like how you have the story so far. I would like it if you put more detail into the plot on the hunt for Kira and as well L's thoughts on the whole matter of being with Light who he still suspects to be Kira. He does that a lot throughout part of the series and you don't really show him thinking that very much or state it much. I know you do once or twice, but not enough as would L have done it. Don't get me wrong, I still like the story so don't think I am flaming you for this, lol XD; There is also a lot of smut in it... >.> which seems kind of weird for the two, but that doesn't mean I don't like it cause I do! X3 I guess I am one of those people who aren't in it for the sex when it come to reading a fan fic... yes, I know... I am weird... -__- But I do enjoy reading one that do have it in there. Anywho, I like it so far and wonder how you will end it. Have you watched the whole series or are you only following along to what is shown on tv? Here's the Death Note series in case you haven't and want to watch the whole thing to help you out with your story. I must warn you that it is subtitled in english. o.o Well I hope I was of help with my review! :3 I hope you read my story~! X3 My vote: +++
  11. Well greeting to you to my fellow geek~ ...whore... >.>; (JK) ;3

    o.o I really am unless you think its funny! >_<;

  12. Lost_Soul


    XD; I think you are the first fluent Japanese speaking person in here. o.o; Well... Kononnichiwa~! <3 :3 I don't think I can be of any help because my Japanese is a little rusty as well as I am not a native from there... >.>; ...Gomen nasai... -__-; If you speak English and can type it, I do believe I can help and be one step closer to a friendship! Anyways, see you around AFF forums and welcome to our yancha spot~! ;3
  13. I love your naughty avatar of L and Light kissing! X3 I wish I was there doing my share! ;3