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    I'm really into pretty much everything. Music, books, movies, writing, drawing, taking walks, crazy out of the ordinary stuff, anything.<br /><br />Just take a look at my myspace page. It'll tell you everything there.

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  1. Becca i need some reviews will you read my 2 celeb storys? Please

  2. Becca, dude... whats going on? You need to start killin'! Get up there with the rest of us!

  3. Becca, Sugar, I Haven't heard from you in while, are you mad at your old friend Cal... for killing you again?

    Grinning Cal

  4. Well, I WAS gonna revive you but shirotaka keeps KILLING me! So I can't. >.<

  5. I am now officially #7 in suicides... be happy, one more for me and you'll get knocked off the top ten... >.<

  6. Becca Star

    Here's To Bad Days

    I get he same way with my baby... Of course I can blame it all on my Aunt Flow... But that's not always the reason behind it all... IT really seems like Life just gives up for like a week and says "FUCK YOU!"... you know? It'l all get better sweets.. Just give it time... Think of it as a test on your relationship.. IF you can get through all hard times the rest is smooth sailing!! (And sorry if there are any speeling errors.. I'm too lazy right now to check.. lol)
  7. I hate you. How come everytime I attack you, you somehow manage to thart me and counterattack enough to almost kill me but not quite, yet it's enough to knock me back two whole fights from getting a lvl up??? >.< *pokes*

  8. Ok, well I WAS gonna revive you, but laaerie was kind enough to kill me first, so yeah, not happening. >.<

  9. Well I just died, so it doesn't count! =P

  10. Becca Star

    I Have Never....

    I've been to the west coast... San Fran to be exact... But I didn't take in the "West" as of yet... You should check out, I've been wanting to go there for basically forever and a day now... It's not "THE WEST" but hey, it's in Texas... I have never gone deep sea scuba diving... and though it scares me a bit.. I still want to do it... OOOO... swimming with the sharkies... lol (I love to surprise... Yay!!! Will you come backpacking with me then??? o.o)
  11. Becca Star

    Time To Kill Yourself

    Seriously... I should seek help about this... 12
  12. I just revived you... so you better be nice!!!! lol

  13. Becca Star

    Person above you game

    ^ is my favoristest pwersons eva!!! ~trying to talk like a silly lil kid... sorry it sucked!!~ lol... I WUVZ YOU!!!! lol
  14. Becca Star

    I Have Never....

    I have... I look to him like a father... He was the second person to hold me after I was born... (my mom had me all by herself no doctors or anything.... I was a surprise!) I have never backpacked through Europe... though I really want to...