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  1. NinjaGaijin

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    Hmm... The story's being written at present. And looks like it'll be getting towards a mix of options 1 and 3. The blackmailers would be punished, but the lady would face troubles also. Then again she will have someone to turn to, which is not bad.
  2. NinjaGaijin

    Looking for: Bondage stories

    Hi guys, I'm looking for good bondage stories to read, using the first person-female perspective where the female is the bondage object. Fanfiction and original, stories from here and elsewhere, are welcome. A lady friend of mine recently got interested and she's looking for reading material. Thanks in advance.
  3. NinjaGaijin

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    Hmm... That's some valuable input. That way the cops can bust the bad guys without putting the sympathetic colleague in legal trouble.
  4. NinjaGaijin

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    I'm considering the second alternative if I can't get any ideas. Your first one is... typical.
  5. NinjaGaijin

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    That's why I'm looking for ideas... My collaborator said she'd use the easy way of just having the colleague attack the blackmailers and fight them, causing a ruckus which will attract everyone's attention. The girl's saved but she's going to be fired...
  6. NinjaGaijin

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    That's my plan too, have her saved and then fall for him. What I'm looking for is creative ways to set her free from blackmail and get back at the blackmailers.
  7. Hi guys, Currently working on a story plan that involves blackmail. A female office worker gets blackmailed by colleagues, who had videotaped her masturbating in the office after hours. She is forced to do everything they wanted, including giving them sexual favours. I plan to have her saved at the end, with the help of another colleague sympathetic to her. I need some creative ideas about how the sympathetic colleague would save her. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  8. NinjaGaijin

    Need advice: Is my scene credible?

    First, thanks for the reply! Guess I should explain the story some more. I've written two chapters. The young housewife (let's call her T) enters a crisis in her married life, because her husband ( realizes that T is too plain for his tastes and started to seek entertainment from prostitutes. Older sister © suggests that T try becoming what her husband likes: a sluttier woman. C, unmarried yet promiscuous, likes to dress provocatively and owns a beauty salon. She gave T a makeover. T is unsure whether it would work, but she's willing to try. On her first attempt to seduce her husband with her new look, she succeeded. B likes the change and asks T to continue with the slutty appearance. T is initially conservative and shy, and she's still uncomfortable about being a slut for her husband, but she wanted to keep their marriage. C also encourages her sister, because she thinks T would be happier if she doesn't repress herself that much. Therefore, one day C takes T shopping for sexy clothes. By the end of the trip, T is wearing some of her purchases, following C's suggestion that she try to wear them in public. So we have two women in suggestive clothing, walking down the road one evening. My story's inspired by local events and circumstances. Where I live, there are parts that have laws banning streetwalkers, and authorities may conduct raids on the streets to arrest women suspected of being streetwalkers because of their appearance. (Very iffy laws, IMO). Therefore, the "thugs" are not actual thugs, they are a corrupt band of officers conducting such a raid, and they happen to encounter T and C. The two are at the wrong time, in the wrong place, wearing the wrong clothes so they got arrested. The officers decided to have fun with their quarry, however. Thanks for the ideas on how to make the scene flow smoothly. I intend this scene to be a turning point for T, who until this point still consider herself faithful, having sex with her husband only. That's why I don't plan to have T raped by the men, she would have to willingly (or reluctantly) offer herself to them. Good idea on exhausting her sister, I think that fits T's personality. Since the rapists are not criminals, they're not likely to kill or maim T and C, but the two would receive some physical and mental damage. Also thanks for the ideas for the aftermath. What I'm still looking for is how T would face her husband after the incident, and how her husband would react. I intend to use the fact that she was picked up because they thought she was a slut, and she fucked people other than her husband (although it was to relieve her sister) to push her further into depravity, if that's plausible. Thanks for hinting the "slut" approach.
  9. Hi guys, I need your input on something. I'm currently writing an original story about a young housewife that gets slowly corrupted into becoming a slut. I'm planning to have the following scene: The housewife and her older sister (which is a promiscuous woman) went out to town one night, wearing rather skimpy clothes. They were ambushed by a bunch of thugs who thought the two were easy women and demanded that the women service them sexually. The housewife was frightened, but her slutty sister tries to protect her by offering to service the thugs herself. The housewife ended up having to watch the thugs gangraped her sister, because she was not allowed to leave. My questions: 1. Is that a credible scene? Especially the part where the sister offers herself. 2. How should I get the housewife to finally agree to fuck the thugs too? 3. What makes a believable aftermath to that scene (after the thugs left)? I hope you guys can help me about this.
  10. NinjaGaijin

    Throw your ideas in here!

    It's been a while since I posted that, but I'm glad someone adopts the bunny. Do keep us informed if you decide to write a story about it.
  11. NinjaGaijin

    A new contestant has appeared!

    We're moving our dialogue to PMs.
  12. NinjaGaijin

    A new contestant has appeared!

    I knew I shouldn't ve slept. You're so quick in answering. So I'll reveal some more. The story would not be mine, but a friend had been discussing ideas with me, and I'm interested to make an outline for him. The fandom is Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, and the kunoichi is Mai Shiranui. So it's based on a modern-day setting; ninja clans still exist as some kind of secret service. The main theme is corruption/depravation. Mai's ninja clan does 'dirty work' such as theft, assassination, blackmail etc. for paying clients. As such, the clan realized that they have a sexy asset in Mai Shiranui, and they start to exploit her most obvious talent, her attractiveness (You don't use a body like that for stealth). They start giving Mai tasks that require her to use her body; she dutifully obeyed, but she did not realize the tasks were having a negative effect on her as they corrupted her morals. In the end Mai becomes some kind of sex-hungry slave for the clan, to be used and abused to achieve their goals. What I'm looking for would be short missions to give her, what she would do, what she needs to be, and how she does it. There would be progression, as the missions get kinkier and more perverted towards the latter stages of her corruption. I already have some in my mind but I'm looking for more suggestions. So far I have find useful stuff in your previous reply. Looking forward to your reply. ps: Actually you won't need that much background fandom-specific info, because descriptions of Mai's clan (or even her profession) in the FF/KOF fandom is lacking. I am familiar with other ninja fandoms (Tenchu, Basilisk) and I plan to export elements from there for the plot.
  13. NinjaGaijin

    A new contestant has appeared!

    Any challenge? Good timing, I'm looking for some help here. No, I'm not asking for a fic... but for ideas. I'm currently building ideas for a fic for a fandom you're not familiar with, but since it involves ninja I could make an example from Naruto, which you are familiar with. The basic idea is about the 'professional' life of a kunoichi, say Sakura or Ino or Temari (in legal age, not in their early teens), in a world like the real world. As kunoichi, they don't just kill from stealth and practice funky jutsu; they also use their bodies to achieve mission goals. That means sometimes they would be required to sleep with mission targets, seduce people, assassinate someone after having sex with them, etc. Also they are going to be masters of disguise, doing undercover work by becoming various personalities, exploiting their womanly charms. So here's my challenge: I need several ideas for missions that would require kunoichi to get in some sexy disguise, approach their target, and does some ninja work. What they have to do, what they have to be (sexy disguises preferred), how they do it. I'm looking forward to your reply. The planned story has some further details, I would gladly tell more if you need it.
  14. NinjaGaijin

    Throw your ideas in here!

    Rogue of X-Men has that kind of superpowers, FYI. Not exactly as you describe it, but it's practically the same (absorbing superpowers through skin contact)
  15. NinjaGaijin

    Throw your ideas in here!

    "There is an unsaid rule between ninja. A female kunoichi who survives is shared among male ninja no matter the clan." copypasted from somewhere, fuel for ninja fandoms (Naruto, etc.)