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  1. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: Now that the babies are finally here, the real fun begins! There will be cuteness, and fluff, a little smut, of course, and hopefully, a bit of humor as well. I plan to deliver, we’ll see how well I mange to. My hopes are high.
  2. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    ladyedgecombe: I can relate. I was craving pretty mundane things, dill pickles, peanut butter, milk in my last trimester. Nothing too outlandish. Thankfully, I seemed to have dodged that particular bullet. I count my blessings on that one.
  3. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: That will be next chapter, unless something else comes up. I plan to have next chapter be the birth, but you’ll understand if something else has to happen first, I’m sure. The baby fangs are adorable, I can just imagine Draco being very proud of his son’s milk fangs. I bet he’ll rethink that the first time his son bites him while feeding, though. That would hurt.
  4. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: Will do! I want to finish some things first, but it may become a reality someday. I’ll let you know if it does.
  5. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: That’s definitely an option, if I can come up with enough content to make a good-length story. I bet it could be done if I started fresh and laid a good groundwork for the first half of the story. Explain how the addiction started and grew, rather than gloss over that part like I was planing to do. The idea has some merit, I might do that.
  6. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    emtherebel: Thank you! I hope you’ve enjoyed the rest and are still following this! It may not be a plotty now, but there is still some cuteness to be had, and there will be a few surprises in store later on. serpensprincess: Glad you’re liking it! I look forward to hearing more from you! Jan: The original idea was to write something dealing with addiction, but I decided against it since I wasn’t able to flesh out the plot like the idea really deserved. Instead this will be a series of snapshots of their lives, showing how the children grow and detailing some of their biggest milestones. I think this idea will work out better, and this way I can skip times that aren’t really important and focus on the major events. So no, it won’t be darker, after all. Darkenedrose291988: I updated a soon as I could. I have another fic taking up most of my time, but don’t worry, this is still getting worked on. The series is very dear to me. Zoha-Lixue: I know, but my Draco had to be pushy for the series to work out. If he wasn’t so stubborn, he never would have gotten Severus to court him, and there would have been no story. As for the pacing, that sometimes happens with my writing. I’ve never been good as dragging things out when there’s no need to. Saiakhasieth: Thank you! The other stories are still ongoing, but this is the only one on this site that is currently being worked on. The others will get updates if I get a wild hair and finish a chapter, but they are, for right now, on the back burner. Don’t worry, though, I will finish them. It will just take some time, that’s all.
  7. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: I’m happy to be working in this universe again. I really missed it. Harry’s news comes out in this part. Enjoy!
  8. Shiloe review replies

    Been a while, guys! Down to business! Anon: Well, Bill doesn’t have much say in what Shiloe does in his best interests, as he’s quickly going to learn. Glad you liked the Shi/Charlie scene. K: Sorry this took so long! I promise to try and get the next chapter out faster. I’ve been looking over my WIPs lately with an eye toward finishing them, but this one could take awhile. I have no plans to give up, it just might take time. In this case, more time than I’d like. Anyway, hopefully I can get this one back on track. Talliane: Yes, and now we move on to Occlumency lessons with… Helga? Haha. HalleyJoe: Sorry for the long wait! I don’t plan to let this story go so long again! It’s not abandoned, just got set aside for a bit. I’m back at work, hopefully I can get this one going again. kstutz: I haven’t abandoned any of my fics, they just get set aside from time to time. I will return and eventually finish every last one of them, though. Sorry for the long wait on this one, I’ll try to let that happen again. QuestPatronus: I intend to finish it, it just may take awhile. I have no plans to abandon it. Anon: Thank you! Glad you like it so much!
  9. The Zabini Cover Review Replies

    Talliane: They didn’t fight over it for too long, the beginning of the chapter kind of glosses over it. (But if you really want to know, Harry won. Draco let it go.) Jan: Yes, they have some time to work with still. Draco is going to keep hoping that Harry changes his mind about what he really wants.
  10. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    nari-chan: Sorry, the chapter was just BEGGING to be ended there, and I couldn’t resist. But here, now I give you the Happy Ending you’ve all been waiting for! Does that make it okay? Elitacomba: There will be a sequel after I finish one or two of the other fics I have going. So, it will be awhile, but a sequel will eventually happen. I promise. Talliane: Yep, we’ve come to the end (for now). Hope you like it! Jan: This chapter should explain things (well, the note at the end explains more than the chapter does, truthfully) and then we end on a high note! djaddict: Come on, I HAD to! You wouldn’t respect me HALF so much if I hadn’t. And you know it, too!
  11. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    nari-chan: Here you go! The penultimate chapter! Hope it doesn’t disappoint! Let me know what you think! Jan: Here you go! You get more than just a date for the battle in this chapter! Enjoy!
  12. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    A.R. Fleets: I’m glad you like it so much! This fic and the one before it have been a joy to write, I’ve found myself thinking of it when I really should be focusing on other things, but I can’t find it in myself to mind overmuch. It’s sad knowing that it’s over, but after a short break to work on other fics (I’ve gotten a request for The Malfoy Cover so far) I will be coming back to write a third and last fic in this universe. As for this one, two more chapters left after this one. Jan: I know. I hate sticking a character in one role, so if there’s a submissive in a story, more often than not, the submissive will make an attempt to top at least once, to try it out. I do have one story (Bad Faith, two if you count Menage a Trois) that have clearly defined roles, but Sinicae are the only creature I’ve made that generally don’t switch at all. Lucius is willing to let Harry top, since Harry is a kind, compassionate person. But yes, they are adorable together, and this relationship is going to do wonders for Harry’s self-esteem. Talliane: I beat 70, haha. 67 is the last chapter. It’ll come up as chapter 68, though, due to the Prologue being named chapter 1. So two more after this one! We’re close!
  13. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: Sorry, I totally spaced on replies. I was in kind of a bad head space, it happens from time to time. I’m glad you liked that chapter! It pretty much wrote itself, and I was very fond of it, as well. The sequel will only be once I finish some of what I’ve got on my plate right now, but it will be written, in time.
  14. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Talliane: I didn’t write the Death Eater meeting, since I had a discussion planned for Harry and Draco that needed to be subs-only and it took precedence (that and I HATE dealing with Voldemort, so I avoid it a lot). But we see him soon, so there IS that to… Look forward(?) to. Yes, Lucius is a little shit sometimes, but Harry WANTED to bring out his playful side, so he only has himself to blame for that one. I have up until the day before the battle written already, so I THINK this story will make it to seventy chapters AT MOST, but don’t quote me on that JUST yet. Jan: I know. I kind of feel for the man, but we all know he’ll enjoy it all the same. It’ll be tougher dealing with five, but with Harry at his side, I’m sure he can manage it. The sequel is a definite yes, now, so I will let you know what I’m letting everyone know so far: It will be darker, and will deal with addiction. That’s not to say it will be horribly angsty, because I write angst sparingly, so it will have plenty of fluff, too, but it won’t be AS light-hearted as this one was. I hope you’ll at least give it a fair try, all the same. I think it’ll be pretty good, personally. I plan to finish a few fics first, but once I do, this universe will become a trilogy.
  15. Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Talliane: It’s a good thing we don’t use that word often, then. Haha. I can usually say it right the first time if I say it carefully. If I go too fast, I screw it up and have to start over. The flying scene is in this chapter, so you’ll get to see that. And yes, Lucius helped Harry get that idea out of his head so he can relax a bit more in bed, and be less squicked by it. Jan: I put it to vote in my yahoo group, and although two people said I should go for it and write it, only one said they’d for sure be able to read it. Of course, only three people gave me their thoughts at all, so I’ll probably write it. It’ll be a while before I start posting it, but when I do, I’ll add a link to the end of OPaW2, so just check back every month or so when I’ve finished it, and you’ll eventually be led to the next one.