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  1. Sablesilverrain

    The Zabini Cover Review Replies

    Jan: I am SOO SORRY this took so long! But I have a plan for at least the next chapter, and a few more down the line, so rest assured, there will be more tro come and this will get finished. Better late than never, right? I’m back on track! ClaireR89: He’s only a girl for five days out of the month. Some parts may be off a bit, but I am trying to keep using female pronouns when he is biologically female, and male when he is not. As for your second review: I do not abandon stories if I can help it, but I needed some serious help getting back into this one. It fell out of favor with me and I finally got back into it and it will get finished. I should be able to update more frequently now, but I can’t promise anything more than that I have the next chapter planned. Saiakhasieth: I will keep that in mind, and will correct it next time I see where that is. Shiloe is going to be updated, but I’m not sure when, as the next chapter got lost and I was so close to finishing it I am being stubborn and not trying to re-write it. Damn tablet lost it because I left it sitting there without working on it for months. But it will get updated, hopefully before too long. This one was hard to get back into, but I am ready to proceed now. Sorry for the long wait.
  2. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: It will be awhile before he decides on one or the other, but he’s got two years to choose, and he can always do one and then switch. He’s going to live for CENTURIES, after all. SuperWolfLover_1776: I have no plans to abandon this, the colder weather has been playing a little havoc with my depression. Makes it hard to write (or do anything at all), so it slows me down. I’m going as fast as I can, and this will be completed. But long wait times may happen from time to time. It’s nothing to panic over, just means I’m going through a rough patch.
  3. Sablesilverrain

    Of Potions and Wings Review Replies

    Jan: Haha, yes, a few times. They have a bit of a row here, but it gets resolved quickly and with no bloodshed. Darkenedrose291988: Well, this part is only snapshots. So they will be shorter. But hopefully the little bits will still answer any lingering questions you had about their children’s futures.
  4. Sablesilverrain

    Shiloe review replies

    Yes, when there is a new chapter. Which isn't often.
  5. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    SlytherinLatina: Thank you! I used to have a big problem with pacing, but I try now to keep things as believable as I can manage. I’m glad to hear it’s working out!
  6. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: It would be okay for most people. My boyfriend, on the other hand, would end up too big to take, haha. But most of my exes would have appreciated the help, no doubt. Harry is lucky he’s not stuck on “average” forever. He has the option to have more in that arena if he so chooses.
  7. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: I haven’t decided yet, but we will find out next chapter. This one is smut. Hopefully it’s good. I took my time on it.
  8. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: A chapter or two to go before Lucius gets his turn with Harry, but this next chapter is all smut. It may be triggering, so I didn’t want to put any important plot in it in case people need to skip it, but I like the way it turned out. Hope you like it, too!
  9. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Rayrobles: You will see some of that soon, during Christmas Break. It can be done, it will just take some planning and a little effort. Jan: Vlad is the one responsible for the vampires, and he keeps them in line and kills those he trained should they go rogue. He hates to do it, but it is his job to make sure they don’t give others a bad name. He doesn’t want to have to do that with Harry, so he warns him in advance.
  10. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Why_twoKfifteen: Glad you like it! Here’s the next chapter!
  11. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Nari-Chan: Don’t worry, I won’t stop writing this! Harry really does act differently with his mates, he can kind of sense what they need in him and adapts to give them that. Don’t worry about not reviewing that often, I get plenty of attention over at AO3, so the attention here isn’t necessary to keep the ideas flowing, but every little bit helps, of course! Rayrobles: Glad to hear you like it! Hope this next chapter (of smut) doesn’t disappoint!
  12. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: Glad you approve.
  13. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: Severus is finally coming around. Harry found the right words to reassure him, and he’s willing to put forth an honest effort to stop the jealousy. Although he may backslide at some point, we’ll have to wait and see. Draco and Harry may find they have more to talk about now that they know who each other are. There’s plenty they don’t know about each other that can now come to light, since everything is out in the open now.
  14. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    suezq: Don’t worry, no one said anything, haha. If you want update notices, I have a yahoo group, sablesfics, or you can follow the fic on Archive of Our Own. You need to get on a waiting list to get an invite to join but for me it only took a day for the invite to come. (Don’t know how long the list is right now, though, so I make no promises.) I have this posted there, and I have a few fics that are only up there, since Alpha/Omega stuff is something I’ve only seen done there. Either way, I’m glad you like this, and look forward to hearing from you more!
  15. Sablesilverrain

    Trifecta Review Replies

    Jeli: Don’t worry, I will make sure this one gets finished. With the way things seem to be going, it will probably be finished in relatively short order. Nichole-Hermione: Well, here you go! There is plenty more to come! Jan: Glad you got a nice big chunk to read! I know how much I love to come back to a lot of chapters!