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  1. Hi, I am searching for this story, where Koga puts a possessive mark on Inuyasha instead of a mating mark and Inuyasha gets pregnant, and is shocked of this. He then leaves Koga and tells him that he would return when it was time for him to give birth. I don't know the title of this story or who wrote it. So, does anyone know the name of the story and who wrote it.

  2. I am looking for a Inuyasha/Kikyo fic, it's a mpreg story, the name of it is called Yasha's Story, i forgot the name of the author who wrote this story, but's about Inuyasha and Kikyo getting intimate with each other, Kikyo leaves Inuyasha, Inuyasha ends up pregnant. He has the baby, which he named her Yasha, an couple months later, Kikyo comes back into Inuyasha's life, and finds out that she has a daughter. It's been a while since a read this story, and the last time i saw it was posted on, but I can't seem to find it.