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  1. xD I got you down to 1 hp. That's made of win.

  2. XDD That was awesome <3

  3. Yes. Statistical analysis of my success rate overall compared to my inability to do more than make you stumble slightly to the side reveals that you have probably sold your soul to Cheney...

  4. it's like throwing yourself at a brick wall isn't it? *flexes* xD

  5. brucesgirl got mad that she kept dying when she wanted to play and canceled the guild and quit the battlegrounds. I applied to yours again xD

  6. Hey, what happened to your guild?

  7. *bows* You are vastly more ninja than I am lol

  8. XD You were just waiting weren't you xD

  9. Verrry sneaky my dear lol

  10. *hiss* Evvviiiil ninja! xD

  11. Yeah. I got that feeling today.

  12. My, my...oh what pretty frags you have Shiro

  13. Hehehe, that's kind of creepy feeling I have ... looking at the list of targets, all dead ... death angel decsended ... I should so e in Ascension. But hey, I WAS there!

  14. xD Just trying to get as many exp points as I can before you see me!