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  1. Tricia1224

    TOS violation by an author

    Another one of these popped up by MegaSchlicker. It is in the Inuyasha section the title is regergerg. Apparently there are many more under this name.
  2. Tricia1224

    The "How are Babies Made" game

    Daddy spits a something in Mom's drink when she isn't looking, and then you grew out of that drink.
  3. Tricia1224

    He Dipped His What Where?!

    This whole thing got me thinking about lots of things and my brain cried and ran. The bellybutton is not the grossest place to lick, lave, dip into, nip (or whatever other words can be thought of for sticking a tongue in a bellybutton). Have you really thought about oral sex. I think I may have turned myself off to oral anything. Yikes. Taking a shower before sex is great, because you know everything is clean.
  4. Tricia1224

    He Dipped His What Where?!

    I really don't know where the belly button licking thing came from, but if it is a turn on, then great. If it is a complete turn off, and grosses you out, then don't do it. For me, I am just ticklish, but after reading some of these comments, that just sounds gross. Some things that start out tickling could turn painful or erotic. I like erotic.
  5. Tricia1224

    Sesshoumaru Kagome

    The story I am looking for is Seeking Fate. Kagome is searching for Sesshoumaru. She is immortal now, and she has his swords. She finds a horse that turns out to be a reincarnation of Miroku. She see a child that reminds her of Rin. She also sees clues that lead her to believe that Sesshoumaru is still alive. She finds Tetsaiga and takes it from the idiot that has it. She is being followed and somewhat protected by Shippo's son. I am hoping that someone would be able to tell me what happened to this srory, or where it moved to. Thanks
  6. Tricia1224

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    This could be very funny or very sexy. Either way, I love Madlibs.
  7. Tricia1224

    9 Members Are Celebrating Their Birthday Today!

    Happy Birthday to you all. I hope you all have a wonderful day full of joy and cake. Lots of cake. :birthday:
  8. Tricia1224

    Sexiest Cartoon Characters!

    Kuchiki Byakua (Bleach) Zaraki Kenpachi (Bleach) Seshoumaru (Inuyasha) Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Renji (Bleach) Just watch Tenjou Tenge you will see plenty of really sexy characters.
  9. I laughed about this too. But I have taken to wiping the seat before I sit down just because I have sat on the sprinkled seat. Holy crap, is it to hard for a person to clean up their own pee. If you don't want to sit in it, what makes you think someone else does.
  10. Tricia1224

    How Often Do You Do It?

    For me it depends on how out of whack my hormones are and how long my man has been gone for. There are some times that I break out the toys every day, and other times where I can go months without even thinking about it. But when my man gets home after being gone for a few weeks or months, I can barely contain myself, and he gets pounced on as soon as the kids are in bed asleep.
  11. Tricia1224

    To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

    I think of it this way: If you are in a committed relationship, there should be no dating, kissing, or sleeping with anyone other than the person you are in a relationship with. If you want to be in a committed relationship, then all others are out. Best friends are a different story. My best friend, for several years, was a man. We would do everything together. He moved away and I moved away and we lost contact with each other. The few boyfriends I had during that time understood that, and never had a problem with the relationship we had.
  12. Tricia1224

    Poll: Sexual orientation

    I will read almost anything. I have only started two fan-fics, but they are both m/f.
  13. Tricia1224

    Vocabulary Turn-offs

    I don't really have any trigger words. Grammar and spelling are two of the things I pay the most attention to. Using "defiantly" when the word is supposed to be "definitely" irks me as well. Spell check is my best friend when I am writing.
  14. Tricia1224

    Fan-fics: Are they wrong?

    It would depend on the situations the characters were put into. Many fan-fic writers have some talent for writing. Not always a good talent, but there are those few who turn out to be absolutely awesome writers. A few of these talented writers do have their own books or stories published. I write when I have an idea, and I enjoy writing. Most of what I write will not end up on this site. I have two up but one of them I am going to take down because it is not going anywhere. I read fan-fic because I enjoy it. I don't think they are wrong, as long as it does not interfere with how the original writer develops the plot. I don't think it prevents writers from coming up with their own characters or ideas. The really good writers can make almost anything work. But those really good writers develop very plausible situations and plots.
  15. Tricia1224

    Yaoi OTP

    I have a few favorite yaoi pairings. Renji and Ichigo (Bleach) Byakuya and Ukitake (Bleach) Kyuunaru and Sasuke (Naruto)