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  1. Macha

    looking for DBZ fic

    It is up to 21 chapters now - you'll have a lot of catching up to do.
  2. Macha

    Goku x Gohan or Goku x Goten Yaoi

    Goku/Gohan - Ambiguity - shot) Entelech - shot) Soldier Boy - with G/Gh main pairing) Cognitive Dissonance - one shot; V/G/GH) Idomu -, V/G, K/Gh, R/Gh, V/Gh - RaditzGohan main pairing; Vegeta/Goku;Kakrott subsequent pairing, some Vegeta/Gohah, some Kakarott/Gohan. No actual Goku/Gohan.)
  3. I've been wondering for a while if the detective is another DBZ character we're all familiar with, or if he is an original character?
  4. I am wondering of there are or are going to be other DBZ characters in the story. Like the detective? Is he someone we'd know from DBZ?
  5. If you're up for a bit of well written non-con, chapter 4 should fill that niche!
  6. Link: Description and warnings: Set in 1935, America, the depression, bootleggers, mobsters, and scandal Anal, Angst, D/s, DP, Fingering, HJ, M/M, MCD, Oral, Rape Started reading this based solely off the description - I like a good fanfic that takes our favorite characters and places them in historical time periods. Especially if the author seems to have put some thought into the era. This is very well written, and I am enjoying it a ton so far!
  7. Macha

    Entelechy - discuss this story here

    I spent five years writing this and going over it and still finding errors! lol - clouds formations has been changed to cloud formations. Anyone else see anything, feel free to speak up! I was thinking of changing the word 'intruder' to 'stray' in this sentence - Opening his mouth to protest – at least that’s what Goku assured himself – the redeemable action was silenced as Gohan’s tongue stole its way in: an unexpected intruder who meant no harm and became enjoyable company as talents were proven. If anyone reading this forum posts wants to respond with their opinion on that, let me know. Intruder is a little darker than stray, but not doesn't implicate a crime, such as the word prowler would. Stray makes me think of kitties and puppies, and I'm not really certain that's what I was going for here. I still see things that I could update - Maybe I should have kept this as a work in progress for myself, but I didn't, and don't want to take it down, either.
  8. Macha

    Spiral by Macha

    Ana (Email Hidden) 2013-10-28 id # 3000238005 This is one of the best GxV fanfiction I've ever read. Mixing SM with DBZ is a brilliant idea considering how strong these men are. They can take quite a bit of pain-but then in the end it was too much even for them. Macha found their limits and made this very long fanfiction a hell of a ride. Third time reading and I feel my skin tickling like it was the first first. Thank you for writing! Oh, wow! Thank you, Ana! I'm happy to see comments so long after posting this story.
  9. It started with as slue of spambots and my muses got hold of it from there.... So, the criteria are DBZ/yaoi/DIY (do it yourself) kitchens.
  10. Macha

    Entelechy - discuss this story here

    pixelgoddess 2013-09-20 id # 3000237927 Simply lovely. Goku's fears and worries were real and well expressed. Description of the rain and the colors and the mud were perfect. I could see it. Thank you for reading and reviewing, Pix! I'm glad the weather, colors and mud came through loud and clear - I was making a concerted effort to be more 'descriptive'. It seems as though I may have done well! Goku's emotions were very much a roller coaster ride. It was fun to write, even though it was a challenge.
  11. tristaml 2013-09-15 id # 3000237914 Loved it was usual. I was wondering how you were going to reveal their identities and I was surprised it was Goku who did it but not disappointed. I wish there had been more after the fact but there's always room for a sequel. It was definitely a new way to uncover those emotions. I think that Goku fulfilled a desire that he was ignoring but I also wonder how many men Gohan tried beforehand just to be disappointed. Who can compare to his father? I liked the excitement at the end Thank you, TristaML! Yes, there are all those unanswered questions when finishing a story so quickly. This was only meant to be a one shot. The question of how many guys Gohan's gone with was one Goku would be asking (in this universe) if the story continued. I believe the answer is, Gohan's done the glory hole a lot (he has a fetish), but this is the first time he's ever 'taken it to the next level', although he heard about how to do it from a person who knows a person who knows a person. I don't know if it was instinct or he just decided this time was the time - gotta love it when they leave you hangin' without those answers. Also, if the story continued, their relationship would go on more on the up and up. Don't know backgrounds, such as, is Gohan with Videl? Was he ever with Videl in this universe? If Gohan and Videl are/were together, is there a Pan? Just don't know. As far as Goku fulfilling a desire - yes, he tried for a long time to ignore it and finally had to leave because of it (you'll find that a reoccurring theme in most of my G/Gh stories). In this universe, Gohan didn't do his blatant 'tempting' things until after his 19th birthday. Thank you so much for the review! Glad to see you around!
  12. Well, let me start the ball rolling, I guess. It's not my best work, but I sure did have a lot of fun writing it, and when the muses are stirred up like that, I just can't resist. It's very bad for me when I do. Hope no one was expecting anything epic out of this G/GH PWP, because if you were, well, it's going to disappoint. I think I'm proudest of the reason I came up with that Chichi and Goku are no longer having physical relations - the laws in her father's kingdom prohibiting it with penalties she's not willing to compromise for. I'm not certain if it is an original idea or not, because I've been reading DBZ yaoi since 2004, and I've probably forgotten more than I remember.
  13. I will leave responses to reviews for the story Ambiguity ( here
  14. Macha

    Entelechy - discuss this story here

    E_B_Midnight 2013-08-08 id # 3000237849 Well well well! I was wondering when this was going to show up on here. Hey sweetie! I'm so happy you ended up posting this. And coincidentally, I still had the rough draft version of this you emailed me and I read it the other day! How awesome. Perfect as always dear. Drop me a line sometime! Hi E_B_M! Thank you for the review. Glad you cruised through and saw I had posted.