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    Anime and manga... writing fiction for Fullmetal Alchemist.<br /><br />Watching:<br />FMA, Bleach, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Eureka7, Blood+, Fruits Basket, Deathnote, Samurai Champloo and that's just the anime.<br /><br />TV series:<br />Dark Angel, Grey's Anatomy, Las Vegas, CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, Friday Night Lights and my dirty little secret, Degrassi.<br /><br />I read too much. I have too many pets. Birds... and they bred. Also sharing the house... a shelter dog who is SPOILED and some dust bunnies that I think are becoming sentient.<br /><br />I play flute and piccolo in the community band, love painting old furniture, cooking and yoga.<br /><br />"It's good to be top banana in the shock department."<br />Holy Go Lightly
  1. havocmangawip

    Who is your OTP?

    I'm happy that people answered! Also? I edited the post to move yaoi/yuri questions to the right forums. I didn't bother posting in "threesome/moresome", but many decisions can be SOLVED by that forum. XD
  2. havocmangawip

    Yuri OTP?

    I posted in each of the forums, since I like it all as long as it's steamy and well written. "Equal opportunity loving?" I think Ross and Hawkeye are hot together. I like Winry with FSciezka. There are quite a few possibilities with Hawkeye and Gracia. My editor is working on a Lust/Riza in the anime-verse and I'm excited to see how it turns out. So what are your favorite yuri pairings in FMA? Again? Behave, no ship wars!
  3. havocmangawip

    Yaoi OTP

    I love Roy with Havoc. It's just amazing, especially when Roy "tops from the bottom". I also like Ed with Russel! I've seen some Scar/Roy... my editor actually writes it and oooh, it's hot! What are your favorite yaoi pairings in FMA? No ship wars please! Behave!
  4. havocmangawip

    Who is your OTP?

    I'd love to get to know people in the FMA fandom on this site. I suppose a good way to do that is to post a question. What is your favorite het pairing? My favorite? So faaaar from canon... but Havoc and Sciezka... also? Roy and Riza. I definitely favor the mangaverse. Havoc is a ninja! Oh and Riza/Havoc is hot too. Though it's easier to just not decide and "have it all" when I think of the Roy/Riza, Roy/Havoc or Havoc/Riza problem. What is your favorite "strange/non-traditional" pairing? Havoc and Sciezka, Lust and Scar, and it might be fun to have Psiren show Ed the ropes. I like Winry with Fuery. Edited to move yaoi/yuri to the appropriate forums. I look forward to seeing people's thoughts on this... play nice! No ship wars!