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  1. Araneola

    Saddest Song You Know.

    "Hallelujah" (the version by Jeff Buckley)
  2. You're looking for Angrophobia, and the roots are in Greek You can find the complete list at And sometimes it's hard to control passionate feelings like anger, but releasing large amounts of "Fuck You" to the world won't help you get at the root of your anger. Anger tends to eat away at your insides and sap your energy, so it may actually be in your best interest to pick your battles and let the rest just roll right off of you.
  3. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^recruiting members for the madness and all my sexual needs are being satisfied, Lost_Soul, but thanks for trying anyway
  4. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^wants me to jump Lost_Soul... or ^ could just satisfy Lost_Soul instead... *wink wink nudge nudge*
  5. Araneola

    What's Your Favorite Food?

    sushi and anything that involves pasta and/or mushrooms. if it's covered in enough cheese, i'll eat it, even though my cholesterol is bad enough as it is
  6. Araneola

    Fav Body Parts

    give me a nice pair of hands and some strong arms and i'll just melt into a little puddle
  7. Marriage scares me. I'm staying far away from you :P Don't know how the wifey could do it!

  8. well... at least I'll get my exercise in?

  9. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^should have gone to bed a long time ago
  10. I wuv your legs and will forever chase you! hehehe

  11. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^ is going to bed and i'm still nasty
  12. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^should figure out a different way to catch me... and awww spider isn't nasty
  13. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^ will need to be faster and stronger to catch me
  14. Araneola

    Person above you game

    ^will now punish Ginny
  15. Oh, I got control over my temptations >D

    I am still married after all... -__-;

    Depends on how you tempt me and if I follow XD