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    Added through 7/15

    Ah, I see now - it's showing up on the menu when you're on the anime page, but not when you're on the main page.
  2. branewurms

    Added through 7/15

    Well, in the case of many series, the anime/manga are the same story. PH anime/manga are nearly identical. Two of my stories involve characters/events that haven't shown up in the anime yet, but might before it ends. The third one could be either. I think for a lot of series with both an anime and manga, it's not going to be really clear which subdomain they should go in - it might be confusing to separate out same series stories into two different places. (Btw, is the new subdomain not visible because there's nothing in it yet, or something? Or am I just having a brain lapse and missing it?) --added to both
  3. branewurms

    Added through 7/15

    I'm not sure what you mean - do you mean the comics section? I can't find a manga section. I don't think anyone looks in there for manga titles. (I could be mistaken, but I'm not seeing any in there). Most people just look in anime. I think since it's all one series it'd be confusing to separate it out anyway - let's just go with anime, if that's okay by you. Thanks for your help!
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    Added through 7/15

    Catagory name: Pandora Hearts Section catagory to be in: Anime/Manga Do you have any stories for it?: yes, 3
  5. branewurms

    Added through 12/19/08

    Oh, I went ahead and posted my story before I saw this reply, oops! The story was based on the Snow Queen, if you want to create a subcategory for it. Thanks!
  6. branewurms

    Fanfiction, The Glory

    Dude, if someone wrote fanfic of my original work, I wouldn't give a shit what the story was, as long as it wasn't deliberately insulting the original work. It could be furry vore with breast inflation and bizarre sexual use of entrails, and I would be ecstatic someone cared enough about my work to make a fanwork based on it. ...Of course, I would also want to bleach my eyes and set my brain on fire if I actually accidentally read some of it, but that's another matter altogether. I really find it incredibly rude and shortsighted when authors bitch about fanfiction. Why on earth would you begrudge free publicity? I respect their right to their opinion, but you know the old saying about opinions and assholes... And while everyone might have a right to an asshole, that doesn't necessarily mean the asshole doesn't stink. I wouldn't write fanfic for an author's work if the author has previously stated they dislike it, but really, while this is partially out of respect, it would mostly be because it makes me feel personally affronted as a fan. If an author is going to be so dismissive of his or her own fandom, why should I put in all that work and intensity, why should I make an effort to spread appreciation for their works? I think a lot of the feeling of resentment stems from authors feeling angry that fanficcers have misinterpreted their characters and story. But this is just silly; it doesn't matter whether anyone's written a story based on his or her misunderstandings or not, the misinterpretation is still there in that person's mind. Most readers are going to misunderstand your work. Once you've let a story go, it's going to take a life of its own in each and every reader's mind, and chances are you aren't going to approve of the majority of those lives. That's life. There's nothing you can do about it. Get over it, or don't put your work out there to be misunderstood. That said, there are a great many authors out there with an enlightened perspective when it comes to fanworks - folks like Neil Gaiman, Storm Constantine, KJ Bishop, Catherynne M. Valente, Ellen Kushner, and Cory Doctorow. These authors welcome and in some cases even encourage fanworks. I think we should show our appreciation with mounds and mounds of fanworks.
  7. Eh. I don't really think negative reviews are warranted unless the author is specifically requesting feedback. I know when I put a story out there, unless I specifically say otherwise, I'm done with it. It's not like I'm going to be offended if someone tells something they didn't like about it, but... it's slightly frustrating, because I mean, whether or not I agree with the reviewer, I'm probably not going to change it. I like to get other people's opinions on any weaknesses in my stories - but not really once I'm done with them. I do think it's worth mentioning if there's something outright offensive about the story - like stereotyping of a race or some-such - and the author seems to be unaware of it. (I also think, however, that no malicious intent should be assumed in these cases until proven otherwise.) It also makes sense if the author has made a very serious error with the canon (and hasn't stated that this is an AU or anything) to let them know.
  8. branewurms

    Added through 11/19/08

    Snow Queen is Hans Christian Andersen. That sounds like a good idea to me!
  9. branewurms

    Added through 11/19/08

    Catagory name: Fairy Tales (general - Little Red Riding Hood, Snow Queen, etc.) Section catagory to be in: Books Do you have any stories for it?: Yes, 1. Catagory name: Claymore Section catagory to be in: Anime > . to F Do you have any stories for it?: yes, 1.
  10. branewurms

    Organization for Transformative Works

    I am somewhat uncomfortable with the OTW, mostly because I would like to see fanfiction and other fanworks eventually accepted as legitimate and legal (so long as profit doesn't come into the picture), but I don't think that the general public is ready for that. (Mostly because I don't think the general public is ready to accept a leather-clad Harry spanking Draco with a cat-o-nine-tails.) I think that shoving this issue into the public eye and demanding to be legitimized like this is risking it blowing up in all of our faces, whether we're involved with the OTW or not. I think they're jumping the gun on this. Publicity is not what fandom needs just yet. I think they're trying to act preemptively, to prevent significant legal action against fans before it happens, but I think this may just achieve the opposite result of what they're after. The whole business makes me really nervous.
  11. This isn't a misplaced story per se but I wasn't sure where else to put this - sorry if there was an appropriate forum and I overlooked it somehow! D: I have a story here called "Sheath" that I cannot edit (I was going to add a "not for profit" thingie to my disclaimer and couldn't). Upon looking at my profile, I think I see what the problem probably is - the location for the story should read "M to R > Mononoke", but instead it just reads "> Mononoke".
  12. branewurms

    Added/addressed through 11/13/08

    I requested these categories a while back and they were never added - don't know if it was an accidental oversight or they weren't allowed for some reason or another??? Catagory name: Vassalord Section catagory to be in: Anime/manga Do you have any stories for it?: yes, 1 Catagory name: Tactics Section catagory to be in: Anime/manga Do you have any stories for it?: yes, 1 added
  13. branewurms

    added through 6/5/08

    Catagory name: Tactics (this Tactics) Section catagory to be in: Anime Do you have any stories for it?: Yes, 1 Edit: oh wait, another one... Catagory name: Vassalord Section catagory to be in: Anime Do you have any stories for it?: Yes, 1
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    Thanks a bunch!
  15. branewurms

    Manga and where it belongs

    I'm new to this forum, but I thought I'd reply since no one else has - I've never seen manga titles in the comics section, and if I was looking for Imadoki I would probably look in the anime section. It seems more natural to associate manga and anime than manga and comics, especially since there are often both a manga series and an anime series for any given title. I think the folks that frequent the comics section are usually looking for American titles primarily, like superhero stuff or Elfquest.