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    Reviews, Replies, and Discussion for Tahn

    Thirdly here! Kinda late on this but yes! I am looking forward to reading both Dragon Prince and Dragon Mage...I'm guessing Dragon Mage comes first? I'll be reading both anyway.
  2. yuurimaoh

    The New Solare - Review Responses

    Dragon Sillies Camping Cuties- Chibi Emyve: *after setting up a small camp next to a lake* Now, don't stray too far...and no chasing animals! Chibi Ruthed: Fiiiiiine. *goes over to hug him* Chibi Emyve: *kisses the top of his head* Explore carefully unless I'm with you. But, I suggest you explore on your own for now, as I have a book I would like to finish. Let me know when you get back before entering the tent. *zips himself in and pulls the book back out...the title reads 1001 ways to propose* Chibi Ruthed: *snickers* Makes me wonder what you're reading that you don't want me to see. *goes to explore for a bit but comes back within the hour* Are you still reading?? It's boring looking around by myself! Chibi Emyve: *quickly puts the book away and unzips the tent, tugging Chibi Ruthed in with him* Hmm, I can't concentrate for very long without you, either, my mischief. Chibi Ruthed: *plops next to him, rests his head in his lap, and wraps his arms around his waist* What were you reading anyways? You normally don't shoo me off like that, even when it's some textbook. *pouts* Chibi Emyve: *threads his fingers through Chibi Ruthed's hair and strokes it* An informative book that will help me figure out how to plan something, that's all. Chibi Ruthed: Now you're just making me more curious! *closes his eyes as he gets more comfortable* Chibi Emyve: *lightly massages his scalp* You will know soon, I promise. Chibi Ruthed: Well then, I guess I’ll try and be patient. *laughs a bit* Now stop putting me to sleep so we can explore together! The Prettiest of Them All- Chibi Ruthed: Chibi Emyve’s prettier than you, so shut up! Chibi Madhal: *sports an indignant expression on his face* Excuse me? Chibi Ilohir: I still think you're more attractive, Chibi Madhal. Chibi Madhal: *smothers Chibi Ilohir to his chest, petting him and clinging to him* See? Not everyone shares your opinion, Chibi Ruthed! (Chibi Sindri and Chibi Gonuret chose wisely not to comment) Chibi Ilohir: *laughs a little* Chibi Ruthed: Whatever you say. I still think Chibi Emyve's got ya beat. Chibi Emyve: *tries to hide his blushing unsuccessfully with a hand* Chibi Madhal: *huffs and takes Chibi Ilohir's hand, dragging him away* Come, love, leave Chibi Ruthed with his...delusions! Chibi Ilohir: o-okay *follows after him and shakes his head* Chibi Ruthed: Awwww, you're blushing! *pokes Chibi Emyve’s cheeks* Chibi Emyve: *takes his hand and kisses the tip of Chibi Ruthed's finger* I am most pleased that you find me to be appealing...and I am rather humbled. Chibi Ruthed: *blushes a little* Well, yeah! I mean, you're literally mister tall, tan, and handsome! And you’re smart, to boot! *hugs him, smiles, and laughs* And you're all mine! War of the Braids- Chibi Kelius: Chibi Sindri's hair is longer than Chibi Gonuret’s and never does anything but a ponytail. Chibi Gonuret: Chibi Sindri's hair is usually fancied up by Chibi Ansar on special occasions, not by me. Chibi Kelius: *a jealous glint in his eyes* You should be the one to do it from now on! *huffs* Should I...grow my hair out? Chibi Ansar: What? Kel, your hair's fine the way it is. I’ve just always played with Chibi Sindri's hair. Chibi Sindri: Just like I’ve always messed his up! *ruffles up Chibi Ansar's curls* Chibi Kelius: Can't you just play with mine instead? *shoves Chibi Sindri aside* You stay out of this. Chibi Ansar: I do play with yours! And don't push him like that. *huffs* Chibi Kelius: I did it gently. *glares at Chibi Gonuret* You! Take care of your husband. *pouts back at Chibi Ansar* Isn't that still considered cheating? Playing with someone else's hair that isn't your partner's or your own? Chibi Gonuret: *opens his mouth to say something, but Chibi Kelius hisses* Chibi Kelius: Stay out of this. Chibi Ansar: How's that even cheating? Besides, it's not like I’m saying I’m in love with someone else's hair, dummy! Chibi Kelius: *whimpers* You're in love with his hair!? That's it, I think someone needs to repent! *lifts Chibi Ansar over his shoulder and walks away to their room, locking the door behind them* Chibi Sindri: *looks towards Chibi Gonuret* Is it really that big of a deal? Chibi Gonuret: No, no it's not, despite what Chibi Kelius is saying. He’s being his usual ridiculous self. Are all grassland dragons as jealous as he is? Maybe we need to make a visit to the grasslands and find out one day. Chibi Sindri: Chibi Madhal’s not even that bad. Ilohir’s played with my hair before. Though that could be because he can assure Madhal he has nothing to worry about pretty easily. Chibi Gonuret: Madhal’s vain enough to believe that Ilohir would never cheat on him in any way. Chibi Sindri: Very true. *kisses his cheek and hugs him before laughing* Do I need to play with your hair before you get jealous and feel left out? Chibi Gonuret: *half-smirks* Hmm, I don't know...you haven't brushed mine lately. And I might need another kiss for reassurance. Chibi Sindri: *laughs again and kisses him on the lips* I’ll get one of their brushes since they're busy braiding. Chibi Gonuret: *leads him back to their own room* Maybe not just yet... -- Chibi Ansar: I didn't even mean it that way!! Chibi Kelius: *flops Chibi Ansar onto the bed and climbs over him, settling his own weight on his forearms as he peers down at the beige dragon* How are you going to make it up to me? Chibi Ansar: What did I even do!? You were the one twisting my words! Chibi Kelius: *taps Chibi Ansar's nose* If you keep insisting on playing with Chibi Sindri's hair, I'll have to spank you. Chibi Ansar: You act like i never play with yours. Why are you so jealous about it anyways? You know he's my best friend. You’re my lifemate, dummy. Chibi Kelius: And as your lifemate, it is my duty to demand affection. Chibi Ansar: You're certainly demanding. *kisses him and then runs his fingers through Chibi Kelius’s hair* Well, one thing I like about your hair besides its color is it's both thick and soft. Chibi Kelius: *practically purring* Ah, so you do love me! The Case of the Humping Bunnies- Chibi Ruthed: *babysitting the rabbit trio* ...And, so, poor bunny Emyve had to counsel bunny Astral and Kinky Kit for fighting each other so much.*shoves bunny Little Em's face close to each of the other two bunnies's faces* And then...*sets bunny Little Em down* The most wooooondrous thing! *picks Kinky Kit up and plops him on Astral* The two of them were found humping each other out of love! -- Chibi Kelius: *shudders* I just felt the darkest chill of my life... -- Chibi Emyve: *frowns* What are you doing, my mischief? Chibi Ruthed: *pouts* I caught Kinky Kit humping Astral, but no matter what I do, he refuses to hump him while I'm looking. Chibi Emyve: ... -later on that day- Chibi Ansar: *eyes widen like saucers* You don't say...*glares at Kelius as he walks in the room* Maybe I have to keep a closer eye on him...perhaps those fights are really only excuses to hump. Chibi Ruthed: *snickers* -- Chibi Gonuret: *shudders* I felt a strange chill just now... Madhal’s Pantene Pro-V Hair and Top 10 Magazine- Thirdly: Madhal's hairstyle took me like an hour to draw. Every lock had to look smooth and perfect. Toma: It's okay, I remember a picture I did of Gretel and her ringlet curls. I spent more time on her hair than anything else. Thirdly: And that's the good side of Madhal's hairstyle too, at least it looks like a fishtail braid. Toma: Yes, I love his hair! Thirdly: Shiny ass Pantene Pro-v hair. If there were such things as commercials in their world, they'd have hired him for every single hair product commercial. His hair would be blowing and swaying more than Pocahontas's during 'colors of the wind.' Toma: OMFG. I can see it clearly in my head, too. Thirdly: Ilohir all mesmerized. I better stop now, the silliness has overflowed. -- Chibi Reporter: How does it feel to be married to one of Dragon Magazine's sexiest dragons? Chibi Ilohir: *blushes* Uuuuh...no comment? Chibi Madhal: *opens up the magazine and preens when he sees Gonuret in third place and he's in second...and then he frowns* Wait, I'm second? Who the hell is-? *turns the page to see a full spread centerfold of Emyve sprawled on a black satin bed naked with his privates covered with a silk pillow- WHAT THE FUCK?? *flips the page to see a 6 page interview with Ruthed showing Emyve off* Ruthed: Let's just say that it's a good thing that the magazine is censored! His foot size is- Chibi Madhal: *crumples the magazine up in frustration* -some time later- Chibi Ilohir: *rubbing his back as Chibi Madhal whimpers* There, there, you know you're number one in my eyes. -- Chibi Sindri: My Lunare, take a look at this...apparently we're all in the top 10 of their sexiest dragons list! Chibi Gonuret: Whoa, I'm number three? They're being too kind, ha ha. Chibi Sindri: I think they're being a little too fair, if you ask me. You're always number one to me. *smooch* Chibi Gonuret: As are you to me. Out of curiosity, who's number 1? Chibi Sindri: *flips to it* Oh boy... Chibi Gonuret: Oh no, I hope Madhal doesn't see this! Chibi Sindri: *outright laughing* Ruthed would make sure he would! Chibi Gonuret: *winces* His ego's definitely going to be more than a little bruised, I'm sure of it. -- Chibi Ruthed: *hanging up a special framed full poster of Emyve over their bed, his tail swaying* ...There, perfect! Chibi Emyve: ...Is that really necessary, my mischief? You do see me every day. Chibi Ruthed: It's more than just a centerfold, love. *grins* It's a trophy. -- Chibi Ansar: *scowling* Tch! Did you have to pose topless for those moneygrubbing magazine editors? Chibi Kelius: *smirks* Is that jealousy I detect from the dragon married to the fifth sexiest dragon on the planet? If I'm not mistaken, you're in nothing but swimming trunks in your photo. Chibi Ansar: *blushes, but still frowns* But, with me there isn't much to see, anyway! Chibi Kelius: I beg to differ. *hefts him over his shoulder* You have plenty to see... *caresses Chibi Ansar's butt* The best parts are for my eyes only. -- Thirdly: Oh! The order would have been- 1.Emyve, 2. Madhal, 3. Gonuret, 4. Sindri (yeeep), 5. Kelius, 6. Ruthed, 7. Ilohir, 8. Ansar... Thirdly: I can just picture Ansar's article- Alright, folks, we understand that this is supposed to be the top 100 sexiest dragons. But, cute can be sexy, too. And our favorite Visionary has it in abundance! Gonuret and Sindri probably had a special back to back article too stating stuff like- Oour royal pair are as precious as they are sexy. There is no doubt in our minds that they were made for one another. Their spots on the list were interchangeable because they are both beautiful in their own ways. Ruthed's title was "The Lean and Charismatic Machine"- Just look at that flawless golden skin...it begs the question if he sneaks off to a private beach to tan naked, because he makes everyone else feel like they have farmer's tans. Ilohir would have read something like- Ilohir has the sexy boy next door vibe, the sweet and kind type...we see him helping elderly dragons cross the street and simply swoon. Emyve’s- Tall, dark, and handsome doesn't even begin to describe the dangerously handsome Gallant Emyve. Sexy librarians have nothing on him. As if his mysterious nature and deadly good looks weren't enough, his luscious and deep voice make male phone sex operators sound like mere children. When our magazine crew set out to work on this list, he was unanimously ushered to the number one spot without any reluctance! And, ladies and gentlemen, we have quite the treat for you in this issue of Dragon Magazine...(placing the sixth spot on our list himself) the one and only Gallant Ruthed has agreed to a slightly personal interview about the most frequent questions we have about his perfect husband. Feast your eyes and read on! Thirdly: ...something like that. Toma: OMFG. Thirdly: I read a lot of my mom's People magazines. Thirdly: Wouldn't ever happen, as they don't have that kind of entertainment in their world. Toma: It was beautiful, all the same. Thirdly: And all of that from talk of Madhal's hair! Toma: Look at what you do, Madhal! Chibi Madhal: *whimpers* But, I'm clearly the more beautiful one! And my hair is softer!! Chibi Ilohir: *still petting and hugging* Of course, it’s softer. Chibi Ruthed: *to fan the evil flames, snickers and rubs Emyve's long locks all over his body while moaning* Soooo luscious! Chibi Madhal: *bursts into tears* Chibi Ilohir: *glares at Ruthed* Pay him no mind! Chibi Emyve: *sighs and tugs Ruthed along* That's enough from you, my mischief. Chibi Ruthed: *purrs* Whatever the sexiest Dragon in the world says, I will obey!
  3. The EPDA (found here- http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600107822 ) is a compiling of years' worth of mini stories drafted by Toma and Thirdly all woven into one glorious package. It's about a pair of detectives hunting down criminals of their past. I want to say so much more than this, but I don't want to spoil the whole thing. Just know that it's our ultimate, and most favorite characters in all of our repertoire (which is saying quite a lot). And it is because of this fact alone that I am giving Kane and Gyro the respect, and complete story, that they deserve. ARTWORK: By Toma- Kane and Gyro: http://orig13.deviantart.net/223f/f/2010/225/f/d/beware_by_tomacchi.png Kane and Gyro: (ages 1 and 8) http://orig09.deviantart.net/3e62/f/2011/138/b/6/sweet_little_moments_like_this_by_tomacchi-d3gmzpk.png Kane and Gyro: (ages 5 and 12) http://orig10.deviantart.net/d7fa/f/2011/005/b/f/kane_you_look_sleepy_by_tomacchi-d36i39n.png Kane and Gyro: (ages 18 and 25) http://orig08.deviantart.net/2746/f/2011/020/f/9/in_your_mind_by_tomacchi-d37nuh9.png Kane and Gyro: (ages 19 and 26) http://orig01.deviantart.net/a749/f/2014/319/5/2/_redraw__want_to_be_close_by_tomacchi-d86k207.png By Thirdly- The Very First Draft of Gyro: http://orig00.deviantart.net/45d6/f/2015/214/d/9/gyrosketch_by_michithethird-d93ub6h.jpg Kane and Gyro: (ages 17 and 25) http://orig05.deviantart.net/3eee/f/2015/214/3/b/gyro_kane_base_by_michithethird-d93ubls.jpg Kane and Gyro: (ages 18 and 25) http://orig05.deviantart.net/f5f3/f/2015/214/5/7/gyroandkaneportrait_by_michithethird-d93ub6l.jpg Chapter 1 Review Responses- Tahn: Interesting start, can't wait to see where this is going. DD: There is a lot in store for these two. I just can't quite tell you what all of it is without spoilers. Lisa: What a great story, Thirdly!! I'm hooked! Gyro better be all right! Kane can't lose him now. I love the fact that they're so young (especially Kane), and they run a detective agency. Way cool. lol. I'm anxiously awaiting chapter two. ^-^ DD: Yes, there is a 7.5 year gap between Gyro and Kane (in the beginning of the story they are 17 and 25, respecitvely). Kane was gifted from birth, he even spoke small sentences in his first year of life. Gyro is gifted, too...he's the type that took college courses while in high school. But, to put things in perspective, Kane forced himself to meet Gyro's level of studies. The scary thought is, of course, that Kane could have gone beyond Gyro's studies if he wanted to...at age ten. Chapter 2 Review Responses- Tahn: Aww widdle Kane is adorable. Is this story gonna be a series of different adventures, or is it gonna have a main plot, or both? DD: All their adventures tie together. The main plot is technically Kane's revenge (he won't suffer forever, I promise), but that is all I can really reveal that won't reveal too much. Lisa: The notes to Gyro and Kane from Grandmother Glen really had me choked up. I love reading the flashback scenes. Kane was so adorable when he was little. Adorable and smart! ^-^ I'm looking foward to finding out how G&K will solve the missing sword crime. Oh, and I'm thrilled Gyro is ok! ^-^ DD: I'm relieved the flashback scenes are ok. I know sometimes a story can be drowned in confusing flashbacks, but my intention for these flashbacks are just to give bits of important information in a slightly deeper way rather than just having them talk about it. In Kane's case, he was a truly happy kid up until he was five. He never smiled a genuinely, teeth-showing smile ever again after that. He smirks and maybe shows a tiny smile to Gyro once in a blue moon, but it's never an "I'm happy" kind of smile. Chapter 3 Review Responses- Lisa: I wonder who of Gyro's family was trying to listen in on his and Kane's conversation. Could that person be the one who stole the sword? Excellent chapter, Thirdly! ^-^ DD: Kane will start getting serious about this little side case soon. A missing object, despite its monetary worth isn't as urgent to him as a murder. Tahn: So cute, sleep kisses. Can't wait for that conversation. DD: It's going to be a good while before they can get to that conversation, but it will happen. Chapter 4 Review Responses- Lisa: Thirdly!! You're back!! : ) Loved this chapter! Kids can be so cruel, can't they? I'm glad Kane, even at just four years of age, was able to show them all up! : ) I'm actually surprised Gyro admitted Kane was his best friend. I guess he never thought his friends would sort of make fun of him. Looking forward to the next installment! : ) DD: I never really left, I've just updating many different stories and collaborations one at a time (stories like Kidnapping is Always an Option *guilty, nervous laughter*). As for this chapter, yes. One of the things I like the most about Gyro is that he isn't ever ashamed of having a friend like Kane. He's protective, but he won't try to hide him away from the world. These boys end up experiencing difficulties before their due time because of their mental maturity. In Gyro's case, he suffers teenage rebellion in his early tweens (cutting his hair, rebutting his mother's affections). In Kane's case, he deals with jealousy and insults with fierce retaliations.
  4. yuurimaoh

    Once Upon an October Review Thread

    Once Upon an October and The Messenger's Pilot: My deepest apology. I've never, ever had to pull a story before, let alone two. But, the co-author pulled out of the stories completely. And, as the characters were only half mine, I can't complete them without her cooperation. Therefore, these are now dead stories.
  5. This is a thread for the story Entropic Elemental Entities (writen by Ariieobsession and I) which can be found here- Summary: Stranded on Earth, two teams of Elements are forced to get along enough to find their way home. Bickering and Attraction arise, but that's the least of their problems. ART: Prologue Review Responses: Thirdly: YES, I fused our pennames together for the review responses...I'm a dork. guesst: I have always loved your stories, this is sure going to be another one so I like how it starts, definitely like how it starts..... Arridly: And just think, it's only the beginning! XD Hedrosped: I absolutely love it! I was WAY too excited to see two of my favorite authors pair up. The story feels a lot more like an anime with the multitute of innocents and light humor in general. Keep it up guys! Heather Arridly: That was pretty much what went through both our minds when we thought of it...."reads like an anime" XD Rachel: I already love this n_n can't wait for the next update!!! Arridly: Neither can we. XD smint45: Interesting start so far.... Can't really say if I like it or not jet, but I'm waiting for more to find out^^ The first chappy is quite confiusing^^ But I hope that will get better with time^^ See you again!!!! Arridly: It should eventually make sense as it goes along...or confuse you more, but it'll still be a fun ride! XD
  6. yuurimaoh

    W.R.E.C.K. Review Thread

    W.R.E.C.K. (found here- http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600106497 ) is a sequel to the story He's a Bastard (found here- http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099915 ). It might be able to be read on its own without having to read HAB first, but it's still advisable to read it first. Those who reviewed the last chapter of HAB can see the last responses and final words here - http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php/topic/43168-hes-a-bastard-review-thread/#entry308716 ARTWORK- Cyrus and Revelin- http://orig13.deviantart.net/7c14/f/2015/198/d/f/wreck_copy_by_michithethird-d91ojv2.png Vianis and Darryl- http://orig07.deviantart.net/e40d/f/2015/198/5/f/wreck_boys_01_001_by_michithethird-d91o8le.png Intro Review Responses- Castris: As soon as I saw the title I thought about He's a Bastard. I'm so glad you did a sequel. DD: That's great to hear! I was going to go the lazy route an just have it be "WRECK" without the punctuations, but 'wreck' without punctuations some how remins me of Wreck it Ralph these days, ha ha. Love that movie, but I didn't think disney'd be happy with any kind of similarity to an adult yaoi story. :3 Ellie: Ah. Excellent beginning. DD: I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I envision so much chaotic fun in the future. >D on_a_mad_freaking_trip: YAY SEQUEL!!! Made my day : ) DD: Your comment made MY day. XD Glad you managed to read it before the intro got buried by the weekend updates. AriieObsession: *giggles gleefully* go go go Cy! I think I'm going to like Vianis loads the banter between and Revelin is going to be so funny xD oh can't wait to see how he gets out of trouble for that kiss. DD: Ariie~ You precious thing, braving a review through your phone! Yes, Revelin will definitely have his hands full with Vianis. reader1962: : ) DD: Hi, welcome back to the insanity! I hope that all of the future chapters also bring a smile to your face. :3 guesst: a sequel to a super first story, thank you, can't wait for more. DD: If you thought the first one was crazy...well, let's just say that this one's going to be just as crazy, if not more. alicewonderland: Cannot wait for Revelin's explanation, please update, what a way to start a sequel! DD: Revelin didn't really have to explain anything, Cyrus can read the look in his eyes well enough to know it wasn't intentional. Doesn't mean that he's still doesn't like it, though, ha ha. He has his own possessive streak... Chapter 1 Review Responses- supersized: Feel better soon, awesome update chapter nonetheless... DD: At this point, I'm just sick of being sick. And tired...so very, very tired. I can't seem to catch up on any of my work. And all I want to do is garner enough energy to just write again...in every story, really. Was thinking of trying to finish up really old stories I didn't meant to leave out to gather dust. ...what a long reply. Long story short, I'm not feeling as well as I should just yet. I'm glad you liked the chapter anyway. Another chapter should be on its way soon. Chapter 4 Review Responses: Anon: I like it a lot!!!! DD: Hope future chapters won't disappoint. Nanashi: I love this story, I am so excited that you updated it and want to know how long before another chapter comes out? DD: From here on out, I will do my best to post regularly to finish it up, as it's one of the few stories I have full control over. So, at least once every two weeks. Chapters 5-6 Review Responses: MaddamAndRobin: I love vianis as a little sea serpent! MaddamAndRobin: Hee hee. I like jealous cy and nosy vianis. Also all the sex... I really like that. This story is so fun. MaddamAndRobin: I got busy with things and forgot I still needed to finish this story. I love the dragon eggs and Vi getting some love! MaddamAndRobin: Eep! The shadows got em! DD: Thanks so much, Robin! I'm glad you've been enjoying this silly series! Glad you liked Vi, too!
  7. yuurimaoh

    Foxies Review Thread

    Right. I seriously didn't expect a single review for this particular story, and out of nowhere, one of my favorite writers of all time took the time to read it and developed DIABETES *despairs*. As promised, here is some of the artwork for Foxies: Young Septimus and Renael (by Toma): http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/024/c/4/mine_by_tomacchi-d8f9b4r.png Septimus and Renael (lineart by myself, coloring by Toma): http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/317/3/7/_collab__holding_hands_by_tomacchi-d5ky81i.png Septimus and Renael (lineart by Toma, coloring by myself): http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/323/2/6/_collab__i__m_cold_by_tomacchi-d5li3ap.png Misunderstanding (Sept, Cean, and Calum by Toma): http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/001/6/0/misunderstanding_by_tomacchi-d5q3i3k.png First Dance (Cean and Calum by Toma): http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/161/4/8/first_dance_by_tomacchi-d7ltr4v.png Happily Forever After (Cean and Calum by Toma): http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/154/c/4/happily_forever_after_by_tomacchi-d67olp9.png Review Responses: Chapter 1- attackegg: Warm and fuzzy indeed. I may feel some diabetes coming on DD: I can't believe you read through all of that! I hope it didn't bore you to death. Thanks so much for peeking in...words can't express how hilarious my reaction was when gmail told me I had a review and that it was you. I'm pretty sure I spazzed. Chapter 2- jusme: Loving what I have read so far, cavities and fluff welcomed! More please... DD: Thanks for taking the time to read this silly story! I'll do my best to post more timely. I've just been organizing my documents lately and realized I dropped folders into wrong folders by accident so I actually lost the story for a while there. ^^" But, it has been found and I will update it a little more regularly. Chapter 3- jusme: Interesting update...will be waiting for the next one. DD: I warn that it gets sillier as it goes along. XD Chapter 4- Aduial: I just adore the fluffyness so glad you posted it because there is seriously too much angst out there! Good cute work. DD: I'm glad some readers still enjoy this one! The fluff will reign on. Chapters 5-9- N/A
  8. yuurimaoh

    He's A Bastard Review Thread

    Well, this is really more of an introduction for Rev and Cy as "WRECK". I might revisit their world in another story. :3
  9. yuurimaoh

    The New Solare - Review Responses

    Hello, everyone! My screen name is yuurimaoh, my pen name is Dragon Dung, but my real name is only known to a select few. I've managed to sneak a dragon in almost every single story I've ever written. But, for as long as I remember, I've always wanted to write a story specifically featuring dragons, for once. And not just any story, but The New Solare. Then again, with a pen name like Dragon Dung, it should be pretty obvious how much I love to read and write about dragons. The New Solare, in particular, was something that I've been meaning to write since the year 2005, but I haven't been able to truly get it going until now. How? Well, inspired by my fellow writers' dragon stories, I simply couldn't help myself. So, in a way this story is also meant to honor all of the dragon writers before me, and even the ones that have yet to start! I've even managed to rope my friend Toma into helping me with this story as well by taking over Sindri for me while I juggle the rest of the cast. So I want to take the time to thank her as well for being a part of this project. ARTWORK: I have been slowly accumulating artwork for this story, by Toma and myself. I've drawn only concept sketches, but Toma has managed to make completed artwork as well. All of which I want to share with you. (anything marked with an asterisk is new) Sindri by Toma: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/176/2/b/the_new_solare_by_tomacchi-d6an8j8.png -In this piece, Toma wanted to feature Gallant Gonuret's flower as well as Gallant Kelius's bracelet! Sindri and Ansar by Toma: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/182/9/4/desert_gallant_and_visionary_by_tomacchi-d6bi0wd.png - This piece features the two best friends. Toma made it to cheer me up during some troubles I had at home. Ilohir, Gonuret, and Ruthed Concept Sketches by Toma: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Thirdly/IlohirGonuretandRuthedbyToma_zps8aa7b26f.jpg - Toma had taken it upon herself to try to sketch some of the Gallants as she saw them. Madhal and Kelius by Toma: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Thirdly/Photo07101044_1_zps406b45d7.jpg - Toma's concept sketches of Madhal and Kelius. Ilohir, Gonuret, and Ruthed Concept Sketches by DD: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Thirdly/ilohirruthedngonuret_zps15c54de1.jpg - Here, I built a little more off of Toma's concept sketches in my style. Madhal and Kelius by DD: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Thirdly/MadhalKelius001_zps053b5bad.png - I didn't really expand on anythinng with these two off of Toma's sketches except maybe making their ears a little longer and Kelius's hair a bit longer. Toma pretty much got them spot on. <3 Emyve Concept Sketch by DD: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Thirdly/Emyve_zpsfa1ba2d9.jpg - Here, I attempted a sketch of Emyve. The braids were a little too complex for me to sketch, so I showed a reference for some of them on it as well. *Sindri by Toma: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/024/3/f/sindri_by_tomacchi-d73l9f3.png *Group Pic 1 by Toma: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/252/4/a/solare__lunare__and_gallants_by_tomacchi-d6lodua.png *Group Pic 2 by Toma: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/145/a/1/silly_antics_by_tomacchi-d7jr1a4.png *Ilohir and Madhal by Toma: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/009/9/8/ilohir_and_madhal_by_tomacchi-d71ksv7.png *Ruthed and Emyve by Toma: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/011/0/7/ruthed_and_emyve_by_tomacchi-d71smtt.png *Ruthed and Sindri by Toma: http://orig07.deviantart.net/9b5d/f/2015/096/f/2/ruthed_and_sindri_by_tomacchi-d8oq3zt.png *Emyve Reference Sheet by DD: http://orig14.deviantart.net/4fc9/f/2015/113/f/c/emyve_ref_sheet_by_michithethird-d8qtiqc.png Toma is amazing for designing their clothes and bringing their palettes to life. Me? I draw their semi-formal and formal clothes. And play with their hair. A lot. *Gonuret and SIndri by DD (for Toma's birthday): http://orig09.deviantart.net/5858/f/2015/339/0/d/gonusindri_by_michithethird-d9j4t40.png Chapter 1 Review Responses: Celestialuna: Good start of story. DD: Thank you kindly. I hope you continue to enjoy it as it progresses. midnightsscream: very interesting and informative start! Can't wait to see where you go with this! : ) DD: I tried my best to give a good idea of what their culture was like. I hope it wasn't confusing for anyone. This story is incredibly fun to write, so I hope it will be entertaining as well. Chapter 2 Review Responses: midnightsscream: Madhal looks interesting, but yeah Sindri doesn't seem to have much of a connection with him. Seemed a bit awkward. I'm interested to see how the other meetings go. DD: Sindri has another round of 'dates' to narrow it down. After the third round (which is usually narrowed down to 2 or 3 by then), he has to make his final decision. Chapter 3 Review Responses: m_kren2: is nice, more chapters DD: Glad you're enjoying it so far. The chapters will keep coming. Chapter 4 Review Responses: Kat: AWWWWWW, I loved this chapter! And knowing there are dragons fighting over him...cannot wait to read more! Awesome!! DD: You'll be reading about those fighting dragons soon. wolfluv: I AM TOTALLY DIGGING THIS STORY!!!! I almost don't think I would know who to choose from either!!! I loved the last page on how E and R might get together!!! read ya laters! DD: Hopefully Sindri will give us a clue as to who he'll finally decide on soon. Chapter 5 Review Responses: TRUgrit: LOL I love Gallant Kinky! They all seem like such great characters and I can't wait to see who he chooses. Kind of cracking up because the theme song for Armageddon that Aerosmith is playing in the background and it's totally how I feel about this story. "And I don't wanna miss a thing..." Sorry feeling a bit silly today! But seriously, can't wait for more! DD: This one's a pretty silly story too. Kelius is one of my favorites too. I haven't even introduced the entire cast of this story yet, so there are still more characters outhere. Kat: A very sweet chapter! Very, very nice. I really enjoyed reading it. He had quite a relaxing time in this one! Please update soon! : ) DD: Sindri looked like he needed a break in Gonuret's eyes. Wonder what he'd say if he knew he had a rabbit counterpart hopping around somewhere in the fortress. : ) Chapter 6 Review Responses: guesst: Great story....enjoy reading it very much! DD: Thank you for taking the time to read and review! Toma and I are glad you like it so far. wolfluv: I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!! This is such a GREAT story!!! I can't wait to see what happens next! read ya laters!!! DD: Glad you're enjoying it so far. Chapter 7-8 Review Responses: wolfluv: This story is just so... AWESOME!!!!! I love all the differences with each dragon and I love that they've all found someone of their own, I can't wait to read what Sin and GOU's powers are now that they are crowned so to speak! read ya laters DD: I think you're the first to have given Gonuret a nickname. I was thinking "Gon" but maybe "Gou" fits him better. XD Chapter 9 Review Responses: wolfluv: WOW that was quite surreal!!! I'm hoping the Duke isn't as much of an asshole as I think he is! I can't wait to find out! read ya laters! DD: Surreal just about definitely sums it up. Toma and I just about played volleyball with this particular chapter...serving nothing but spikes...until we ended up with that craziness. asdf: Please don't leave us hanging on too long, loving this to pieces.... DD: This particular year has been chaos for both of us, but we haven't stopped working on this story! We've been piecing things together bit by bit. Anon: Love this story, love all your stories. Your writing is da best! Cannot wait for more........ DD: Hopefully it will all be worth the wait. Toma and I put a lot into these dragon boys. XD Tahn: Please finish this, I really wanna know what happens, and I can't wait until they finally can be together. DD: It will, have faith! Toma and I always finish what we start together, even if it's not consistent. Chapter 10 Review Responses: smint45: I really like this story!!! I wonder why I didn't dicover this sooner but I'm glad I did anyway^^ I hope they will be able to bring everybody back allright!!! See you again soon!!!! DD: Toma and I are always glad to see that others are enjoying the story as much as we are. Robin: I love this story! Kelius was my favorite! I also adore the bunnies. Kinky Kit it's my favorite of course. All the history and cleaning is very interesting. All the dragons are yummy too. I love the dragon twins and I hate the count. He's going to be nothing but trouble.Poor G and S need some alone time. And what it's going to happen to K ? ! Eep! You have to tell me when you have a new chapter. DD: Kelius is one of my favorites, as well. Gonuret and Sindri do need some alone time, definitely. ---- A question for those who are keeping tabs on this thread: Which is your favorite dragon pairing from The New Solare? DD: Kelius x Ansar, followed by Gonuret x Sindri and Emyve x Ruthed. (Not to bust Madhal x Ilohir's chops, they're the most laid back pair, in my opinion) Toma: Gonuret x Sindri, followed by Kelius x Ansar. Madhal x Ilohir and Emyve x Ruthed are tied. Though, Madhal x Ilohir are my second favorite pair to draw.
  10. yuurimaoh

    He's A Bastard Review Thread

    Hello, everyone! My screen names are thirdly, yuurimaoh, and Dragon Dung. But, we're not here to talk about names! We're here for the 'WRECK' that encompass the Wanderers Revelin Eferize and Cyrus Kairos! XD The characters and dimension-hopping world of Revelin and Cyrus came to me randomly one day. It was a strange occurrence, as I usually tend to think of my favorite fandoms when it comes to stories first. But, I knew that if I didn't write them out, they would haunt me for life! Thus, I started my first original fiction! After much debate on the layout of which perspective to use, I finally caved in to Cyrus's hazel eyes. Chapter 1 Review Responses: JJay : ITS GOOD PLEASE CONTINUE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. DD: Sometimes I feel like I only write for your pure enjoyment (not that I mind). You're the only one who leaves me constant and important feedback. I can't thank you enough. Chapter 2 Review Responses: JJay: Short but good. I can't wait to see what happens. So keep up the good work. DD: I hope this one's longer! Thanks again for your input! kellie: this sounds like it's going to be good story. i will definitely keep checking in. DD: Glad to hear it! Rachel: Cyrus is such a cool name. Whoa, that arch thing sounds pretty cool. I really wasn't expecting anything like that! That poor embarrassed kid, though. Aww. I look forward to more.=D DD: Yes it is. I actually found it looking through a book of names and their meanings and later on it struck me that it was Miley Cyrus's last name. Ha ha. That was purely coincidental. Follow_Vergil: Hi! I've just read the first two chapters, and I must say, it sounds really interesting! I was quite disappointed to be at an end so fast, your style is very pleasant to read. I was hooked immediately. And the two protagonists seem to be promising too, especially Cy. He is cute with all his silent grumpy rambling... like a cranky, but cute kitten^^. Their relationship is certainly going to be an entertaining one, especially if Revelin is as mischievous as he appears on first sight. I look forward to your next update! BTW, I'm sorry if my writing sounds strange, English is my... er, third language. Until next time! DD: I'm very honored that you think so. I hope I continue to entertain. XD Aleks:Interesting start and a nice title : ) DD: Ha ha ha! Funny that you mentioned the title. The story was originally going to be about Revelin and in Revelin's point of view, but I realized it would be much more entertaining if Cyrus had more of a say in the story. jazz: oh this story is funny so far! keep it up ;P DD: Hopefully it will continue to keep its light humor and bring forth much more laughter. XD Riki: This sounds like it's going to be quite the entertaining piece of work! I can't wait to read more of it! DD: I live to entertain. XD I would pout for months if someone were to ever challenge me to write something 100% serious. I do shoot for at least 25-50% seriousness though. kordavamennemer: ah : ) I feel like this story is going to be very interesting. Creative storyline and great characters so far. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading what comes next. Thanks for writing! DD: I enjoy the characters in this story as well. I hope I don't disappoint as the story progresses. rAiNwAtEr: So far I love it. The first chapter was definitely an eye opener I’ll tell you that! I beg of you to please continue. I might die from withdrawals. DD: As much as I love loyalty, somewhere on my profile I have a list of amazing authors and stories that I will unabashedly redirect you to whenever you can't find anything good to read! XD Chapter 3 Review Responses: Follow_Vergil: Dandelion, Darenvy and Sonnet... The names gave me a vision of a sugarcoated fairytale kingdom ^^ and Duncan was just plain cute... weird and in definite need of a therapist, but cute. But Cy is absolutely my favorite, permanent scowl and all. And he STILL reminds me of a cranky kitten. Again, it was a lot of fun to read this chapter, and I'm looking forward to learn more about Revelin! (and with every available man, does it mean he also got frisky with the prince?) Till the next chapter! DD: Yes, the kingdom in that particular dimension was meant to feel sugarcoated and fairytale-like. XD Tough to read through, but there's always a point to everything, regardless of how weird or silly it seems. *dark chuckle* Maru: OK OK so i heard from Michi that your story was good so i decided to check it out and well. it's NOT good...nope. IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!! i really am in love with this story so far i mean it, you've got me hooked. DD: Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I adore Michi to bits. I miss brainstorming with her. She was a beta like none other. I always came out laughing every time we talked. I'm humbled that she would share this story with you and that you took a liking to it. Aleks:I have a feeling that Revelin twisted you around his finger - your own character : ) Nice change of viewpoint! DD: I do adore Revelin, but it's actually Cyrus that has me wrapped around his finger. At first, I wanted to give a wider scope of the story, but in the end I caved to the curly-haired cutie and decided to stick it through in his point of view until the end! Chapter 4 Review Responses: Gslinger : Cool, funky, humorus start can't wait to read more, afterall bastard can be so very entertaining! G DD: Welcome to the chaos! : D I do hope those two continue to entertain you. m_kren2 : wow grate grate grate please more DD: Glad you're enjoying the story so far. karen : I almost didnt read it when i saw it was 4 chapters since 2009. I did though and enjoyed them, but am irritated at the thought it could be a year before there is another chapter. rrrggggg DD: I appreciate reviews like yours. My original drafts for all updates that I've been working on in all my stories involved explanations as to why the gap between the last update was so wide. But, I'm not going to cave into any more excuses because of readers like you. I'm just going to post the chapters until the stories are complete. Thank you for taking the time to read and review even through your wariness of it. Have a little faith in me and I promise that updates will be constant (not exactly on the same day at the same time, but NO big gaps). Chapter 5 Review Responses: Fruit: Your story is really really good and your style of writing is great. I remember reading this a year or so ago and its so good that i remembered it as soon as i saw the update. Are you not going to use Revelin's pov at all? i would be interested in knowing what he's thinking. Keep up the good work. DD: Revelin's point of view literally is coming up in the next chapter. The question is if he'll runaway with more than just one chapter, ha ha. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for your input! Anon: Glad to see another chapter! DD: I hope it was entertaining! XD Chapter 6 Review Responses: Fruit: Ok so that was amusing... i agree with you i like Cy's voice better actually but still i found Revelin's voice really amusing and fun, so i think you should have him around sometimes. DD: I didn't think anyone would give me their input on this, so I find myself incredibly humbled. The general feeling from everyone is similar to yours, so I will try my best to have Revelin express himself a little more while we're in Cyrus's point of view, but I will still toss in Revelin's point of view every once in a blue moon! Thank you muchly. Reader1962: Whichever is good! I like the fact this chapter was up pretty quick after the last one! DD: I will do my best to keep up the updating (once a week at the very least). Thanks so much for the input! Anon: Great chapter! I wonder if Sonnet's messanger will make an appearance in the future (just to complicate things further!). I love that R E does charity work!Thanks for the update! Keep up the great work! DD: Oh, the things I have in store for Duncan (the messenger). But, yes, he will still be around whenever they guard the royal siblings. Anon:The chapter form Revelin's view was actually really insightful, as I felt I never really knew what he was thinking. However, I find Cy a really amusing narrator (maybe ‘cause it’s what I’m used to…) So happy for another chapter!Many thanks for your time and talent! DD: We'll see more from Revelin's point of view later on (perhaps every five chapters?). I'm relieved that the sudden update hasn't thrown anyone off. I'll do my best to keep them going. AriieObssession: XD Okay,okay I don't even know where to start. I can't even pick what my favorite part was but I think the line where Cyrus goes "I want to get something straight with you. Don't Touch me.Ever." was it. I'm still giggle snorting over that. xDDD And the butt-barrier. I think I'm just a little bit in love with them both already. I can picture Reveline molesting Cyrus and it's making me laugh some more. And the Jealousy is so cute! Silly Hummingbird can't have him. Did you ever draw pictures of them? If you did I'd love to see them! DD: I still can't believe you actually read this...I'm relieved that the characters grew on you. And, again, thank you. Chapter 7 Review Responses: SneakySpy: Challenge accepted! DD: My, but that made me laugh SO hard! XD I'm sure that Revelin is very happy to have someone in his corner! Fruit: OOOOOHHH!!! They kissed!!! you did a great job. Please update soon and maybe ummm write the chapter a little longer? : ) sorry if i come across as demanding its just such a great read! Thanks for the update! DD: Thank you very much. I will definitely try my best to make the chapters longer! Ha ha, you can be as 'demanding' as you want, I'm not complaining...I am writing about pretty demanding characters, after all. XD KitDKatWrites: This is a great story, funny and light hearted just what I needed tonight. Looking forward to more. DD: If it brought a smile to your face, then the story has done its job well. I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. Anon: Thanks for the chap! Loved the kiss (been hanging out for that ; )) Wonder why Cyrus is surpressing his Vim/ locking it inside him?...Some past incident...? Looking forward to more (I always am!!!) Cheers. DD: Cyrus has a good few reasons that were hopefully explained in chapter 8. Deep down, it's mostly fear. His Vim is just one of the many things he can't control, and he would rather be in control. Chapter 8 Review Responses: Karen: DD: I'm glad the chapter put a smile on your face. XD Fruit: I love how you add humor to the story and i love that you update every week : ) Thank you again DD: So long as I draw forth at least a giggle from you, I feel as if the story is doing its job. cheesekun: Thanks for the update! Cyrus' past is so sad... And Revilin is a bigger pervert than I first thought! Such an exciting ending! I wonder why this dimension doesn't like Revelin? Looking forward to more! DD: His nephew had it pretty rough without a mom, too. But, together, they helped each other stand upright. Yes, Revelin...he's something else, that one. I'm glad you've been enjoying the story so far. Chapter 9 Review Responses: Karen: DD: Ha ha! I'm glad you liked this chapter too! Thank you for taking the time to leave a note. cheesekun: The plot thickens... So one of Revelin’s former apprentices is causing all this trouble? Duncan and Damien to the rescue! Thanks for the chapter! DD: The gang is definitely trying to find the person responsible for the chaos. As for Duncan and Damien, I hope they continue to entertain us until the end. Neither Revelin nor Cyrus can see what's going on over on their end, so that is why I wrote their segment in third person. Thanks for taking the time to review. : ) Chapter 10 Review Responses: cheesekun: With an opening like that, I knew this chapter was going to be amusing! I loved Lexie! Poor Duncan...but there seemed to be quite a bit of chemistry between Duncan and Damien... Hoping for some more time with our two protagonists! Many thanks for the update! DD: I always enjoy reading your thoughts from chapter to chapter. : ) I'm glad you like Lexie, and our two protagonists will definitely have a little more 'air time' soon. Chapter 11 Review Responses: MagicMau5: Hi DD, I've gotten up to Ch 8 and I have to say, I love this story! It's very original, and I love Cy and Revelin. Awesome job! DD: *gapes* You've been reading this insanity? I'm still in shock. And humbled. And it means so much to me that you enjoyed it and liked my silly characters. I still can't believe it~ Thank you so much! =D (To anyone who actually reads this thread and hasn't peeked at my favorite authors list yet, I consider MagicMau5 to be the reigning ruler of originality, so if you haven't read this author's work...go read it now!) cheesekun: Oh my gosh! What is Itharos planning to do? Why did he destroy this dimension (is he uber possessive of Makith or something?!) Curious as to how he turned into a murderer... Many thanks for the chapter! As always, excited for the next! ; ) DD: All will be explained in time~ And thank you again for your thoughts! They are my checklist as the story goes along, I try to make sure all of your questions are answered. XD Chapter 12 Review Responses: MM: Hey dd, I've been saving your story in case you don't update that often, but I had to read at least through ch 10. I have to say, I just love this story. It's fun and lighthearted, which is so refreshing to me because there are so many capture-torture stories here! (look at me, the hypocrite of the century) Thanks for writing this, it's a blast. Lurve, mm DD: I try to update as often as I can and as consistently as I can, but between work and family chaos, days just pass without any time to myself. However, there is a definite ending to this story and I'm getting close to it. I'm trying to keep it as fun and lighthearted as I can all the way through to bring a smile to everyone's faces. And I love your stories, angst and all. I'll take it. :3 Chapter 13 Review Responses: TRUgrit: Lol I love your balance of plot and and spice, humor and seriousness. It's like the perfect combo. There is such great set up here for your story and I can't wait to read more. DD: Welcome to the insanity! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. I hope the story continues to entertain you until the end. m_kren2: love it love it and love it DD: Very glad to hear it. XD Chapter 15 Review Responses: Ellie: OH PLEASE DO WRITE A SEQUEL pleaseeeeeeee. DD: Sequel count=1 * :3 * Castris: Please write a sequel, preferably in the same type of POV were some is in Cyrus and Revelin! DD: Sequel count=2, Same POV=1 * Thank you for being specific about the POV, I didn't know how some of you felt about Revelin's parts. Glad you enjoyed both. * on_a_mad_freaking_trip: So I don't normally review things but I just wanted to let you know that I had the worst day ever (meaning I've had practically nonstop migraines throughout the day, not helped by the fact that my entire apartment flooded because the AC broke) and when I saw that you had updated this story none of it mattered anymore. Honest. I was so freakin excited to get to read another chapter! And I say definitely YES to a sequel. I love everything about this story: plot, setting, and especially the characters and their personalities!Thank you for posting something so amazing and completely brightening my day! DD: Sequel count=3 * I am most appreciative and honored that you took the time to review. I'm even more relieved to hear that the story cheered you up. Whenever I write a chapter, I end up snickering to myself at the silly parts, but I never know if they ever really make anyone laugh. So, I do hope that the sequel continues to put a smile on your face!* angelmay: yay! DD: Sequel count=4 * Well, I've had no "nay's" or "don't you dare ruin this with a sequel" notes. So, the sequel's definitely a go! * Rosebud101: SEQUEL!!! Third person. ^-^ DD: Sequel count= 5, Third Person POV= 1 * Though I do enjoy writing in third person the most, the majority prefer the method used in this story (which is part Cyrus, part Revelin, and third person when neither of them are in the scene). Thank you for the vote! * Emptyspace: This has turned out to be an awesome read, loved it! Would love a sequel to continue the adventures of this fab couple... DD: Sequel is on its way! Final words: Thanks to everyone who took the time to review! It may not seem like it, but I do worry at times when it gets really quiet, in the "no one liked this chapter? did I ruin it?" kind of way. But, that's also why I would like to thank everyone who rated the story, as well! I kept wondering if someone was going to peek at the story and plop down that lowest star with a "boo, I don't like this, it sucks," so whever I saw another rating or two come up, I felt that it was a green light to continue the story. I would like to thank everyone who read this story and wasn't able to leave anything due to your phones or any other mobile devices you used to read (my friend confirmed this and drew forth quite the laugh from me, despite her lovely review being lost). I would like to thank those who read it on the fly just for fun. And, last but NEVER least, I would like to thank all of my fellow writers and friends who took the time to drop a quick note to let me know that, despite the goofiness, this story didn't really suck in their eyes. When I started writing this story, it was to give the real "Cyrus" out there a happier ending and to give a chance for the real "Revelin" out there to redeem himself. As the story progressed, I realized just how funny those two could be together in an environment that didn't hinder what they coulld have had together, had the real couple not been separated by tragic events. I hope that they both found peace, wherever they are. I know for a fact that they no longer haunt my dreams. : ) That being said, it looks like I have the green light for a sequel! See you soon!