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    Beta-Reader Looking for Work!

    Hey, I am looking for someone to beta my urban fantasy novella story, its 56k words long, complete, and in need of a fresh pair of eyes. The story is het with plenty of slash side-tones, there's a lime-level sex-scene but mostly its action and mystery. If you're interested, give me a PM or an email (or a reply!) my email is: sweetdeily@gmail.com
  2. I am looking for a beta for my story, Fool's Secret. It is urban fantasy with a mild sex scene and a heavy murder mystery overtone. The story is complete at 56k words *about 110 A4 pages* I am looking for overview and plot errors, any level of beta is desirable, from harsh to kind, I am an experienced author, used to getting stuff ripped to shreds. If you are interested, either PM me or email me at: sweetdeily@gmail.com Or reply to the topic.
  3. sweetdeily

    Brent Weeks Wet-boy request

    If you've read Brent Week's stalking the shadows, etc. trilogy then you know where this is going. I want Durzo slash. Durzo should be the dom, but otherwise, go nuts.
  4. sweetdeily

    Reno/Rude challenge fic

    Hmm, perhaps include spanking and make it a short story. Doesn't need to be any longer than 10 pages.
  5. sweetdeily

    Slash beta needed

    I have a story I want beta'd but its a little extreme for most slash fans- so yeah. Getting a beta is going to be an impressive feat. It's a one-shot, PWP lemon with non-con and tentacle-rape and gore. Original fic, not a fandom. it's roughly 10 pages (5.9k) long, so it's pretty short. It's dark and pretty much a smut-fest. If you'd be up to it, that'd make my day. Reply, or send me an email at: sweetdeily@gmail.com
  6. sweetdeily

    Asher/Damien because I must see it!

    Yes, I am still very interested! I'd love to see it done well, and in character! If you end up writing the story, I will be one of the first to review, and I will give you a lengthy review too!
  7. sweetdeily

    the no-angst challenge!

    hey, its not your fault that ff.net sucks like a hoover. >.<
  8. sweetdeily

    the no-angst challenge!

    I've logged in, but i am getting nothing but a blank screen. >.< god I hate FF.net. Can you give me the story title and author name so I can find it manually?
  9. sweetdeily

    the no-angst challenge!

    it would if the link worked. >.<; thanks for the thought anyway.
  10. sweetdeily

    I really hope this is the right thread....

    I got a warning for posting it in the wrong section- took it down and reposted it and yeah.... thank you for the help anyway.
  11. Okay here is a link to my problem: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600099773 I've had an issue with this story in the past where I had to take it down and repost it into the totally confusing myriad of off-shoot sites that is AFF.net, but now that I have, for some reason the story is 'hidden'. I literally copied and pasted the 'proper and correct' disclaimer from the forum so I know it's not that. Is this a bug in the system, how do I fix it???? AFF.net is one of my bigger review generators and it irks me to be losing out on readers because of some technical issue.
  12. Okay, you might have to be a really hardcore AB fan to know why I'm requesting this: in one of the last six books (they're more like one continuing sex-scene with the occasional passage of time between them but anyway........) Asher (Mr hotness of the scars) makes a few comments about being hot for someone he can't have- and eyeing off Damien. It doesn't take a genius or a porcupine to guess what the implication was, but since there is no hot man-sex in cannon (AB's own 'best orgasm evah!' takes too much presidency) I demand my man-waffles of you, good sir/madam/tentacle! In point form: -Asher/Damien; because you know you wanted it too -Do it for the last six books of crap! -Do it for the lols! -Do it to so I can eat waffles -Do it so you can eat waffles -Do it with waffles.
  13. sweetdeily

    the no-angst challenge!

    I'm worried this might be looking at the sky and asking for the exact same, only without the moon..... ANYway, my challenge is simple enough; I want you, yes you, to write me a Saiyuki story that does not feature angst. Yes, that's write; a story where the characters do not feel sorry for themselves, where the reader does not feel a need to slit their own wrists, and where half the prose is not about 'his traumatic past' because lets face it- for Saiyuki fics, that's a challenge. So in simple point format: - Make them IC without angsting (it really shouldn't be that hard) -No angsting! ('ow, your cock is too big' doesn't count as angst! ) -Special bonus points for Sanzo/Goku..... ~_^
  14. sweetdeily

    Reno/Rude challenge fic

    It's pretty simple- since Reno/Rude is so popular for the fans of ff7, I have a simple challenge fic: 1- They must be In Character; this means that they should act like their characters not like 17-year-old-girls-in-men's-bodies-having-fun-with-themselves, or whiny little brats, or angsty-15-year-old-girls, or five-year-old-toddlers, or characters-from-days-of-our-lives.... you get the point? In-character means the character's personality. 2. It should be set either during the game or the movie- the in-between time is fine as well. 3. There should be no more than 1 page of angst at any given time during the telling of the story. (oh yes, it sounds all well and easy to avoid, but I'd like to see you try!) Like I said, simple. ^__^
  15. sweetdeily

    Highly Rude Review

    I'm no expert, but I think they might desire you to update. Either A- they love it and want more, or B- they would really appreciate an update. If this is your first time- you may want to get used to odd reviews that make no sense- at least they haven't threatened to hurt you for not updating, I get that all the time.