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  1. Here is how you play:

    Say anything, but you cannot say it outright, it must be a vague description of the point you are trying to get accross.

    Let me explain.

    Say you want to say:

    "Lewl I love AFF, dis site is da bomb!"

    Here you would type:

    Expression of joy followed by general statement of affection for current site ending with an overused colloquialism.

    Normally a reply to:

    "Lewl I love AFF, dis site is da bomb!"

    May be:

    "Wat? R u serious?! It suxxors!"

    That is not allowed, instead try:

    Expression of surprise from previous posters opinion of site followed by firm assertion of the deficient quality of the site.


    Then let me begin.

    Frustrated gesture at piece of technology for not performing adequately. Angry words to emphasize frustration. Plea for help.

    (topic inspired by The Existential Flame War's Journal)

  2. I am tinkering with the smilies and trying to make my own...

    I am listening to my cockatiel make wolf-whistling noises.

    I am watching endless hours of stand-up comedy and realized these people aren't funny.

    I am about to go read some stories because they are much more interesting than the TV.

  3. I would think if a cat could wield a bat it would mean a lot of trouble for a lot of people..

    Why is it not a cat with a hat? Or something fluffy like that..

    Oh wait Dr. Seuss did that already...

    -wanders off lost in thought-

    "Cat with a... hat? .. no.. rat? .. no.. mat?.. no.."

  4. I am wondering if the protected forum is where they keep Ben Stein's money..

    I am fascinated with how they get the Ms on the M&Ms..

    I am Iron man! Cept with no powers... and I'm human... and not that cool..

    -hangs head in shame and wanders off pondering at the mystery of his candy-

  5. One question..

    This is a fiction archive yes?

    Then why are we screaming at the wall about anything other than a bid fic or nasty review?

    I guess that is two questions... Crap and I already typed them both... Oh well.

    Let's all just go enjoy the site instead of biting each others heads off over dramatic politics.

    Anywho, I am off to read some quality literature. (and some not so quality)

    ... ph34r.gif

  6. Hello, I am Shirotaka.

    I am slightly eccentric and depending on who you ask (and how much I paid them), an idiot or a genius.

    I love this site, not just for the fics, but because it's an icon of free speech on the internet and I am a hardcore flaming liberal who loves dem ammendments... Good luck following one of my trains of thought though.. I don't even know what I am talking about sometimes.

    In all seriousness, I just like to have some fun and read some fics, so.. Nice to meet y'all.

    Now I am off.. presumably to do something relevant.

    -wanders off lost in thought about how they get the M's on the M&Ms-