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  1. Beth, your banner pays for some percentage of the monthly costs of keeping AFF online, and your stories bring by people to possibly donate, this is what makes this site go round.

    I have yet to post stories here, but this place means so much to me, it's an icon of free speech on the internet; That alone is reason enough to get a flaming liberal like me to go running and screaming through the streets in support.

    If I have to panhandle outside a Denny's for funds to keep AFF on the internet I will.

  2. I don't think any of us have anything to worry about Beth.

    The site is in good hands; Since Jaxxy came into ownership last year, we have been up and running all hours of the night, every night of the week, without so much as a hiccup.

    *I don't care who made it run, how they did it or why, that is inconsequential and the discussion thereof almost always ends in a huge flame war.*

    I am just glad to know that tonight, tomorrow and every other tomorrow, this site will survive, nay thrive because of the members who refuse to let it go down.

    Besides, I'm sure all those banners around the site aren't free. ^^

    So calm your head Beth, let's just keep on keeping on and enjoy all AFF has to offer. biggrin.gif

  3. I feel I may have no right to post here as I have yet to post a chapter to any of the stories I am working on, but my ideas come from real life situations, either those I see or hear about. From there it is simply a matter of changing the characters and the setting.

    Keep an eye out for me in the Naruto fandom.

    My story(ies) will be there someday lol.

    Little known fact about the average ph34r.gif .. They have motivational problems. ^^



  4. I hope that was a vision of the future more than a dream Beth. I have dreams about AFF too, mostly odd little ones like having lunch with random members or that I am a story being read on the archive..

    Anywho. This site is truly too important to too many people for it to die from lack of donations, in the past whenever AFF has needed them, donations have come, so I have no reason to believe that won't happen again and again.

    No matter how much they try, there is no stopping AFF.

    I'm sure there is nothing to worry about though I'm sure it would be very well received if some of the membership realized how trying these last couple of months have been for the Administration and threw a couple bucks into a donation.

  5. I only posted what I did in an attempt to bring it to the attention of Admins, I did not mean any disrespect. I just know how easily posts a few days old can get overlooked (I tend to do so without even meaning to all the time in the Forum Games) and saw there was no response to Acal on the thread.

    I would have PMed an admin but the laptop has been having a conniption fit and going haywire when I try.

    My apologies, was only trying to help. ^^

  6. I see child abuse everywhere I look, including the house I grew up in. It is truly an epidemic and very upsetting. I find those who abuse others just to make themselves feel slightly better about their own pathetic existences are the scum of the earth.

    No person should ever have to feel so low or be treated so poorly, it makes me sick to think about and I feel it is the greatest flaw of mankind.

    When it happens to a child, i feel nothing but the deepest of loathing for the offender and want to just wrap up the kid in cotton and save them from the darkest parts of this world.