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  1. Does that mean the archive might be getting a centralized login?

    I have heard much of the frustration of authors with having to go log in to each fandom separately to edit or check on the stories they may have in a different one.

    Like a reputable Naruto author has to log into the Inuyasha fandom if he/she has only one story there.

    Seems a little unecessary, unless there is something I am missing, or it has recently been fixed, in which case banish me to the darkest corners of the multiverses. ^^

  2. Thanksgiving is nice, any man loves him some football and large amounts of hot food.

    Halloween... I can count of October 31st to be the only day a year I gain 10 pounds.

    Christmas has a double meaning to me, so I have to go with it.

    This last year right around then I met my current girlfriend and had my life spared by what I can only call an act of god.

    So Merry Christmas folks. ^^