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  1. First off.. You have reason to be afraid of microwaves.. I have done some reading and microwaves actually radiate out all nutrition from any food you nuke, if you must reheat, use the oven or stove.

    Secondly, Ziploc bags, though they keep food fresh, do spoil the air contained within.

    If you have to wrap something up to save it, try using wax paper, it holds for just as long, is much cheaper and no change in food taste. Also biodegradable.

    Just some info for those who care from someone trying to live organically.

  2. I can speak for myself and any other male I have known, though we may say it's okay... It is NEVER okay.

    Sometimes we say that to make you feel special, or like we're open and deep or something, but it's just an act. We are jealous and possessive.. ALL OF US!!


    The mere fact that some guys hold this to a double standard is sickening to me..

    If you are in a relationship, be committed, guy or girl.. nobody benefits from an "open relationship" at the end of the day. The people in it get to wonder if they are loved or good enough for their partner, and the flashes in the pan of the people brought in for a day or three get essentially used.

    I repeat, please don't do it to us.