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    Time Travel And What Can Go Wrong!

    i think alternate dimension. Why were are all the demons in the future. Also i wonder why when Inuyasha first came to the future he didnt go huh wheres all the demons. All i see are humans.
  2. when it comes down to it its not funding it how whether or not we our aloud to do our jobs properly. Plus more troops will go over there anyhow to relieve the previous troops. In the mean time a troop increase makes sense to secure zones in Iraq because the Iraqi soldiers are made over night let alone an army. Hell were still training the afghanis and they will probably take 4 to 7 years to train them properly. The problem in Iraqi unlike afghanistan is we have people who are trying to rush things which will hurt in the long run. You can put Iraqi soldiers on the street but it doesn't mean anything if they cannot shoot or even work as a team. When it comes down to it troop increase will be up to the president and the generals. What civilians and senators think as done in this poll will have no effect on whether or not a troop increase will happen. The only thing the senate can do is cut funding and even though several senators have been harping it to their constituents i doubt their stupid enough to do it. Its political suicide.
  3. an easy way to fix the prob of iraq. 1. Take the political corectness and politicians out of the war 2. let the soldiers already there do there job. Over there now days we have to pussyfoot around with every terrorist aka insurgent who we come in contact with. Cant even shoot the sob without some one looking over your shoulder 3. Media black out. every time the media reports something which is usually pro insurg they blaire it everywhere and next thing you know every idiot with a rifle want to copy what was shown on tv. Example cnn shows sniper video on us troops. next thing you know theres a 200% increase on sniper attacks. 4. No more back seat generals, aka every senator and his dog.