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  1. Rowena

    A Temple to Knorg

    Is the fertility part optional? I really don't need to be any more fertile. lol!
  2. Rowena

    Favourite Holiday!

    Lá Fhéile Pádraig - St. Paddy's Day for me.
  3. Rowena

    Count To Infinity

  4. Rowena

    Favorite Harry Potter Book

    I also voted for Half-Blood Prince, but my reasoning was a bit different. I am, at heart, a died-in-the-(black)wool Snape fan.
  5. Rowena

    Dumbledore is gay.

    *raises hand also* The ending was far too abrupt imo, and the epilogue was lacking.
  6. Rowena

    Count To Infinity

  7. Rowena

    Count To Infinity

  8. Rowena

    Count To Infinity

  9. Rowena

    Dumbledore is gay.

    I guess I can see it, though I've always preferred Ginny/Luna myself.
  10. Rowena

    Dumbledore is gay.

    Why, do you have a thing for smart women, or just those two Ravenclaws in particular?
  11. Rowena

    I Am...

    I am getting a toothache from looking at Entrisic's avatar.
  12. Rowena

    I Am...

    I am happy to be a former forum virgin.
  13. Rowena

    The Glad Game

    Forum Games
  14. Rowena

    I Am No Longer Allowed To...

    I am no longer allowed to go so long without visiting the site.