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  1. Hermione Malfoy

    HP:DH - Did you expect it to end the way it did?

    I voted yes. SPOILER : I didn't expect that Lucius was going to survive; I kind of guessed that one of the twins would die; which one I didn't know, I was hoping that Percy was going to be a Death Eater; just to show that not all Gryffindors are good! I thought she was easing into the stereotype with the pairings; Ron and Hermione make me shudder! I've got a fanfic idea though. I knew Severus was a good guy from day one - which was about October 1999 and I knew Severus loved Lily. Narcissa rocked at the end; I thought that there must be the reason why she was the only Black not named after a Star! The fact that she was named after a flower proved my theory right, she was going to help Harry at the end - to mirror Lily and Petunia. Tonks death made me sad as I liked her. The epilogue was a bit sappy, but considering my mother almost died two days before the book came out I needed an ending like that! Also, I was pleased that he called one of his sons Severus, and I have a feeling that boy will be a Slytherin and be friendly with Draco's son. I'd kind of like it if Rosie Weasley was a Slytherin to... just for there to be a Slytherin trio ... yep, it's provided me with a new fanfic pairing ... Scorpius and Rosie! Overall, I loved the book, and I thought that the ending was as I expected.
  2. Hermione Malfoy

    Word Association Game

  3. Hermione Malfoy

    I Am...

    I am stating that I had a bit of sex in my dream last but couldn't enjoy it properly as it flashed to something obscure that I can't touch on.
  4. Hermione Malfoy

    Count To Infinity

  5. Hermione Malfoy

    How do you review?

    It depends for me. I sometimes leave a one liner saying that I really liked it, please add more (although in different ways!) Sometimes it can be lengthy, depends on other demands on my time. Other times I may copy and paste my favourite part of that chapter. I leave off concrit or nasty comments; I don't mind recieving concrit, I'm just a bit nervous handing it out. And if I don't like a fic, I just stop reading it therefore stop reviewing it. I see no rhyme or reason to those that flame.
  6. Hermione Malfoy

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Afternoon, your guess was way off the mark... lets see... Nan?
  7. Hermione Malfoy

    Addams Family Musical

    I actually love Cats! What I was annoyed about was the Lord of the Rings Musical. That was when it got too far for me. Tolkien would have shivered in his grave! But I can understand Addam's Family Musical. I'd go and see it!
  8. Hermione Malfoy

    Author Offended?

    Well, that's weird, as JK Rowling herself hasn't mentioned anything on her site that she is offended by anyone writing fanfiction of any type. In fact I seem to remember her saying once that she even READS fanfiction and LIKES it. In fact she's pleased to inspire people to the creative world of writing. She would have come across adult situtions I am sure in the stories. Also she once complained that Chronicles of Narnia bored her because it was devoid of romance and sexual feelings' so it seems a little - odd that she should moan about adult situations with her characters where fanfic authors takes their romance to the next level. If she really has a problem with this then I am sure she would have mentioned something on her site by now. Especially as regards pairings like Lucius/Hermione, and Snape/Hermione. She doesn't mention it on her site. Until she does mention it on her site and say's quite firmly that she doesn't want this sort of thing to happen anymore I will continue writing adult fanfic. Otherwise, I'll just take what that sort of thing say's with a pinch of salt. The only source I take seriously is her site!
  9. Hermione Malfoy

    Count To Infinity

  10. Hermione Malfoy

    Megan Consoer

    I am SO pleased that I am not the only one that she does this to. I used to like it, thinking that maybe she was a person that could read English and not use it properly. Like I am with the German language, but then it began to really bug me. If she does read SO much in the English language then you would think that some of it would seep in her brain and she could become more creative with it. I thought she'd gone for a while and, quite frankly, I was kind of relieved. I logged on Saturday morning, got an you have 17 email messages, and I had one single review for different Harry Potter fanfics of mine. All but one was from Megan Consoer saying those infamous words: "I really like this story alot can you please post some more chapters. Or a sequel to this story?" One of the stories I know she's reviewed twice already and kept to the same words. I have even had to stress quite strongly in some cases that these stories are meant to be One shots... meaning I have no plans to continue it on with even the most eloquent review. I know I am not good at reviewing. But I do try to keep to more than one lines, and say something specific about the story. I even like to guess occassionally. I am pleased that others have the same problem with her. I hope there is some way of getting into contact with her privately and try to get her to say something a little more forthcoming about what she has supposed to have read.
  11. Hermione Malfoy

    Count To Infinity

  12. Hermione Malfoy

    The "are You Psychic?" Game

    Nope, but... Nan next?
  13. Hermione Malfoy

    Count To Infinity

  14. Hermione Malfoy

    I Have Never....

    Me neither. But then again... I have never been an afternoon person either.
  15. Hermione Malfoy

    Redsliver Hits the Bar Scene

    I think so to, that is so funny!