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  1. AmyMcClair

    How do they get the Ms on the M&Ms

    Everyone knows that they are painted on by genius babies.
  2. AmyMcClair

    How Big Is Too Big?

    I think that mine are uncomfortable, especially when I am running (which I do frequently) so I would have to say that anything over the C that I am is too large.
  3. AmyMcClair

    Cat with a bat

    I have known a cat or two like that.
  4. AmyMcClair

    How do they get the Ms on the M&Ms

    I don't know, but the m's weren't always printed on the candies. They were first printed in 1950 and were originally black instead of white. (I went to the m&m's website to learn this.) M&M
  5. AmyMcClair

    Is it a penis?

    That was very cool. I can't draw nearly that easily.
  6. AmyMcClair

    Where is everybody?

    I'm around, but I have been having technical difficulties. I am also working on a new translating project and an original story.
  7. AmyMcClair

    I Am...

    I am wondering if Red meant to say I am trying to picture this. I am finding this very entertaining. I am wondering if that makes me weird.
  8. AmyMcClair

    The Three word Story

    He would rub...
  9. AmyMcClair

    What month were you born?

    I was born in February. It goes Valentines day, my wedding anniversary, two more days and then my birthday. Makes it easy for my s/o to remember it all. My family have birthdays in every month except November. I don't know what it is, but 4 generations have passed and no November births. I think the month is cursed for us or something.
  10. AmyMcClair

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Maybe a little. When should I quit?
  11. AmyMcClair

    Count To Infinity

  12. AmyMcClair

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Tsumasaki - Ore Ska Band
  13. AmyMcClair

    I Am...

    I am slowly going cross-eyed from translating so much. I am thinking I really need to work on getting better vision.
  14. AmyMcClair

    Robert Jordan

    I think I read in his blog somewhere that he had notes on how he wanted the story to end. There was even talk back then about have a ghost writer if the worst happened, because he knew that he was terminal quite a while ago. The book he was writing was supposed to be the last. He was determined to get it finished before he died, but he did not make it. He jokingly stated that this would be the last book even if it had to be 30,000 pages. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers on the ghost writer thing.