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  1. Hiei

    Pirates vs. Ninjas!

    Ninja pwn face over pirates, better uniforms, cooler techniques, and kunoichi beat down pirate chicks any day, even blindfolded and after being abused by tentacle demons. Of course Fu Maru ninja were a rogue clan that was exceptionally skilled at naval combat. So there actually were ninja pirates in the world at one point. Food for thought for any ninja fan ficcers out there.
  2. Hiei

    Happy Birthday Hiei!

    People still remember me? I'm touched, thanks a lot all, see you in a month after this stupid training I'm going to.
  3. Shiranui Mai, third Fatal Fury movie. Hands down, no question. In my book anyway. Urd and Pirotessa close second. If we're talking Amercan cartoons..... X-Men's Psylocke. And Taarna from Heavy Metal. (Last sequence heroine)
  4. Hiei

    Your seductive power!

    I'm a Ninja lover?
  5. Hiei

    Plagerism Warning

    Which basically makes this and all other writing thieves firmly in the "For the love of all that is holy I hope you get a full Darwin Award" category. Whilst taking Information technologies 101 I had to do an essay about why someone would plagiarize another person's work. Most people said it had to do with lack of planning and organization, I proposed that it had to do with lack of confidence in one's own abilities. Kinda jinxed myself I guess.
  6. Hiei

    Plagerism Warning

    They were probably thinking (and I use the term loosely) something along the lines of "These are old stories that got good reviews, I want good reviews, I'll post their stories and call them my own!" Still makes no sense to me. How can getting a positive review on a story you didn't write boost your ego?
  7. Hiei

    How Evil Are You?

    I didn't answer Canada... apparently German Army generals who listen to metal and fantasize about sex are evil too. Oishii-chan dominatrix ftw?
  8. Hiei


    Er, well my first fanfic HERE was in 2003. But my first fanfic published was on Paladin's Ranma 1/2 site, as he was the one who got me into this biz. That was when I got out of the Air force... in August 1997. So yeah, a little under ten years. Damn I'm old...
  9. Hiei

    Plagerism Warning

    I understand, I'm not trying to get AFF.net to do something to FF.net, mainly this was done because if he copy/pasted from my stories the same day they were posted here he might have done the same thing to other authors here, as the title said, it was mainly a warning. And the fact that the site admins at FF.net play favorites is one of the main reasons I moved all my works here and will not publish even my non hentai stuff on FF.net.
  10. Hiei

    Plagerism Warning

    Well me of course but FF.net seems to hate me so I doubt that'll happen.
  11. Hiei

    Plagerism Warning

    Okay I'm going to do my best to remain civil here but it isn't easy. Today while checking my email I found a letter from a fan who warned me that someone might have stolen one of my stories. Present (in the Street Fighter section here) to be exact. Now I originally posted Present on my own site and on Shojou-ai in the Capcom vs SNK section, after being stuck in Saudi Arabia for six months.... in 2002. This little thief posted my story November, 2006, immediately after I posted it here. This set off some warning bells. So while I was at work Oishii checked out the rest of "his" stories. Both poems were stolen from RPGamer and one other story was jacked from Shojou-ai. ("Tell Me", Robert Silvers) I'm not going to do research on each and every one of the stories on FF.net under his name but I figured I'd let everyone know in case one of the people here was a victim as well. Here's a direct link to the offending person's profile on FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1070325/ ja na
  12. Hiei

    Final Fantasy Snuff Fics

    Balthier. Kill him in the most horrible way possible. It wouldn't be sexy but I'd damn sure read it and cheer. ...Get that bleach blond surfer wanna be Vaan and his jock boyfriend Tidus while you're at it. They can get Yaoi tentacled to death and I'd still cheer.
  13. Hiei

    Final Fantasy Xii Has Landed

    Which would explain why there are no decent characters in this one. Nomura wasn't involved in the slightest. ...if he died or something I'll feel like an idiot but until I receive word on that I'll just assume that Square got too cheap to get a decent designer. Seems like they based it in Ivalice with the intent on suckering tactics fans like Oishii and me into buying. And it worked damn them.
  14. Hiei

    Final Fantasy Xii Has Landed

    I've got a formidable bias and I belong to the POST FF7 group. It seems like in terms of story and gameplay every subsequent FF has gotten a little weaker than the previous one. Granted Lulu was hotter than a fuel-air vapor ignition bomb, but one hot babe doth not a good game make. And when was the last time you liked the main character for an FF? I like Squall in 8 but that was about it. Auron was also cool, but he wasn't the main character now was he? Square has made some truly awesome games. Most of the FF series set the standard for RPGs. Tobal 1 and 2 were soem of the most unique and original fighting games I've ever played. I've still never seen a game as complete as Tobal 2. Bushido Blade was the only weapons fighter that made sense (leg'em and run around behind em while they flop muhahahaha) Hell Einhander was Square and it was a terrific shooter, even for someone like me who generally falls asleep playing them. Legend of Gaia was one of Squaresoft's crowning achievements. THAT'S a game that they could remake into 3D polygon goodness and I'd play. Now what do we get? Rejects from the local Neo Nazi club agonizing over their choices and hair. /sigh
  15. Hiei

    Final Fantasy Xii Has Landed

    Difficulty wasn't an issue for Oishii and I, when I'm at work she'll run around and make sure we are higher level than we're supposed to be basically. Also the fighting game reflex of rapidly slamming a button at a precise second (born of Virtua Fighter and King of Fighters) let's me chain Quickenings into th 6-9 range even if only 1 person starts with a full bar. We "level grind" like we do in World of Warcraft and things are fine on the difficulty area. And the story isn't too much of a problem, the STORY is fine, involved and all. The characters make me want to take a drill to my temple to let the boredom out. Oh, I've got a new "Most Hated Character" Al-Cid and his affro need to die.