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  1. dragonlord99

    review reply for chakra Battery

    the subtle training is an interesting idea but i feel like to fit some of it in would take a rewrite. i might fit it into a different story down the road but for now most of it i just have a hard time seeing fit ito the story at its current point. i might use some of the Clint and nipple ideas though. as for Sasuke being manipulated by Danzo to be this cruel is not in my plan. I plan to explain it more in future chapters but you see Sasuke was a lot more effected by Itachi’s betrayal then even he realized. Itachi was the person in his family he loved most. so now Sasuke wants to feel the love again but insure that the one he gives it to will never betray him so he wants her to be completely devote to him.
  2. dragonlord99

    review reply for chakra Battery

    interesting idea for the lightning training and I may just use it after he has a bit more time to get actual control.
  3. dragonlord99

    review reply for chakra Battery

    I do plan on adding genjutsu in soon probably in the next chapter or two. I also have an interesting plan for shadow clones that I have not read being done before. how much more powerful would an orgasm be if you suddenly got the memory of ten other orgasms at the same time? at this time I do not have a plan to give him the rinnegan but the Izanami could be interesting punishment tool if I do give it to him.
  4. dragonlord99

    Fem!Naruto becomes slave to Sasuke

    I have put up a review reply thread that can be found here for chakra battery. review reply for chakra Battery - Het-Male/Female - AFF Community Forums (adult-fanfiction.org) sorry about the disclaimer I thought I had put it in
  5. dragonlord99

    review reply for chakra Battery

    here is the review reply thread to my story Chakra Battery. it can be found here:Adult-FanFiction.org : Naruto now to answer the questions made on the challenge page by Red fox 1 What’s Stopping Naruko Showing Her Tongue To The Third Hokage. 2 What’s Stopping The Third Hokage Using His Crystal Ball To Spy On Naruko Training. 3 What’s Stopping Naruko Using The Kyuubi Chakra On Sasuke. she just wont think about it and her pride will get in her way. during the normal day she will have normal ninja training so he will think everything is normal. unless I remember wrong in cannon its stated that a little bit of Kyuubi’s chakra is always in Naruto’s system. so for this story the amount is to small to affect Sasuke that much and this is after wave so she does not have any control over it. as for your ideas they sound interesting but at this time I only plan on a single pairing. I might change my mind in the future but for now that is the case.