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About Me

My email since I couldn’t see where to put it is for anyone who is interested. 

With that out of the way a little about myself. I love anime and video games, having only recently started getting into the idea of writing adult fiction I am still new to this and could use some help. My fav series are in anime Naruto, Yu yu hakuso, Bleach. My fav games are really any fps, just about any jrpg, Mass effect series where i loved all of them even andromeda and yes I know that’s weird. With all that being said I look forward to being a part of this site and hope to find writers that can help me become a better writer.

I also have an account on hentaifoundry where I write under the user name fantsyking9000 (Was supposed to be fantasyking9000 but i messed up on user name)

thanks in advance


I am the storm that is approaching
Black clouds in isolation

I am reclaimer of my name
Born in flames
I have been blessed

My family crest is a demon of death!
Forsakened, I am awakened
A phoenix's ash in dark divine
Descending misery
Destiny chasing time
Disappear into the night
Lost shadows left behind

Obsession's pulling me
Fading, I've come to take what's mine!

Lyrics from bury the light by Casey Edwards and is Vergil’s theme in devil may cry v and also something which describes me perfectly.