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  1. KuroSensei720

    Korra becomes a dainty weak girly girl

    I'm still in the draft phase as well as thinking of other ideas. I may eventually post challenges and ideas for others to try as well
  2. KuroSensei720

    Korra becomes a dainty weak girly girl

    I understand stepford is the end result. Currently I'm thinking of the steps to get there. Right now I have Asami inviting Korra convincing her to buy a dress as they are shopping. Pema ask if she can help her in the kitchen along with Jinora and ikki. Essentially the stepfordization is a movement sweeping republic city and Korra is seeing this with Asami already accepting it. Becoming more of what is expected and now is finding a suitable husband to be the owner of her inherited company. Afterall a woman doesn't have time to lead a company when she is expected to be a lovely wife and mother.
  3. KuroSensei720

    Korra becomes a dainty weak girly girl

    Truth be told. I had an incomplete draft of a story titled “The Stepfordization of Korra” similar to what you were talking about. I had the setting after the battle against Unalaq and the opening of the spirit world. Society didn’t like Korra and brought her self-esteem down a lot. It was a perfect setting to break her down to become a girly girl who rather have the responsibilities of taking care of the house instead of being the Avatar. Asami is all in already and wants to transform Korra as a stepford girl. Maybe I can bounce ideas with you to get new ideas and motivations to finally upload it. I have other story ideas as well if you like.