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      Sorry for the delay! https://discord.gg/p73UUJX Tis right here! Welcome back! God, what day is it? Where did this week go?

  2. I'd write it for you
  3. Lex

    Ncis filter

    I did not know that existed
  4. Lex

    Ncis filter

    I know there is something already about filtering on subject TV shows or whatever or being able to find certain things without going through the whole fandom but I specifically wanted to specify NCIS because it's such a large fandom that not having a filter is a nightmare because I'm looking for stuff with our lovable resident autopsy gremlin Jimmy Palmer and literally all I'm saying is bunch of Gibbs and Tony Gibbs and Abby Kate and Gibbs which cool but I can literally find nothing for Jimmy and he has a lot of untapped potential and I don't know if it's cuz no one's written for him or if it's because it's so far deep in the rabbit hole that it's just invisible amongst everything else so a sorting system would be awesome based by character or season or episode or whichever
  5. Sorry if I'm not super specific but that's actually because I have a plethora of fandoms that I would more than happy to write for Examples would be Marvel DC original a whole list of TV shows from NCIS all the way to Kyle XY yes I do know Kyle XY and I love it cuz it's absolutely glorious I DO HAVE MAJOR HARD NOS Which would be incest of any kind rape or non-con of any kind probably Gore and incel if that's a thing dubious consent because this consent is needed I don't want the implied yeah she kind of consented it's either yes or no and that's all I can really think of at the moment If you want to message me feel free to come to my p.m. so I promise I don't bite it