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  1. I am tickled to hear that Big Sam is "fervent"

    I am glad he is enjoying the season thus far

    I am admitting to being an old timer

    I am nostalgic for shows like Homicide and Barney Miller

    I am thinking I may have to investigate the slew of cable series a bit more

  2. I am telling Sam that I hate when that happens

    I am convinced that the full moon makes for strange behavior and events, despite what some "experts" say

    I am now entering my busiest time at work

    I am frightened because people are meeting the deadline this month laugh.gif

  3. I am saying a Snape/Voldemort slash pairing could be some twisted, interesting stuff

    I am hoping I won't be so busy as I have of late and can post more

    I am feeling like a slacker

    I am thinking I should have some dinner

  4. NightWing, do you have a word processing program? I don't know if this helps you, but to upload my stories, I first type in my WP program (in this case, AppleWorks on a Mac) complete with whatever special formatting I want (bold, italics, etc.) and save it as a normal file. Then, I save it a second time as an html file. When I go to upload, I open the html file on my computer (all the tags/codes are there) and copy & paste it in the AFF text field. So far, this method has worked great for me.

    I'm guessing you use a PC running windows; I'm a PC/Microsoft idiot, so I don't know if the same thing will work for you.

  5. I am sorry Nan is tired from all that walking

    I am hoping she had a good time at the fair, though

    I am also in need of going grocery shopping

    I am glad I got my internet connection back after 4-1/2 hours of the usual bullshit dry.gif

    I am going to give the service guy tomorrow a regular Law & Order type grilling asking what the hell their problem is devil.gif

    I am thinking I should log off so my dinner doesn't burn